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Drupal project management Edward Kay 20120622
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Drupal project management Edward Kay 20120622


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Presentation from Oxford DrupalCamp, 22 June 2012

Presentation from Oxford DrupalCamp, 22 June 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Drupal projectmanagement fromthe front lineEdward KayHead of @edwardkay
  • 2. Three phases1. Discovery2. Design3. Development
  • 3. Define yourdeliverables
  • 4. DesignerUX leadDeveloperThemerProject manager
  • 5. Designer Feature UX lead FeatureFeature Developer Themer Project manager
  • 6. Discovery
  • 7. Redirects CLIC Sargent webs ite scoping docume Scoping n Configuration: Th is feature provides as to non-node pa a means to redire ges such as views ct nodes or arbitra or taxonomy page ry paths to other no destination URL an s. The URL in the des as d will use the 301 browser changes 10 short-cut URLs. HT TP response by to the bsite scoping do cument default. This can be CLIC Sargent we useful for the crea tion of er is set up e created. Each us veloper and pr oject manager ar e ‘forgotten A list of URLs for w hich 404 response rchbox Drupal de words by using th s have been return counts for each To d change their pass ure – create suitable redi ed is also providedUser ac users can login an as part of this feat rects. document allowing administ or d, and Torchbox Sargent user s are not defined rators towithout a passw Accounts for CLIC nality in Drupal. l’ feature.password’ functio and access contro Search ‘use r accounts, roles, red by the custom Configuration: Th these will be cove lary called ‘acces s control’ is feature provides provided using a Drupal vocabu either contributed Apac hesolr module13. an efficient and hi ghly configurable rol framework is ished nodes to be As a user types in site search using th A simple co ntent access cont e3 . Editors ca n configure publ cess control suggestions base d on content in th search terms, an au tocomplete featur e ntrol Lite’ modul users). Further ac e index. e makes and the ‘Tax onomy access co r only’ (only vi sible to logged in ser accounts, fault) or ‘membe by the custom ‘u publicly accessible (the de ired; these w ould be provided Administrators ca n configure many foundation if requ ‣ Solr settings throug rules ca n be built on this the content types that are included h the admin interfa ce including: in the search inde control’ feature. ‣ x, roles, and access relative weighting for content types and their fields to s results, raise or lower thei 0 and m aintenance page of exceptional co nditions for a Dru pal r standing in the sit e search Custom 404, 50 e implements cu stom handling ‣ any taxonomy vocabularies to expose to the us Configura tion: This featur these are: nt of the site results, for exampl er on search results pages for ‘faceting’ easing likelihood ability compone e: http://www.ukg (filtering) their instance. In order of decr t found” usin g search, a key us hesolr_search/bui ting the “page no lding ‣ Dru pal 404 – augmen ce, activated man ually The search index for sche duled maintenan is updated autom ntenance page – t the database atically on every Dr ‣ Drupal mai P cannot contac upal ‘cron’ run, typi cally every 15 min ine pa ge – for when PH ‘Search snippet’ fie s. ‣ Drupal offl ither PHP nor MyS QL can help search results for lds are provided al lowing editors to Apache 50 0 errors when ne specific nodes. override the summ ary information sh ‣ own in creating a An extra field is ad agement ts. This includes ded to appropriate Document man undation for m anaging documen ntent page’. a list of terms for w content types to m solid, standard fo ted in ‘standard co hich this result sh ark them as ‘edito r picks’. The edito Configura tion: Provides a ntent types as no ent. ould be returned r can specify all appropriate co uploaded docum results page. in a clearly marke t’ fie ld to be added to t, or select ing a previously d ‘editor pick’ bloc ‘Related documen g a new documen k on the search oice of either uploadin Editors have a ch es. Workflow, versio ments and imag all uploaded docu nin g, and scheduled pub for managing Configuration: Pr lishing rface is provided ovides a publishin An ad ministration inte content, along with g workflow for sele cted content type maintaining copies s. This enables m content at a pre-de of previous versio oderation of user ns and automatic e Drupal sign-in termined date/tim publishing of appr Front-end user accounts ns to improve th e, as illustrated in oved ides some si mple modificatio our revision publish ing diagram. This feature prov ecifically this give s: Configuration: gan module . Sp 4 ‣ Rules and actions move node the LoginTobog er) s through the wor experience using e login page (/us ‣ Only users with moderator ro kflow phases defin /login form on th ed using taxonom d account create ter registration les are able to mov y terms. ‣ a combine nd the user to af used to hide releva e content through each phase (field to define a specific URL to se nt field from edito rs). permissions are ‣ the ability n, we ‣ ‘Publish on’ fields are used w on account creatio ith rules schedule nd an initial welcome email up style and for times. r to ensure actions are triggered at th configured to se for consistency in e appropriate Whi le Drupal could be d and sent th rough dotMailer ailings are create recommend such m ns. /reporting optio 13 ht tp:// providing tracking oject/apachesolr .txt and SEO The modules s, XML sitemap, robots itor SEO capabilit ies. Google Analytic of improve and mon basic tools to Provides a suite Configuration: used are:
  • 8. Design
  • 9. Development
  • 10. Five Ds of done1. D...2. D...3. D...4. D...5. D...
  • 11. Five Ds of done1. Discovery2. Design3. Development4. Demo5. Deployment
  • 12. LimitWIP
  • 13. Feature tracking
  • 14. Cumulative flow
  • 15. Side effects
  • 16. Takeaways1. Define deliverables2. Feature-driven development3. Limit WIP4. Transparent process5. Continuous improvement