Anatomy of the Skills Gap

Investments in pre-school pay
predictable dividends, but few
regions make the investment.

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Anatomy of the Skills Gap


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The skills gap is a function of weak coordination among our education system, our workforce development system and our employers. To explain this imbalance, I developed this map. Transforming this weakly coordinated "system" will require multiple collaborations a regional economy.

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Anatomy of the Skills Gap

  1. 1. Anatomy of the Skills Gap Investments in pre-school pay predictable dividends, but few regions make the investment. Between 40% and 50% of graduates from high school are unprepared for college or work. They enter entry level jobs. If they get stuck, they become the working poor. Too few young people going on to post-secondary training. This shortage will only get worse as the Baby Boom retires. We have shortages in a wide range of Middle Skill jobs requiring some post-secondary training but less than 4 years of college. People being downsized often do not have the skills needed for 4 Years of the new jobs College developing at fast growing 2 Years of firms. High rates of primary students read below grade level. Pre-K K through 12 Certifications Nationwide, 30% of 9th graders drop out of school. Drop-outs tend to end up in a dependency cycle. Career College We do not have a coherent system of employer accepted credentials and career pathways. $10.00 per hour The cost of moving people from dependency to the working poor often exceeds the cost of a college education. Dependency Cycle Entry level Working poor Unemployed The working poor have no easy way to upgrade their skills. Summary: We are producing too many under-skilled people. In any regional economy, 70% to 80% of the jobs are career jobs, paying above $10 per hour.Yet, we are producing over 50% of young people without the skills for these jobs. Adults need more flexible options to upgrade their skills continuously. Source: Ed Morrison, Copyright 2012 distributed through a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution ShareAlike license.
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