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Welcome to the Amazing Castle Trivia
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Welcome to the Amazing Castle Trivia


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  • 1. Welcome to The Amazing Castle!
  • 2. TriviaHi! My name is Henry.I am 7 years old and I work forthe Lord of the Castle, who is mymother’s cousin, as a page.I’m going to ask you somequestions about CASTLES, to seeif you can answer them.Ready?
  • 3. TriviaThis is one of the outer rings of defense aroundthe Lords castle. We throw all sorts of nastyrefuse here, and the GARDEROBE (toilet!)empties here as well. What is it? •Moat •Sinkhole •Garden •Lochness
  • 4. TriviaAnswer: Most people dont know this, but the main purpose of the moat is to prevent enemies from tunneling under the castle. The water from the moat will cause any tunnel to collapse.
  • 5. TriviaWhat is the gatehouse of a castle called? •Crown •Two towers •Barbican •Wallwalk
  • 6. TriviaAnswer: The entrance to the castle is the most vulnerable part for obvious reasons. The barbican is a gatehouse that has a small tower on each side. The Lord’s head of security or constable lives there. It is one of the safest places in the castle.
  • 7. TriviaAt night this metal or wooden grating islowered to give the people in the castle extrasecurity. What is it called? •Belfrey •Portcullis •Butress •Big gate
  • 8. TriviaAnswer: Some castles have two an inside and an outside one; if under attack the portcullis closest to the inside is closed first. Then, when the other one closes, enemies are trapped like rats!
  • 9. TriviaIf I have been sent by the Lord to find the Ladyand give her a message. Where will she mostlikely be spending the afternoon? •Great Hall •Solar •Penthouse •Tannery
  • 10. TriviaAnswer: The solar is the private apartment of the Lord and the Lady. Because it is located on the most protected side of the castle, it has windows instead of slits, and lots of sunlight. Milady and her attendants spend a lot of time there. It is easily the castles most comfortable room.
  • 11. TriviaI can’t wait to watch my uncle John (a Knight)do battle on horseback using a wooden stick,called a lance. This popular tournament iscalled: •Archery •Jousting •Horse Fighting •Lancing
  • 12. TriviaAnswer: Jousting is a tough sport with the main purpose to gallop as fast as you can towards your opponent and knock him off his horse. OUCH!
  • 13. TriviaI’m ready for lunch. If I could only rememberwhat the main room of the Castle is called,where everyone gathers for meals? •Mess hall •Great hall •Dining room •Kitchen
  • 14. TriviaAnswer: The Great Hall is the center of castle life. Meals are served there, court cases are heard, and in the evening there may be dancing, music, and games like trivia! At night the tables are moved and many of the castle workers (including me) sleep there.
  • 15. TriviaThis Disney movie featured a castle withtalking dishes and a girl named Belle. •Cinderella •Sleeping Beauty •Aladdin •Beauty and the Beast
  • 16. TriviaAnswer: Belle was OK, but the Beast was cool! By the way, the movie was based upon an original French fairy tale called La Belle et la Bête.
  • 17. TriviaAfter lunch, I am supposed to deliver somefeathers to the smithy or armory. What ismade there? •Weapons •Hats •Beds •Costumes
  • 18. TriviaAnswer: The armorers job is very important. It is his responsibility to make sure the knights have armor, and plenty of bows and arrows. And who do you think repairs all that chain mail?
  • 19. TriviaSpeaking of chain mail, if I could see into thefuture (which I can) it would be used inmodern times by: •Butchers •Police Officers •Woodcarvers •Scuba Divers
  • 20. TriviaAnswer: Chain mail gloves are worn in modern times by butchers, police officers and wood cutters to protect against knives and scuba divers wear full body suits to protect against shark bites!
  • 21. TriviaIn most kingdoms you have to be born intothe royal family to be king. But not KingArthur of Camelot! He became king by pullinga fabled sword, called Excalibur, from where? •A sheath •A tree •A stone •A lake
  • 22. TriviaAnswer: Young Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and was immediately crowned King of England. Arthur and his sword, Excalibur, are fictional, meaning not real.
  • 23. TriviaNot that I am complaining, but being a page ishard work! What, with all the errands to run,manners to learn, Bible verses, singing,dancing, and practicing my lute, I barely havetime to sleep. I cannot wait until I am 13 or14, which is when I will take up what positionwith the earl? •Serf •Knight •Squire •Scullery Maid
  • 24. TriviaAnswer: But the squire has a pretty tough job too! Not only will I care for my knights horse, armor, and weapons, but I will also attend my knight on the battlefield, practice the art of war, and guard prisoners. And maybe even slay a dragon!
  • 25. EnjoyThanks for playing!