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Pp fall 2012 Pp fall 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 333
  • Plug into a Journey Group
  • PARABLESLeader: Lance & Heather PowellPhone: 757.705.5018E-mail: Lanheapow93@gmail.comWednesday: 6:30 pm – kid friendlyTopic: The greatest stories ever toldLocation: Virginia Beach - 23462
  • Singles Over 30Leader: Greg Aldridge/Andy BishopPhone: 757.581.9000 or 757.412.8603E-mail: gxaldrid@sentara.com orabishop16@cox.netDay: Thursday 7:00 pmTopic: Living Christ centered livesLocation: Virginia Beach - 23462Call For Location
  • Alpha-Virginia Beach CampusLeader: Alpha Team – Nancy StansburyPhone: 757.572.3279E-mail: nancy@vineyardchurch.comDay: Thursday 6:30pmTopic: Basics of ChristianityLocation: Virginia Beach – 23452
  • Walking Through The BibleLeader: Ellen CoxPhone: 757.497.2684E-mail:ellecox@myway.comDay: Wednesday 7:00 pmTopic: The Book of ActsLocation: Virginia Beach - 23462
  • Weekend Services PrayerLeader: Kathy MillerPhone: 757.412.5342E-mail: kathym@wos-inc.comDay: Saturday 9:30 amTopic: Beauty For AshesLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452
  • Vineyard Leadership InstituteLeader: Heather PowellDistance Site CoordinatorPhone: 757.705.5018E-mail: powell71@cox.netDay: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 pmTopic: Theology - Leadership SkillsLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452Fee Based, Homework and exams quarterly.
  • The Good and BeautifulLeader: Judy FriedlePhone: 757.618.6233 or 757.456.2901E-mail: jfriedle@verizon.netDay: Monday 7:00 pmTopic: Reinforcing the biblical messageLocation: Virginia Beach - 23462
  • WorkplaceLeader: Kathy MillerPhone: 757.412.5342E-mail: kathym@wos-inc.comDay: Thursday 1:15pmTopic: Learning to Pray God’s PromisesLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452
  • Becoming a DiscipleLeader: Bernita TownesPhone: 757.493.9385E-mail: citytownes@yahoo.comDay: Thursday 6:30 pmTopic: Becoming a disciple by the standards setby JesusLocation: Norfolk - 23502
  • The Book of JobLeader: Dave & Brenda EdwardsPhone: 757.306.1210E-mail: brenda@atkinsonrealty.comDay: Wednesday 7:00 pm - PetsTopic: Trusting God’s goodness in the midst oflife stormsLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452
  • The Book of ProverbsLeader: Dottie NaborsPhone: 757.671.1857E-mail: NoneDay: Tuesday 7:00 pmTopic: Bible StudyLocation: Virginia Beach - 23455
  • Women of the BibleLeader: Beverly BrothersPhone: 757.377.5068E-mail: beverly@brothersfamily.netDay: Wednesday 7:00 pmTopic: In depth study of various womenof the BibleLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452
  • Financial PeaceLeader: Warren & Rhiannon HastingsPhone: 757.537-3539E-mail: warrenhastings1980@yahoo.comDay: Wednesday 7:00 pmTopic: How to get rid of your debtLocation: Virginia Beach, 23452
  • 1 CorinthiansLeader: Mike & Geri MarottaPhone: 757.650.7842E-mail: rytebrane@verizon.netDay: Friday 6:30 pm – Kid friendlyTopic: resolving issues among God’speople and creating unityLocation: Virginia Beach – 23455
  • When Sinners Say “I do”Leader: Jim & Sheri PaynePhone: 757.467.5757E-mail: pro3128@gmail.comDay: Wednesday 6:00 pm - ChildcareTopic: Applying God to transformyour marital relationshipLocation: Virginia Beach - 23456
  • The Truth ProjectLeader: Hal & Fran PorterPhone: 757.439.7889E-mail: franporter@hotmail.comDay: Thursday 7:00 pmTopic: How God’s truths apply to everyday lifeLocations: Thursdays @ Virginia Beach – 23452
  • The Book of PsalmsLeader: Donna HaugabrookPhone: 757.965.7470E-mail: donnahaugabrook@ymail.comDay: Thursday 6:30 pm - ChildcareTopic: In depth study of the book ofPsalmsLocation: Virginia Beach – 23462
  • Connecting with God’s FamilyLeader: Jay & Cherish NjewelPhone: 757.831.0210E-mail: cherishhadley@gmail.comDay: Thursday 7:00 pmTopic: Principles for living in the family of God.Young Professionals & CouplesLocation: Virginia Beach - 23455
  • Experience the Heart of JesusVC Shepherds - Seniors 50+Leader: Dreama JacklingPhone: 757.497.8459E-mail: dreama924@hotmail.comDay: Wednesday 4:00 pmTopic: Experiencing a deeperrelationship with ChristLocation: Virginia Beach - 23452
  • A Resilient Life :Men’s GroupLeader: Mike MorrinPhone: 757.497.4550E-mail: morrins@cox.netDay: Saturday 9:00amTopic: Persevering through life’schallengesLocation: Virginia Beach—23452
  • Mom’s Group – WonderWomen for ChristLeader: Jennifer LinderPhone: 970.214.5384E-mail: jlinder1971@yahoo.comDay: Tuesday @ 9:00amTopic: Kids, Parents, and PowerStrugglesLocation: Virginia Beach—23452
  • Life RecoveryLeaders: Andrea Smith & Tracy NilesPhone: Contact Nancy at 424-4444E-mail: andrealsmith@cox.net orbartonniles@aol.comDay: Sunday, 3:00 pm-6:00 pmTopic: Overcoming AddictionsLocation: Virginia Beach—23452
  • What God Really Thinks AboutWomenLeader: Liz NortonPhone: 770-0067E-mail: lizzieanne1@cox.netDay: Monday @ 7:00Topic: Understanding your significanceby studying Jesus’ encounters withwomen – Women’s GroupLocation: Norfolk , 23509
  • Managing Your Emotions – ByJoyce MeyerLeaders: Steve & Sandy ArcherPhone: 757-423-0604E-mail: sandyarch1@hotmail.comDay: Wednesday 7:00 pmTopic: Learning how not to becontrolled by your emotions, and how toremain calm during trialsLocation: Virginia Beach—23452
  • The Way of the MasterLeaders: David & Bea MorrinPhone: (757) 274-7442E-mail: byhisspirit@ymail.comDay:Topic: Equipping you with a simple,Biblical approach for reaching the lostwith the Gospel message.Location: Virginia Beach—23462
  • Unglued – Making WiseChoices in the Midst of RawEmotionsLeaders: Dawn Kroboth, HeatherDickens & Michelle ParkerPhone:757-406-2702E-mail: dmkroboth2u@yahoo.comDay: Thursday 6:30 pmTopic: Responding calmly during out-of-control situationsWomen’s Group – Godz GirlsLocation: Virginia Beach—23453
  • VINES – Valuing IndividualsNurturing Everyone’s SpiritLeaders: Bob & Pam BoltPhone: 685-9257E-mail: vines1@cox.netDay: Every other Tuesday at 6:30Topic: Fellowship & encouragement forpeople with intellectual and physicaldisabilitiesLocation: Virginia Beach—23452
  • Love and RespectLeader: Hal & Fran PorterPhone: 757.439.7889E-mail: franporter@hotmail.comDay: Tuesday 7:00pmTopic: Enhancing your marriage byapplying biblical principles to love andrespect your spouse. Couples onlyLocation: Virginia Beach—23452