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  • TakeoPursatKampongSpeu
  • Our Pale Blue Dot bcpp2010

    1. 1. Let’s Build the First Cambodian Spaceship!!<br />Let’s Design the first Cambodian Spaceship!!!<br />Barcamp PP 2010 <br />All photos are © edjez, OurPaleBlueDot project<br />
    2. 2. Let’s Design the first Cambodian Spaceship!!!<br />
    3. 3. Why?<br />Our planet is a small and life on it is fragile<br />By seeing the earth from outside, some people begin to appreciate things differently<br />Especially children<br />(and it’s fun!)<br />
    4. 4. From Space…<br />There is no ‘them’, just ‘us’<br />You can see the place where every human that ever was alive spent his life<br />You can appreciate the totality of our natural resources<br />We can see the importance of thinking of the planet as a closed system<br />
    5. 5. Closed System =<br />Finite resources<br />Nowhere else to throw trash<br />Nowhere else to farm land<br />Nowhere else to go conquer<br />Nowhere else to get resources from<br />No undo<br />Just us<br />Much of our society’s governance methods, planning capacities and maybe even our religions evolved in ‘open system’ mentality<br />We’ve reached the limit of that illusion<br />
    6. 6. Perspective<br />The atmosphere of earth is thinner than the layer of paint on a football<br />All life on earth is in that thin layer<br />
    7. 7. The atmosphere and our target<br />80 km<br />30 km<br />
    8. 8. Don’t you need a rocket to go to space? <br /> - Nah, with something like SpaceShipOne you are OK to touch space and fall back<br />So why do space programs use rockets?<br /> - To develop enough speed for orbit, (to stay in space and not fall back down) you need a LOT of energy (many Kg of fuel per Kg of cargo!) – little planes are not enough<br />So…technically we won’t be reaching “Space” but it’s close enough for our goal!<br />
    9. 9. Let’s Design the first Cambodian Spaceship!!!<br />Let’s get with the program<br />
    10. 10. Analyzing a complex project<br />Risks<br />Architecture<br />Process<br />Helium Balloon lifting a box with cameras and GPS Trackers<br />Build system, test it, launch, go recover it<br />Anticipate problems and work around them<br />
    11. 11. Architecture<br />Lift<br />Optics<br />Recovery<br />Climate Control<br /><ul><li> Balloon
    12. 12. Helium
    13. 13. Ropes
    14. 14. Picture Cam</li></ul> - Memory<br /> - Firmware<br /><ul><li>Video Cam</li></ul> - Memory<br /> - Batteries<br /><ul><li>APRS Tracker</li></ul> - GPS Receiver<br /> - GPS Antenna<br /> - Beacon<br /> - VHF Antenna<br /><ul><li> SPOT Tracker
    15. 15. Paint
    16. 16. Signs
    17. 17. Parachute
    18. 18. $ for reward
    19. 19. Hand Warmers</li></ul>Safety<br /><ul><li> Parachute
    20. 20. Radar Reflector</li></ul>Every Critical Subsystem must have two primary independent units<br />
    21. 21. Schematics<br />
    22. 22. Helium balloon – not Hydrogen!<br />Parachute<br />Small radar reflector<br />Laminated recovery note<br />Payload<br />Antenna<br />People<br />
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Important Parts - Tracking<br />APRS Tracker – Byonics MT8000FA<br />Primary tracking system<br /><ul><li> Fast (15s)
    26. 26. Lat/Long/Alt
    27. 27. Reliable range (6W transmission)
    28. 28. Many parts (risky electronics)
    29. 29. GPS Works above 30km (Lassen iQ)
    30. 30. Using ¼ wave Yagi antenna</li></ul>SPOT Tracker<br />Backup tracking system<br /><ul><li>Slow (10m)
    31. 31. Unreliable (<50%)
    32. 32. No altitude reports
    33. 33. Doesn’t work above 7000mts
    34. 34. Doesn’t need GSM signal
    35. 35. Rugged, low batt usage
    36. 36. 24 hs of tracking from launch
    37. 37. Reports to web only, use GeoChat to forward to SMS</li></li></ul><li>
    38. 38. Chase & Find!<br />
    39. 39. Important Parts - Optics<br />2nd hand Canon camera<br />CHDK on 2nd partition of SD card<br />GOPro video camera<br />Many batteries<br />No case<br />
    40. 40. “Ballooning” as a Hobby<br />Some have it as a hobby…<br />Weather scientists<br />Electronics<br />DIY – Do It Yourself<br />Playing with GPSs<br />Maps and imagery<br />Radio electronics, radio control, telemetry<br />“Extreme Geocaching” (your target falls from 30km!)<br />The fun –and tension- of the chase<br />You can develop it in your own direction<br />We do it to take pictures of the earth<br />Green? Risks with batteries & helium shortage biggest concerns. Use LiPolyrechargeables and in the future learn to safely do Hydrogen launches<br />
    41. 41. Process<br />Plan<br />Build<br />PreLaunch<br />Launch<br />Recovery<br />Design<br />Materials<br />Team<br />Event<br />Schematics<br />Licenses<br />Risk Analysis<br />Assemble<br />Test<br />Curse<br />Assemble again<br />Test<br />….<br />Prediction<br />Permits<br />Plan & Schedule<br />Batteries<br />Memory<br />Travel<br />Checklists<br />Inflate<br />Assemble<br />Go/No-Go<br />Takeoff!<br />Chase<br />Maps<br />Vehicles<br />(car boat bike)<br />GPSs<br />GET NERVOUS<br />SEARCH & FIND<br />
    42. 42.
