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Pchs windows presentation

  1. 1. License No. B749235 www.pacificcoasthomesolutions.com
  2. 2. Energy EfficiencyCustom Design Options Safety and Security Economic Value Maintenance Free
  3. 3. 1. What is a vinyl window? A vinyl window (frame) is one which is fabricated primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl windows may employ other materials for hardware and reinforcement, but the primary exposed material is PVC (vinyl).2. What styles of vinyl windows are available? Vinyl windows can be custom-made to fit any size or shape required by the architectural style, existing openings, or personal taste.3. How do vinyl windows compare in price with windows made of other materials? Vinyl windows compare very favorably in price with quality windows made of all materials.4. How do vinyl windows compare with windows made of other materials from an operating standpoint? Vinyls self-lubricating properties enhance its ability to slide. In addition, vinyl does not warp, twist, swell, or otherwise distort its shape, so it remains easy to operate.
  4. 4. VINYL WINDOW FACTS1. How do vinyl windows stand up to extreme temperature conditions? Marvelously well. The chemistry of vinyl, plus the manufacturing process, assures that vinyl windows will remain impervious to weather from the frigid Canadian border to the tropical Florida coast. Heat loss through windows is reduced drastically due to the natural insulating quality of vinyl, and the design of vinyl components with insulating air spaces.2. How do vinyl windows stand up to salt air, sea spray, and other corrosive conditions? Vinyl is not affected by corrosive conditions, making vinyl windows the choice of more and more people who live at the shore or near heavy industrial areas.3. What glazing options are available with vinyl windows? Vinyl windows are available with double-insulated glass, tempered, low E (emissivity), obscure, tinted, grid pattern and argon gas-filled.4. What other advantages do vinyl windows have over windows fabricated from other materials? Vinyl windows do not swell and shrink when exposed to extreme moisture conditions and operate smoothly in any weather. Vinyl has intrinsically high insulating qualities when compared to other window materials. Vinyl does not rust, pit, or corrode and clean easily with a damp cloth and detergent.
  5. 5. California law StatesTITLE 24 OF THE CALIFORNIA CODE, EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1993, REQUIRES THAT WINDOWS MUST NOW MEET ANENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING SPECIFIED AS A U-VALUE OF .75. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE THIS WITH SINGLEPANE WINDOWS, CONSEQUENTLY DUAL PANE WINDOWS MUST BE USED.1. GLASS THICKNESS: HOW THICK SHOULD THE GLASS BE? Standard thickness required by the California Building Code is 1/16” - “Single Strength”. This is the same glass found in picture frames which a lot of windows on the market use. We go a step further, we use 1/8” -“Double Strength” glass over 3/16” for our windows.2. AIR SPACE: HOW MUCH AIR SPACE IS MOST EFFICIENT? An air gap of 1/4” allows heat to transfer easily, while 3/4” allows convection to occur. We generally use 1/2”, which is determined by the D.O.E. through testing to be the most efficient amount.3. GLASS SPACER: METAL VS. NON-METAL Since metal transfers energy at such a rapid rate, only a spacer that contains absolutely no metal is the best for efficiency. Our non-metal Eco-Spacer outperforms all other spacers.4. FRAME & SASH ASSEMBLY: MECHANICALLY FASTENED VS. FUSION WELDED Mechanically fastened frames use screws to hold the corners together, which have a tendency to loosen allowing seal failure and lose structural integrity. Fusion welded corners are stronger, will flex with house settling, and do not contribute to seal failure.
  6. 6. • Energy efficient • Perfect for Californias weather• Cuts noise dramatically conditions• No stucco damage • No aluminum oxidation• No condensation • Maintenance-free (no painting, scraping, puttying, and No Termites)• Easy tilt-in cleaning • Energy savings• No painting • Permanently beautifies your home• No maintenance • Double-insulated glass• Rigid grade vinyl • All windows come with full screens• Beautifies your home • Burglar-resistant• Full screens • Increases value of your home• Child-resistant safety locks • #1 rated window in North America• Lifetime Warranty
  7. 7. ..
  8. 8. Enjoy Peace Of Mind Multi-Chambered Profiles offer excellent strength Cam Locks Pull sashes together for the tightest seal J-Interlocking Sash Prevents tampering with locks from outside the house Metal Reinforced Meeting rails provide extra security where it counts most Dual Pane Glass 1/8” over 3/16”thick glass for extra strength Fusion Welded uPVC Frame and sash insure the ultimate in protection
  9. 9. Our High Quality uPVC Vinyl Windows Never Need Paint No more scraping, sanding, caulking and painting. With your new uPVC vinyl framed windows, you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy
  10. 10. Noise Pollution Can Affect Your Quality Of Life A triple-layer Argentum coating on the glass, a Platinum Elite spacer that is robotically applied between the panes of glass then sealed with heated butyl, and a low maintenance Exterior Coating, to provide you the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.Anlin’s Platinum Elite Health Smart Spacer isthe industry’s most technologically advancedavailable on the market. Three hyper-efficientair chambers block the heat transfer pathwhich will keep your home comfortableduring all seasons.
