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Warren buffet ppp

  1. 1. Done by : Edmond T.CompaoreSupervised by : Mrs Nadia Douch
  2. 2. WARREN E.BUFFETT:THEPHILANTROPIC ENTREPRENEUR Done by : Edmond T.Compaore Supervised by : Mrs Nadia Douch
  3. 3. Content Introduction Warren Education Career Entrepreneurial characteristic Success assessment Positive Critics Negative Critics Famous Quotes
  4. 4. IntroductionWho is Warren E.Buffett?
  5. 5. Warren’s Education He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, D.C. in 1947 He studied at Wharton School of Finance at University of Pennsylvania from 1947 to 1949 B. S. from University of Nebraska in 1950; M.S. in Economics, Columbia University in 1951
  6. 6. His Amazing Career CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc since 1965 General Partner at Buffett Partnership, Ltd. and predecessor limited partnerships from 1956 to 1969.
  7. 7.  Director of Citigroup Global Markets Holdings, Inc., (formerly, Salomon Inc.) since 1987 the Director of The Washington Post Co., from May 9, 1996 to May 2011 and Director until May 2011. Mr. Buffett was the Director of The Coca- Cola Company from 1989 to April 2006
  8. 8. EntrepreneurialCharacteristics Effective leader; a competent manager An incredible communicator Motivator  Sympathic  Trustworthy entrepreneur  Loyal  Reliable
  9. 9.  Concern for People high risk taker Simple and Immaterialist Generous and Humility Honest Highly passionate Hightly optimistic A great Dreamer
  10. 10. Warren’s BuffetAssessmentPositive Critics:o Proved to be the greatest investor or stockbroker of all timeso Succesful entrepreneuro Will remain the greatest oneo Will be a big lost .o Use of skills in service of his country
  11. 11. Negative Criticso Strategy of investing too risky (lost everything if a severe collapse)o His principle of management in the long term is quite dangerouso Overuse of the kindness of Warren
  12. 12. Warren’s Famous Quotes“Rule Number One: Never lose money. RuleNumber Two: Never forget rule Number One.”
  13. 13. “Wall Street is the only place that peopleride to in a Rolls Royce to get advicefrom those who take the subway.”
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