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  1. 1. Electrify America Electrify World
  2. 2. Application  Residential  Commercial  Industrial  Agricultural  Military  Marine  Aeronautics EDIX systems can operate as high as 99% efficiency.
  3. 3. Problem • “Be Worried, Be Very Worried. Climate changes isn't a vague future problem – its already damaging the planet at an alarming pace. The debate is over. Global warming is upon us – with a vengeance. From floods to fires, droughts to storms, the climate is crashing.”
  4. 4. Objectives The following issues are shaping the US energy landscape: • Growing energy demand • Constraints on traditional energy supply and delivery • Global competition • Climate change concerns • Need for infrastructure modernization • Security concerns • Independence • Edix is a proven and effective energy option, deployable in the near term, that can help address current and future U.S. and the World’s energy needs.
  5. 5. Mobile Electric Power Systems • Power to go... Environmentally- friendly mobile power generation has arrived. • Our Mobile Electric Power Systems provide pure, consistent electricity for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and emergency applications . Mobile Electric Generators provide a “wherever and whenever needed” for any power demand alternative solution. • Categorically clean, absolutely silent and far more economical than comparable generators over the long term, our modular systems offer today’s best investments in mobile Electric power generators. With unparallel engineering, leading-edge components, rugged steel construction and a variety of practical options, our complete line of mobile Electric power generators set the benchmark higher than the rest.
  6. 6. Evaluation • Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment. • Energy and Environmental Analysis, Characterization of the U.S. Electric Energy, 76% of U.S energy plants are over 30 years old, and definitely need’s Infrastructural Modernization considering the cost, disasters and the environmental Impact so far…...No other source of energy could compete with Edix generator’s. • SmartGEN features include: • Space-Saving Design - Compact, efficient design allows for location flexibility and lower installation costs. • Exclusive Overload Protection - Advanced controls prevent generator overload due to unmanaged power demand. • Smart Home Compatible - Provides clean, safe power for other smart home appliances & sensitive electronics. • Includes Stat Station wireless 2-way LCD performance monitor. Satellite Monitoring. • Absolutely silent neighbor friendly operation. No undesirable looks. • Simplicity, Cost, Efficiency, and “Affordability”. This is not just a Generator, this is an “INVESTMENT”. • Cost per kilowatt-hour will be less than any fossil fuel energy. • Manufactured to any specification or power demand. • Edix “Goal”, “Growth”, “Attitude”, “Achievement” = Zero CO2
  7. 7. Effective Energy Future Proposition What If 20% of US Electricity Generation Came From EDIX? Achieving 20 percent generation capacity by 2030 would result in 1.16 billion MWh of generation (or 240.9 GW of capacity). While an aggressive target, can be accomplished given the proper technical and policy circumstances. Power Capacity EDIX, Neither waits for the wind, nor wait for the sun, make power 24/7, anywhere, any climate, and any weather, without any outside energy source, such as nuke, solar, wind, fossil, hydrogen, bio, etc... Edix Quantum Technologies has projects and solutions for the energy, which will ultimately be the answer to the crisis. The US does have a large and untapped industrial, commercial, and institutional potential, making it an ideal candidate to further capitalize on the benefits of EDIX. 2030 EDIX – Proposition: 20% of U.S. Capacity 240,900 MW Reduced Annual Energy Consumption 5.3 Quads Total Annual CO2 Reduction 848 MMT Total Annual Carbon Reduction 231 MMT Number of Car Equivalents Taken Off Road 154 Million
  8. 8. What Does EDIX System Produce? EDIX is unique among electricity-producing technologies and methods because it generates more than one output. For most residential or industrial applications, the Electric energy produced by the systems is the most valued output; electricity is considered a secondary, yet beneficial, by-product. EDIX systems can provide the following products: • Energy • Electricity • Direct mechanical drive What Fuels Does EDIX Use? “ELECTRICITY”
  9. 9. Conclusions EDIX, Inc believes that this will make an excellent investment in environmentally responsible safe technology. By focusing a Quantum Technology on energy, we are developing the best and the only solution practical system for the renewable energy of a growing problem and providing our investors with an expert team. If we could achieve 20 percent of generation capacity from EDIX by 2030, we could save more than 5 quadrillion Btu of fuel annually, the equivalent of nearly half the total energy currently consumed by US households. Experience in the United States and other countries shows that a balanced set of policies, incentives, and investments can stimulate sustained EDIX growth and reap its many well-documented benefits. EDIX diversifies our generation portfolio, lessens stress on our transmission and distribution system, and enhances energy reliability and security. Long-term tax credits and fair and transparent interconnection practices will allow a number of countries to adopt high levels of EDIX generators What Is Limiting EDIX Adoption in the US? None Technical Barriers Environmental Permitting Investment Tax Credits Interconnection Issues Interconnection Standards
  10. 10. The Three Es Employment Economy Local jobs to design, Energy Conversion saves build, manufacture, Asset in every wholesale, retail and install conversion Efficiency Transportation application, in return products and services lower the cost for new and used reinvested in Economy Vehicles. Environment Conserving energy avoids the emissions and other Environmental Impacts Associated with generation of Energy and Transportation. Agenda # 1 Agenda # 2 Electrify America Electrify World Without energy there is no economy. Without climate there is no environment. Without economy and environment there is no material wealth, no civil society, no personal or NATIONAL SECURITY The problem is that we have been getting the energy our economy needs in ways that are wrecking the climate that our environment needs .