Insights & hidden opportunities


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Insights & hidden opportunities

  1. 1. Insights & {hidden} OpportunitiesStores looked at: Trader Joes, Dollar Tree, Wegmans, B.Js Wholesale, Target, Walmart. (yes I have a child)
  2. 2. Fruits in Front of StoreNever noticed this. But the color and makes apleasing introduction. Keep this up.
  3. 3. Its All About Selection & Checkout● Choice is great but you still need to account for people in a rush.● CHECKOUT LINES SHOULD ALWAYS BE FASTER.● More stores should use pre-checkout, items scanned while waiting in line.● Also provides more relaxed opportunity to engage with customers
  4. 4. Your Shelving? Needs Work● Tasteless but functional.● Beautiful packaging. Placed on bland shelves.● Shelving - Need wood veneers, or color on shelf face.● Shelving all over stores, but ugly
  5. 5. Greeters are underrated.● They set the tone.● Useful in large stores (where youre not sure where to start● Only Wegmans (food store) & Walmart had someone greet me, or ask if i needed help within 5 mins.● Many stores ask when leaving if you found everything. Too late.● Suggestion: Engage within 2 minutes.
  6. 6. Shelf signage. BlandThese types of signs are dull.
  7. 7. These are better. More style needed.● On sale, special signs need variety● Take cue from Trader Joes.
  8. 8. Floor Signage● Foods are at eye level and below● But floors are unused space = Waste.● Put information on floors as well● <--- Cereal | isle | Chips -->
  9. 9. Large stores. Need Directory Map.● Malls have directories to find stores.● Large stores (Costco, Sams Club, Target etc.) need directories for product locations.● Really. Sometimes I just need to get milk.● Could also be space for information, recipes, specials, etc.
  10. 10. Shopping lists need storeintegration● Online shopping lists with my food preferences.● Need more food list + store interactions● Ex. If i have 3 items on shopping list and need 1 one more item for a tuna casserole. Please tell me - when Im at the store (and what isle).
  11. 11. Empty shelves.● No one likes them.● Put a large filler sign there.● Opportunity for: humor, cross product sales, fun facts.
  12. 12. Baskets should attach to carts● People fill carts (it happens).● If a store has baskets, these should be able to easily attach to the front of the cart.● Place them around the store.● Gives extra room. No more crushed bread or food rolling off.● Sometimes you fill a basket and realize you need a cart.