Making PD Fun and Relevant Presented by Hollie Becker


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  • Welcome! I am PUMPED to be here with you today! I would like to thank you for joining me here to talk about making professional development FUN and RELEVANT using edmodo… start I’d like to ask for a little audience participation….I always try to start PD with music and movement…since we are in a virtual environment, this will be the honor system – I’d like everyone to get up out of their seat…..yes, even, you there in your office chair…come on! Humor me! I’m going to play a bit of music – move around- shake your arms your legs…move your head side to side….get that oxygen and glucose to your brain!
  • Ok! Whew! Sit back down – we are primed and pumped for learning!! While I begin, I’d love you to join my edmodo group if you haven’t already! The code is at the bottom of this slide. talking about edmodo – first I want to give you some backstory – Why edmodo? We had a year of conversation last year regarding social media…some of our teachers have friended students on facebook, others have group facebook pages, some use twitter -some of our clubs and teams use texting and FB to send messages….and this is obviously a hot topic right now, especially in education…this idea of digital citizenship….all last year we had a conversation, mostly at the district level, on what guidance and/or policy we need to create regarding social media So, to make a LONG story short, we went on several visits to other districts to see how they are dealing with social media…and on one of these visits we saw edmodo in action. It was used with students, and with teachers – although mostly with students….. If you knew me you’d know it just takes a small exposure to something to get the wheels turning…and so I began to think about ways we could utilize edmodo in my district…. At the same time this was going on – because of course as educators we always have a LOT of balls in the air - , we were working on our plan to transition to common core It became apparent that is the classic too much to do and not enough time – and the little edmodo seed planted in my brain bloomed – edmodo became a way in which we are able to utilize technology
  • I’ll be quiet and let you read this….what do you think?? A teacher friend of mine from college posted this on facebook – because, haven’t we all “been there, done that”?? You’ve been to a PD session and think to yourself…”wow, that’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back!” I’ve been there too as a participant.. and even though it’s my personality to try to get something from every PD, no matter how irrelevant or poorly planned/executed….not everyone does that. This is such a waste, not only of teachers’ time, but of vital district resources – and we have too much at stake not to make every minute of PD count!
  • The PROBLEM with TRADITIONAL PD is that it is one size fits all – this is usually not really anyone’s fault – it’s often a capacity issue – there are only so many people available to plan and present –so we do the best we can…..the product then remains PD that doesn’t apply to people…. Who wants to sit through PD that has no impact on you or your classroom?
  • This is my own personal list of “musts” in regards to PD….. When I came to a point in my career when I was in charge of planning building and eventually district-wide professional development, I was terrified because I knew how awful I would feel if I was responsible for carrying on the “cycle of pain” type of PD…. So I approach PD the same way I approach teaching – I aim to engage, I strive to make it meaningful and relevant, and especially job-embedded. We know that a “sit and get” is not modeling best practices…yet we continue to do it over and over…. I think we have a unique opportunity as prepares/providers of PD to model best practices for teachers. If I know that best practices is to get kids up and moving every 20 minutes or so to get oxygen and glucose to the brain – then I need to do this with teachers. If I would like teachers to be more of facilitators of learning rather than the sage on the stage – I need to do model this for them in PD.
  • I’ll let you read this……..Our superintendent is always saying “Feedback is our friend” – and she is preaching to the choir! Perhaps even more important than the previous list, is that I ask for, AND RESPOND to, feedback. And I make data-based decisions. At the end of every PD I tell participants that I would like them to fill out the feedback form or survey – and I don’t want them to blow sunshine – if this is the worst PD you’ve ever attended please tell me – and tell me what you need instead. Then I do something about it…next time I make sure I am following up on their feedback – or if in their feedback they express an idea or need, I follow up soon afterwards..not only am I cultivating a relationship, and modeling for the teacher what they should be doing with students…but people begin to respect and trust you when you do this consistently
  • Enough talking on my part….now I’d like to SHOW you our attempt at accomplishing some important PD work in the CCSS math practices…although I admit it is more challenging for me to think of ways to make online PD fun…I think we did a great job You, too can be a math ninja!!
  • Background on modules – two-fold purpose Optional over summer Strategic first step in implementation of common core – math practices – developed 8 modules around each of the practices….required list…Around 400 people Show Module 1 Module set up – 4 steps: handout, powerpoint, video, and big idea Explain each step Handout – research on cornell notes – show them rock-em sock-em – attempt at scaffolding and fun Components – go along with ppt, then insidemath website..then video reflection questions, work samples, resources, optional acitivity Powerpoint – lots of information – lots of built-in transformations – Project CRISS term – manipulating content – with each manipulation student is learning…. Video - a LOT of work – why, how, when, set up – grade level span Big idea –posting a note on the discussion feed
  • Making PD Fun and Relevant Presented by Hollie Becker

    1. 1. Making PD fun and relevant using edmodoDr. Hollie BeckerK-12 Curriculum CoordinatorAuburn-WashburnTopeka,
    2. 2. The Backstory• WHY edmodo? – Social media research – Usability with students and teachers – Technology integration – Extends professional learning – FREE! Join Code: 51235u
    3. 3. The problem with “traditional” PD• One size fits all….• What about the specials?• Meaningful??• Relevant?• Meets needs?• Feedback?
    4. 4. Out with the old, in with the new• PD MUST: – Model best practice – Engaging – Meaningful – Relevant – Job-embedded – On-going – Data-based
    5. 5. FEEDBACK
    6. 6. You, too, can be a PD ninja!
    7. 7. Demo• What we’ve done
    8. 8. Future plans• Edmodo district-wide grade level/course groups• Follow-up modules on math• Possibly ELA common core?• Utilize in curriculum committees• Utilize in T&L department
    9. 9. Closing• Questions?• Comments?• FEEDBACK??