Strategic Doing Testimonials


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Strategic Doing is growing in popularity. It's easy to understand and deeply rooted in a set of values. But the real reason it is spreading is that people enjoy the process.

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Strategic Doing Testimonials

  1. 1. Strategic Doing Some Testimonials 2
  2. 2. emphasis PAUL COLITS PRESIDENT, AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND REGIONAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Challenge:  Knowledge  Economy “ 8 Economic development is the identification of local assets . for growth and leveraging them through collaboration. The best methodology I have seen in twenty years for achieving this is called Strategic Doing. “
  3. 3. emphasis SHARON GULICK DIRECTOR, ECONOMIC AND ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Challenge:  Rural  Development “ 8 Working with small, struggling rural communities and regions . presents a number of challenges, not the least of which is a sense of hopelessness and defeat.  Using Strategic Doing we have been very successful in helping them achieve tangible results that re-ignites their belief in the future and their ability to impact that future.  These communities are now in control of their future and are seeing significant, positive change.
  4. 4. emphasis BOB BROWN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF UNIVERSITY-COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Challenge:  Rebuilding  Flint “ 11 In neighborhoods besieged by complex, wicked problems, Strategic Doing creates hope through the power of taking action with the assets or gifts that we already possess.  In that moment when we combine assets we begin to tell a new story of opportunity and possibility.  Strategic Doing gives us the power to change our lives, our neighborhoods, and our communities.
  5. 5. RENA COSTONES ASSISTANT VP FOR REGIONAL ENGAGEMENT NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Challenge:  Regional  Aerospace  Cluster “ 6 Decision-making in higher education institutions is infamously slow, with multiple layers of approvals and an emphasis on the need for new resources. Strategic Doing's focus on what we could, should and will do with the existing talents, resources and authority of the people in the room at the time breaks people free of that limited thinking and helps them move forward in real time. “
  6. 6. emphasis JANYCE FADDEN EXECUTIVE IN RESIDENCE, SCHOOL OF BUSINESS UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA Challenge:  Strategic  Plan  for  a  College “ 7 Strategic Doing has proven to be very effective. In a few hours each of 6 cross functional teams of professors, students and staff set a plan that all agree will advance the University of North Alabama's College of Business. . “
  7. 7. emphasis CHRISTI BELL DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA Challenge:  Economic  Development “ 9 When Strategic Doing is incorporated into the culture of an organization, it is possible to not only drive new innovation and more rapidly achieve desired objectives, but at the same time energize a team or teams to achieve more with less individual effort. Those that approach Strategic Doing as a practice will learn new strategic approaches and tools to more effortlessly manage growth or strategic change of an organization.
  8. 8. emphasis RAGU ATHINARAYANAN CHAIR, DEPARTMENT OF TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP & INNOVATION PURDUE UNIVERSITY Challenge:  Merged  Department “ 5 Strategic Doing has brought our faculty together to work toward a common goal, in a department that recently underwent a merger. . “
  9. 9. emphasis BRIAN FARKAS CHAIR, DEPARTMENT OF FOOD SCIENCE PURDUE UNIVERSITY Challenge:  Incoming  Department  Chair “ 10 Strategic Doing has been a new way for us to look at the planning process. It provides the necessary structure to frame a plan for the future but allows us the ability to work within an environment that is fluid. “
  10. 10. LEARN MORE ! ! Peggy Hosea Purdue Center for Regional Development