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Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
Outreach Part One
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Outreach Part One


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  • 1. Community and Partner Outreach Part 1
    How We Lend.
  • 2. Why Microfinance?
    Microfinance bridges the ever-widening credit gap,
    and is especially important in today’s economy.
    Access to Credit: 10 million microbusinesses nationwide face difficulty obtaining capital from conventional sources.
    Alternative to Predatory Lending: Predatory lenders charge avg. annual interest rates over 300% and accounted for over $42 billion in loan volume in 2008.
  • 3. Impact of Microenterprises
    • Make up 88%1 of all U.S. businesses
    • 4. Create 900,0002 jobs annually
    • 5. Increases the average household income by 17%3
    • 6. 24 million people in the U.S. are microentrepreneurs2
    1Association for Enterprise Opportunity (2009), “Microenterprise Business Statistics,” AEO.
    2 Washington State Microenterprise Association (2009). “Microenterprise in the U.S. and Washington State.”
    3 FIELD (2008). “Microentrepeneurs and their businesses: 2008 Microtest Outcomes.”
  • 7. About ACCION USA
    Since 1991,ACCION USA has been committed to building strong, vibrant communities by providing low-to-moderate income business owners with access to capital and financial education.
  • 8. The ACCION USA Portfolio
    • More than 19,000 loans have been disbursed, totaling approximately $123MM
    • 9. Average loan size of $7,500
    • 10. 92% historic repayment rate
    • 11. 98% survival rate for established businesses
    • 12. 89% survival rate for start-up businesses
  • ACCION Client Snapshot
    • 87% are low-to-moderate income
    • 13. 90% are minority
    • 14. 75% have lived in U.S. over 10 years
    • 15. 38% are home-based businesses
    • 16. 45% are first-time borrowers
    65% Latino
    20% African American
    40% Women
    Source: 2009 Impact Study and ACCION USA Portfolio as of 12/31/2010
  • 17. ACCION USA’s Impact
    • Creates an average of 2.4 new jobs per microenterprise
    • 18. ACCION USA borrowers pay 24% more than the national minimum wage of $9/hr
    • 19. Sustainability! ACCION USA’s business survival rate is 98% for established businesses
    1.ACCION USA (2009). “Sustaining businesses and jobs amid the financial crisis: Outcomes Data in the ACCION USA Footprint, 2007-2008.” 1
  • 20. Innovative Partnerships
    Samuel Adams “Brewing the American Dream”
    Tory Burch Foundation
    Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence
    Banking partnerships
  • 21. Partnerships - Kiva
    ACCION partnered with Kiva in 2009 to raise awareness of U.S. microlending .
    By sharing stories about their businesses to the online community, entrepreneurs receive support for their microfinance efforts through Kiva’s website (
    The stories inspire and educate the public, enabling ACCION to raise funds and continue lending to small business owners across the country.
  • 22. Community Outreach Volunteers…
    are committed to advancing the mission of ACCION USA.
    work closely with the ACCION USA Loan Consultants (LC’s) to grow and strengthen our lending portfolio.
    provide assistance throughout all stages of the micro lending process, from outreach and intake to final disbursal.
    gain valuable knowledge about US microfinance and are instrumental in furthering the mission of ACCION USA, to reach the individuals who need us most.
  • 23. What You Will Learn
    • Define ACCION USA’s loan process from start to finish for “start-ups” and existing businesses.
    • 24. Describe the variables that influence microloan approvals .
    • 25. Explain the value of ACCION USA’s online financial literacy resources to clients.
    • 26. Identify the location and value of ACCION USA’s online resources for field representatives.
  • One of Many Success Stories
    Raquel Sierra-Pinto
    • “I enjoyed my work, but the market had its ups and downs, which I couldn’t control. I decided to find steadier business.”
    • 27. Went “green” to tap into a growing market
    • 28. Expanded her business with the help of ACCION USA
    • 29. Result: Eco-friendly and continued sustainability
    Doubles Cleaning
    Antioch, TN
    Interested in learning more about ACCION USA “green” loans? Click here for more information.
  • 30. What’s Next?
    You have successfully completed Part One!
    In Part Two, you will:
    Apply your knowledge
    See examples of the ACCION USA loan process in action