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Your 24x7 Online Mentor to Crack Important Exams!

Your 24x7 Online Mentor to Crack Important Exams!

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  • 1. ◦ Live Webinars (Live Online Lectures) with Recordings.◦ Online Answers to All Academic Queries.◦ Online Notes, Solved Exercises in Downloadable Form.◦ Online MCQ Tests with Instant Results and detailed explanation.◦ 11 online MCQ tests on full syllabus.
  • 2.  Study Anytime, Anywhere on ednexa.com Quality Guidance from Expert Teachers at Your Doorstep! Understand and Revise Your Topics through Live Webinars (Online Lectures) & Recordings Examine Your Performance in Practice Tests
  • 3.  Clear All Your Doubts Online. Practise CET-like time bound Online Tests. Get Access to quality notes and solved textbook questions. All These Benefits at Very Low Prices!
  • 4.  A. J. Bapat ◦ Ex-H.O.D., Physics, Ruparel College, Mumbai Sanjay Ranade ◦ Expert Professor of Maths & Director, Ednexa Arvind Gadgil ◦ Renowned professor of Chemistry Dr. Manisha Dharmadhikari ◦ Senior Lecturer of Biology, Fergusson College, Pune
  • 5.  MHT-CET 2012 ◦ Tanvi Modi (PCB) : 194, 2nd rank in Pune ◦ Udit Mehta (PCM) : 189, 4th rank in Pune MHT-CET 2011 ◦ Akhil Killawala : 191, 4th rank in Mumbai MHT-CET 2010 ◦ Nishant Patwardhan (PCM) : 196, 1st rank in Pune ◦ Pranav Renavikar (PCB) : 192, 1st rank in Pune
  • 6.  10% Discount If Registered at Seminar. Pay Rs. 200 /- Only to Register. Rest Amount to be Paid Within 7 Days. Register / Inquire at the Registration Counter.
  • 7.  Create Free Account on ednexa.com & Avail Exciting Benefits! ◦ Few Live Webinars to be Available for Free Students ◦ Study Material of First Chapter of Each Subject ◦ Access to CET Online Timetable Planner, an Online App to Create Effective Timetable for CET 2013 ◦ Blogs (Online Articles) by Experts for Additional Guidance
  • 8.  Website : www.ednexa.com Phone : 9011041155 / 9011031155 Mail : info@ednexa.com Address : Adnexa Education Pvt. Ltd., Office 27, Laxminagar Commercial Complex-1, Shahu College Road, Parvati, Pune 411009.