The e commerce crm for british businesses. last one


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the e-CRM in the UK and impact on consumer loyalty

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The e commerce crm for british businesses. last one

  1. 1. Impact of The e-CRM on consumer loyalty in the British internet based companies Case of the e-retailersPresented by: Edmond T. Compaore , Mohammed El Yakooby and OussamaBoumia .
  2. 2. Outline• Introduction• Background of the e-commerce/the e-retailing in the UK.• Consumers decisions-making process online• Users and the most common set of product sold online .• Key Factors determinig the consumer loyalty• Model -correlation between e-CRM ,loyalty and price sentivity.• Views on e-CRM• Best practices for e- retailers• Conclusion.
  3. 3. Introduction• Our purpose is to identify in which extent the e-CRM can enhance consumer loyalty and what are the best practices for e-retailers in the UK
  4. 4. Background of the e- commerce / the e-retailing in the UK.• An increasingly number of internet based businesses• A Revenue worth more than £1.8 Billions a year But Hides A troubling reality• Important number of business online failures• Difficulty to meet the consumers expecattions
  5. 5. Consumers decisions-making process online• intelligence phase = problem recognition and information search• Design = Evaluation product• choice = purchase evaluation and purchase• Review phase = post-Evaluation
  6. 6. The most common set of product sold online and their users• Rental of Books by Students.• Purchased of books by professionals of education and adults and less by Students• CDs and DVDs by young people.• Console Games by adolescents• The Male gender users more than female gender one.
  7. 7. Key factors determinig the consumer loyalty• Security and trust• Service-Quality attributes(speed and convenience)• Product prices sensitivity• Information provision.• Profitability of the product or service
  8. 8. Model -correlation between e-CRM,loyalty and price sentivity. e-Retailer e-CRM Effort Customer Loyalty Customer Perceived e-CRM Price Sensitivity Figure 1 : Research model-linkage between e-CRM, loyalty and price sensitivity. Liz , David and Robert (2003).
  9. 9. Views on the e-CRM• Kalakota and Robinson (2001) stated that “Electronic consumer relationship management arises from the consolidation of the traditional CRM with the e-business application market place”.• « The lack of the organizational cooperation and coordination are the major obstacles to the e-CRM initiative » (Daniel, 2001).• The e-CRM faces some problems in term of generating positive consumer attitude like consumer satisfaction.( Steven and Gary, 2002).
  10. 10. 1 Best practices for e-Retailers• A clear understanding of Consumer decision making process and the factor influcing his/her behaviour . Implementation of the results in the e-CRM strategy
  11. 11. 2 Best practices for e-Retailers An effective and efficient management of their websites through displayingincreasing security offering the speed multiple Speed search policies multiple of home languages transaction engines more payment page Options completion conspicuo options loading usly Nabil, Murli and Rose (2003, pp.146-155)
  12. 12. ConclusionThe internet based retailers business should have a an efficient and efficient e-CRM strategy In order to:  have a better understanding of their customers  Create and maintain a two-way relationships  Enhance consumer loyalty
  13. 13. References• Lee, L. K., David, G. and Robert, M., 2003. How e-CRM can enhance customer loyalty. Marketing Intelligence & Planning. 21(4), pp.239-248.• Nabil, T., Murli, R. and Rose, S., 2003.The state of online retailing. Internet Research. 13(3). pp.146-155.• Peter, J.D., Isaac, W.W. and Robert, A. D., 2003. A Comparison of Online and Offline Consumer Brand Loyalty. Marketing Science. 22(4), pp.461-476.• Rajiv, K., Sarv, D. and Adam, M., 2004. Understanding Determinants of Online Consumer Satisfaction: A Decision Process Perspective. Journal of Management Information Systems. 21(1).pp.115-135.• Steven, A. T. and Gary, L.H., 2002. The impact of loyalty with e-CRM with software and e-services. International Journal of service Industry Management. 13(5), pp.452-472.