BienAir Osseoduo ØNH bor-og shaversystem fra Endomed AS
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BienAir Osseoduo ØNH bor-og shaversystem fra Endomed AS






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BienAir Osseoduo ØNH bor-og shaversystem fra Endomed AS BienAir Osseoduo ØNH bor-og shaversystem fra Endomed AS Document Transcript

  • OSSEODUOMASTERSHIPAT THE HIGHEST LEVELTHREE IN ONE! FIELDS OF APPLICATIONOSSEODUO is an innovative and efficient sys- The OSSEODUO system has been designedtem developed in close cooperation with spe- for shaping bones and for resection of soft andcialist surgeons. It allows easy selection of hard tissues as part of surgical operations inShaver, Drill or OSSEOSTAP (Stapedotomy / the following areas:Ossiculoplasty) mode.You not only benefit from a remarkable system, – Otorhinolaryngologybut you also eliminate unnecessary instruments – Otoneurologyand gain space. The refinement of the S120 – Plastic surgeryand the OSSEOSTAP Handpiece ensures high – Maxillofacial surgery, reconstruction of theprecision work in the most difficult places. The face, head and neck, and hands and feet.power of the 80K Micromotor greatly reduces – Stapedotomy and ossiculoplasty.operating time.FEATURES THAT MAKEA DIFFERENCECompact and practical, this control unit is easy intuitive and personalized programming, theto use. Its latest-generation electronics guaran- OSSEODUO allows extremely precise settingstees optimal safe performance. All the functions for the most delicate operations. The peristalticcan be viewed and accessed by simply pressing pump can deliver from 15 to 130 ml/min. in conti-keys. The stable pedal allows variations of the nuous or on demand operation. OSSEODUOspeed, direction of rotation, activation and irriga- offers the mastership at the highest level for thetion flow. The LCD display provides a perfect most discerning.overall view of the defined functions. With its
  • OSSEODUO allows easy selection of Shaver, Drill or OSSEOSTAP mode and eliminates unnecessary instruments.OFFER YOURSELFSWISS QUALITYWith 50 years experience in ENT surgery anddentistry, Bien-Air offers a range of solutions andproducts which are renowned worldwide fortheir excellent quality. 100% Swiss Made, Bien-Air products are designed and manufactured inthe heart of Watch Valley, a region famed for itsunique expertise in micro-technology. Our cus-tomers testify daily to the high quality, reliabilityand precision of our products.
  • OSSEODUOSPECIALIZED INSTRUMENTSFOR A MULTITALENT S120 SHAVER HANDPIECE 80K MICROMOTOR When detail and precision are needed, the Power and stability at all speeds. The 80K is S120 Handpiece meets all expectations. The driven by the OSSEODUO control unit in Drill S120 is a light-weight handpiece with an inte- mode. The 80K is a high torque micromotor grated micromotor driven by the OSSEODUO capable of working without jolts, in both direc- control unit in shaver mode. It has been espe- tions of rotation, from 4,000 to 80,000 rpm. It is cially «human-engineered» to meet surgeons self-ventilated, which prevents any overheating, requirements, providing them with a perfect grip, even during prolonged use. Its brushless and an excellent maneuverability and allows blade to sensorless design allows sterilization in auto- be positioned at any desired angle while operat- clave. It can accept all types of handpieces with ing. The auto blocking system maintains the the ISO 3964 coupling, the most commonly shaver blade in its position used in the world today. Bien-Air offers a broad range of high-performance instruments, from The straight suction channel and integrated irriga- saws to straight and angled handpieces, cover- tion ensure perfect operation with no obstructions. ing various fields of application. A state of the art lubricator reduces maintenance cost and allows ideal lubricating fluid distribution. The S120 is designed for easy connection of a wide range of disposable and reusable blades.
  • OSSEOSTAPThe OSSEOSTAP handpiece is the ideal exten- The OSSEOSTAP handpiece incorporates thesion of your hand, perfectly obeying your will. latest model of the Bien-Air brushless sensorlessSo natural, you will soon forget it is there, even micromotor. This powerful high-tech micromotorthough you will find it indispensable. The OSSEO- rotates at speeds up to 12,000 rpm, with noSTAP system has been designed for micro shap- vibration and no jerking. Thanks to its exemplarying of bones as part of surgical operations such as progressivity, the most subtle micro shapingstapedotomy or ossiculoplasty. operations are no longer a problem. The bur release button remains highly accessible, with-The OSSEOSTAP handpiece is a model of out hindering handling of the instrument. Forergonomics. Its small size and weight of only optimal hygiene in all circumstances, the60 grams make it very easy to handle. Its rein- OSSEOSTAP handpiece and its motor, cableforced and incurved front tip ensures easy and tools have been designed to withstandaccess to the middle ear plate while offering repeated machine washing and sterilization inmaximum visibility. autoclave.