  11. 11. Our Windows Create Looks of Beauty that Last A Lifetime *Optional Bronze color shown
  12. 12. Environmentally and Family Friendly, Added Beauty to the Home And Increased Equity….Increased Home ValueReplacing your windows is one of the best ways to increase your homesvalue. Because of benefits like improved energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal,and added security, the right windows can increase a homes resale valuewell beyond what you pay to have them custom-made and installed.
  13. 13. Monthly Expenses For Gas & ElectricFor Heating & Cooling $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 $180 $200 Cost Per Month 1st Yr. $1,044 $1,305 $1,566 $1,827 $2,088 $2,349 $2,610 2nd Yr. $1,135 $1,419 $1,703 $1,987 $2,271 $2,555 $2,838It is anticipated that 3rd Yr. $1,235 $1,543 $1,852 $2,161 $2,469 $2,778 $3,086energy will increase at a 4th Yr. $1,343 $1,678 $2,014 $2,350 $2,685 $3,021 $3,356rate equal to what it hasincreased in the last 20 5th Yr. $1,460 $1,825 $2,190 $2,555 $2,920 $3,285 $3,650years! 6th Yr. $1,588 $1,985 $2,382 $2,779 $3,176 $3,573 $3,970 7th Yr. $1,727 $2,159 $2,590 $3,022 $3,454 $3,886 $4,318H.U.D. and US Bureau of 8th Yr. $1,878 $2,348 $2,817 $3,287 $3,756 $4,426 $4,696the Department of Energy 9th Yr. $2,042 $2,553 $3,064 $3,574 $4,085 $4,495 $5,106predict a 14.65% increaseeach year for the next 15 10th Yr. $2,221 $2,776 $3,332 $3,887 $4,442 $4,997 $5,552years. 11th Yr. $2,415 $3,019 $3,623 $4,227 $4,831 $5,435 $6,038 12th Yr. $2,627 $3,283 $3,940 $4,597 $5,254 $5,910 $6,566We have used a more 13th Yr. $2,857 $3,571 $4,285 $4,999 $5,713 $6,427 $7,142conservative rate of our 14th Yr. $3,107 $3,883 $4,660 $5,436 $6,213 $6,990 $7,7668.5% for our calculations. 15th Yr. $3,378 $4,223 $5,068 $5,912 $6,757 $7,601 $8,446 TOTAL ENERGY COST $30,057 $37,571 $45,086 $52,600 $60,114 $67,629 $75,142
  14. 14. APPROXIMATE COST TO REPLACE AND INSTALL EIGHT TO TEN WINDOWS $6,800 – $12,700 $15,300 – $25,200 Inexpensive Look Good Unattractive Energy Efficient Wear Out Fast Very Expensive Cheap Looking High Maintenance Poor Warranty Dry Rot 1416 Btu Per Hour Doesn’t Seal Properly Not Energy Efficient Tends to Paint Shut Poor Security Limited Warranty $7,500 – $14,200 $8,500 – $15,000 ENERGY Efficient Looks Like Painted Wood Never Needs Paint Highest Grade Vinyl Ages Prematurely Never Needs Paint Will Chalk Never Corrodes, Warps, Or Cracks Can Warp Great Insulator – 1.3 Btu Per Hour Becomes Brittle Maintenance Free Cracks Easily Best Warranties Not Resistant To Weathering Not Affected By Weather Limited Warranty Self Extinguishing To Flames
  15. 15. Fusion-welded corners and Dual-durometer glazing multiple hollow chambers for bead for a weather-tight seal watertight strength and energy efficiency. Double-strength glass standard, Exclusive cam lock – fastened to ¾” overall glass for maximum the reinforcement bar – passes energy performance. stringent forced entry tests Continuous interlocking meetingrail for weather-tight performance. Reinforced release latch with raised thumb button for safe, sure tilt action.Sash tilts in for easy cleaning from inside. Contoured integral lift rail for clean, smooth lines and easy Dual-wall glazing leg reduces window operation. condensation. Sturdy aluminum screen frame Fully pocketed sill with dual with fiberglass screen mesh. weather strip for a tight seal.
  16. 16. Does This Seem Feasible to You?Average cost of window from floor at Home Depot or Lowes: $375.00Costs of insulation + trim per window: $45.00Stucco/Drywall materials to repair: $175.00Interior/Exterior painting : $50.00Skill NEEDED to perform task: PricelessTotal D.I.Y cost with a low quality floor window: $645.00 *this does not include your labor Is This An Option For You?