    43. 43. Risk Analysis<br />Risk Model:<br />Threat Prob(%) Impact (Hi/med/low) Mitigation<br />Use Risks to drive design & testing methods!!<br />Risks<br /><ul><li>Lens fogging
    44. 44. GPS fails
    45. 45. Radio Fails
    46. 46. Interference
    47. 47. Battery Dead
    48. 48. Lost Contact
    49. 49. Bad Roads
    50. 50. Payload Stolen
    51. 51. Camera freezes
    52. 52. Laptop Dies
    53. 53. Firmware dies
    54. 54. Balloon gets damaged, burst
    55. 55. Incorrect amount of helium
    56. 56. Helium or Hydrogen?
    57. 57. Weather gets bad
    58. 58. Water Landing
    59. 59. Inaccessible terrain
    60. 60. Parachute gets tangled
    61. 61. SPOT tracker dies
    62. 62. No cell signal
    63. 63. Lands on someone’s land
    64. 64. Batteries freeze
    65. 65. Shaky pics
    66. 66. Wind models wrong
    67. 67. Airplane runs into it
    68. 68. etc</li></ul>Many industries use “Risk-Driven-Design” to build great products<br />
    69. 69. Unique Cambodia Risks & Mitigations<br />Safety: Must land away from mined/UXO areas<br />Takeo has lowest statistics, << 1% of Cambodia’s accident statistics<br />All search people MUST have LM/UXO briefing<br />Road Conditions<br />Be patient and drive safely<br />SSCA and CATS Regulations<br />Avoid all class B…D airspace<br />Spend little time in class A<br />Build extended radar reflector for TACAS<br />Wide clearing from any national borders<br />Water landing: rice paddy, puddle or lake<br />Design a payload that can land in water<br />Inflatable boat<br />Boots. Change of clothes to get wet?<br />Weather changes faster<br />Good Luck, launch in morning<br />
    70. 70. It’s an Experiment!<br /><ul><li> Many things not in our control
    71. 71. We may loose all the equipment
    72. 72. Problems may arise at inflation
    73. 73. But.. no reason not to try again later</li></li></ul><li>Let’s do some work!<br />
    74. 74. Need 3 Teams<br />Team 1: Design and Build a large and lightweight Radar Reflector<br />Team 2: Start assembly of payload encasing<br />Team 3: Localize Logistics <br />
    75. 75. Radar ReflectorTCAS Onboard Air Collision Avoidance, large mylar, wire and graphite structure<br />Goal: Large (>1m2) radar-reflective 3D element<br />
    76. 76. Payload Case<br />Goal: Present and prepare basic Payload structure<br />Easy to assemble and disassemble<br />Cameras are ‘stable’ in their position (no wiggle)<br />Thermal insulation compartment<br />Top ‘layer’ for GPS and SPOT tracker<br />
    77. 77. Logistics<br />Goal: Khmer language and culture notes<br />Goal: Establish Launch and Land sites<br />Easy for folks to understand – even cartoons?<br />Clear instructions: Leave outside with view of sky, we will pick it up, reward offered<br />Safe, reachable spot. Discuss alternatives, propose top 2 with pros and cons<br />
    78. 78. Need your Help!<br />Logo – what is the logo that we should give it?<br />Plan Launch to hit good land site (in Takeo?)<br />Need<br />Dolly<br />- Bedsheets to use as clean surface<br />
    79. 79. What about launch?<br />Still arranging logistics<br />Expect the unexpected<br />Everyone is responsible for themselves and their family/friends<br />Be ready for many hours in the car!<br />edjez@ourpalebluedot.net<br />
    80. 80. Thanks!<br />
    81. 81. There are people dying of hunger in the world – isn’t space exploration a waste of precious resources?<br />Space exploration is almost nothing compared to defense spending, and minor when compared to profit of major potentially unsustainable industries… and smaller than major relief and aid efforts. IMO ROI is positive.<br />World Defense Spending<br />1100 Billion <br />Advertisement Spending<br />PEPFAR + GHI<br />BP Profit<br />420 B<br />60B<br />Smith/Glaxo/Kline Profit<br />60B<br />Monsanto Profit<br />20B<br />18 B<br />4B<br />Sources<br />http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/spending.htm<br />http://facts.kff.org/chart.aspx?ch=1314<br />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_Budget<br />