  • Technical dataOSSEODUOMarking CE 0120 as per 93 / 42 EEC directive UL as per UL 60601-1 and CAN / CSA C22.2 No 601.1Supply voltage 100 - 240 Vac / 2A - 1A / 50 / 60 HzMotor power supply 2 push-pull type connectors / <50 VdcElectrical insulation class Class IParts applied Type BFMedical class IIaProtection class IP 41Size / Weight (W x H x D) 370 x 115 x 270 mm (height with irrigation stand 485 mm) / 4.6 kgIrrigation pump Delivery from 15 to 130 ml / min., adjustable in 10% steps (with two-speed Bien-Air irrigation line REF 1100037-001)Irrigation stand Stainless steel, height 450 mmMultifunction pedalProtection class IPx8Size / Weight (W x H x D) 160 x 55 x 170 mm / 0.830 kgCable 295 cm ± 5 cm80K Micromotor with cable (REF 1700263-001)Type Direct current, brushless and sensorlessTorque Max. ±40 mNmSpeed of rotation 4,000 to 80,000 rpmCoupling As per ISO 3964, the most widely used standard in the worldSize / Weight Diameter 21 mm, length 100 mm, ISO nose included / 120 g without cableMotor cable Push-pull type at OSSEODUO end, length 295 cm ± 5 cmCleaning / Sterilization Machine washing / in autoclave at 134°C for 18 min.S120 Handpiece with cable (REF 1700302-001)Type Shaver handpiece, powered by a brushless and sensorless motorTorque Max. ±15 mNmSpeed in continuous rotation 400 to 12,000 rpmSpeed in oscillation mode 500 to 5,000 rpm (1 to 4.5 Hz)Rotating angle 360°, auto blockingSize / Weight Diameter 18 mm, length 140 mm, angle 15º / 198 g without cableMotor cable Push-pull type at OSSEODUO end, length 295 cm ±5 cmInstruments Straight and curved shaver blades, disposable or reusableCleaning / Sterilization Machine washing / in autoclave at 134°C for 18 min.OSSEOSTAP handpiece with cable (REF 1600685-001)Marking CE 0120 as per 93 / 42 EEC directiveType Microdrill handpiece powered by brushless and sensorless motor, with curved nose for stapedotomy and middle ear ossiculoplastyPower supply 12 VDCPower / Torque Max 4W @ 3 NmmSpeed range Variable up to 12,000 rpmSize / Weight Diameter 15.5 mm, overall length 180 mm / 60 g without cableBur guide tube Diameter 2.1 mm lenght 64.5 mm, curved 15º, with reinforcement for improved stabilityMotor cable Length 295 cm ± 5 cm. Silicon cable with push-pull type connector, autoclavableCleaning / Sterilization Machine washing / in autoclave at 134°C for 18 min.OSSEODUO set Shaver + Drill (S120 + 80K) REF 1700249-001OSSEODUO set Shaver (S120) REF 1700250-001OSSEODUO set Drill (80K) REF 1700251-001OSSEOSTAP Handpiece REF 1600685-001The company reserves the right to make model modifications and technical changes.
  • Bien-Air Surgery SA Bien-Air Italia s.r.l.Rue de l’Ouest 2b SurgeryCH-2340 Le Noirmont Via Vaina 3Switzerland 20122 Milano, ItaliaTél.+41(0)32 344 64 40 Tel. +39 (02) 58 32 12 51/52/54Fax +41(0)32 344 64 45 Fax +39 (02) 58 32 12 ba-i@bienair.comBien-Air Bien-Air UK LimitedDeutschland GmbH Arundel HouseSurgery The descriptions and technical data appearing in the present document are given as an indication and are not binding. Unit 1 - Ground FloorJechtinger Strasse 11 Amberley Court, Whitworth Road79111 Freiburg, Deutschland Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7XLTel. +49 (0)761 45 57 40 EnglandFax +49 (0)761 47 47 28 Tel. +44 (0)1293 550 Fax +44 (0)1293 520 481 They may not give rise to any claim. Bien-Air reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. ba-uk@bienair.comBien-Air España SASurgery Bien-Air Asia Ltd.Entença, 169 Bajos Surgery08029 Barcelona, España Nishi-IkebukuroTel. (+34) 934 25 30 40 Daiichi-Seimei Bldg. 10FFax (+34) 934 23 98 60 2-40-12 Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 171-0014, JapanBien-Air USA, Inc.Medical Technologies EN5 Corporate ParkSuite 160 Irvine, REF 2400179 / 1100134 / 05.2011 / Printed in SwitzerlandCA 92606, USA Tel. +81 (3) 5954-7661Tel 1-800-433-BIEN Fax +81 (3) 5954-7660Tel 949-477-6050 ba-asia@bienair.comFax Beijing Bien-Air Medical InstrumentBien-Air France Sarl Technology Service Co. Ltd.Surgery Room 907, The Exchange Beijing,55-57, avenue Jean Lolive No 118 Jian Guo Lu Yi,93508 Pantin Cedex, France Chao Yang District,Tel. +33 (0)1 41 83 60 70 Beijing 100022, ChinaFax +33 (0)1 48 96 07 +86 10 6567 0651Bien-Air on Internet: +86 10 6567