  17. 17. Why is uPVC better Than PVC? PVC = PolyVinyl Chloride(uses plastics as hardening agents) uPVC = Unplasticized (uses acrylics instead of plastics) Purist un-plasticized petroleum resin compound used in the vinyl window industry Guaranteed never to fade or turn yellow from ultra violet exposure No regular PVC window manufacturer can make that guarantee Including more titanium per pound than any other vinyl window in the marketOur windows are tested at extreme temperatures to ensure no deflection or blistering occurs
  18. 18. Traditional SpacersMoisture from SpacersMost glass spacers use aluminum which conducts energy at such a rapid rate thatit causes “sweating” in between the glass. Think of a Coke can. Put it in the sun for2 hours, then in the fridge, what happens?
  19. 19. With Our Eco-Max Spacer You Say Goodbye to CondensationAnlin’s Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System is a big reason behind the superior energy saving ability of Anlin windows in moderate andhot climates. The outside frame of the window may be what you see, but the “Insulated Glass Unit” that is mounted inside the frame is the real hero.At the same time, the titanium dioxide reacts chemicallywith the sun’s UV rays (even on cloudy days) to literallydecompose organic materials on the glass. That’s twolayers of solar activated easy-to-clean exterior coatings No Morethat leave you to enjoy the beautiful view with a lot less Condensation!work. Because our environmentally friendly spacers don’t use metal, we don’t have the “sweating” problem like most spacers; we guarantee it… For Life! Exceeds Energy Star requirements by 45% 100% more efficient than ordinary glass Maximum solar control with high-visibile light, and fading UV protection
  20. 20. New ConstructionMost window companies make your house fit the new window, instead of custom building a window to fit your house.
  21. 21. Custom InstallationYour new windows will be custom built to match your existing opening within 1/4 inch.Our unique coil wrapping gives a picture perfect look.We remove old existing windows, inspect openings and make repairs as neededLevel and plumb new windowsClean up and dispose of all job related debrisDone once, done right, Satisfaction guaranteed!
  22. 22. Top Three Items Usually Not Covered By Other Window Companies1. Natural weathering or discoloration of the vinyl2. Moisture or “Fogging” in between the glass panes3. Labor to remove, replace or install any broken parts Pacific Coast Home Solutions together with Anlin, will cover what the other companies won’t…..
  23. 23. 1. MEET your Project Manager, he will be your point of contact until your project is complete. Our goal is to make this as quick and painless for you as humanly possible. We can be back at your property as early as tomorrow to do a final measure. Once the final measure is complete we will submit your measurements to Anlin and have your custom windows on it’s way into production! Complete, review and sign and finance documents if needed.2. SCHEDULE an agreeable start date. Please keep in mind the production process to make your custom windows is ONLY 7-10 days. Yes, with PCHS you will receive your windows that fast!3. INSTALL time with PCHS is a one day process. We thrive on customer satisfaction and convenience. Therefore we will send the appropriate manpower to complete your window installation in ONE day.
  24. 24. 4. COURTEOUS are what best describes our crews. Our employees are trained to treat each customers property as if it were their grandparents or their own house. Rest assure if we need to remove blinds to install your windows, we will gladly hang them back up for you.5. CLEAN Upon project completion our crews will clean up any and all debris from the installation.6. Our foreman will walk the job with you prior to and after installation to make sure you are happy and satisfied.
  25. 25. Pacific Coast Home Solutions keeping you GREEN in more ways than one
  26. 26. Double Hung Single Hung Double Slide Single Slider Picture Casement Awning Bay & Bow Geometric Garden Combination
  27. 27. Customize Your Windows to Suit Your Personal Style 5/8” Flat 5/8” Sculptured 1”Sculptured Colonial Queen Anne PerimeterP516 Standard Obscure Spralite Delta Narrow Reed Rain Glue Chip
  28. 28. Sliding/Fixed XO Fixed/ Sliding OX Sliding/Fixed/Fixed or Fixed/Sliding/Fixed Fixed/Sliding/Sliding/ Fixed Fixed/Fixed/ Sliding OXO OXXO XOO or OOX White (S) Tan (S) Polished Brass (O) Satin Nickel (O) Rustic Umber (O)
  29. 29. Door Design5/8” Flat 5/8” Sculptured 1”Sculptured Colonial Perimeter Queen Anne
  30. 30. White Tan Bronze
  31. 31. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR NEW VINYL WINDOWSFor other GREEN home improvement projects please check us out online at www.PacificCoastHomeSolutions.com © 2011 All Rights Reserved Pacific Coast Home Solutions