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Czech republic and city Most

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CZ Most

  1. 1. Welcome in the Czech Republic Welcome in our city Most
  2. 2. We have a flag in the colours red, blue and white. We have to big national symbols – one with two eagles and two lions and the second with the king lion with two tails. Our national tree is linden. We have national
  3. 3. Prague is our capital city. In Prague there are many monuments as an astronomical clock. The Czech president lives in Prague. The river Vltava flows through Prague. There are a lot of bridges over the river. Charles bridge is very popular for tourists.
  4. 4. - Sněžka is the highest mountain – 1620m - A lot of castles. - Kofola is popular drink originaly from Czech - Glass production high quality
  5. 5. You can see photos from history old city Most. The people destroyed the city because of a lot of important coal in the ground.There were special machines to coal mine as you can see in photos. It was beautiful city with nice nature before destruction. Now we have a new modern city. (written by Nikola )
  6. 6. It is the old church with the name of the Virgin Mary.The church originaly stood in the old city but it had to be transfered on the tracks 841 meters far away because it was coal under the church and city. Authors : Michelle and Annie ♥ today. There you can see how the place looks
  7. 7. GOTHIC DEAN CHURCH People go to church for a walk, relax and walk the dogs today. The second picture shows a piece of lake. There are some ar t exhibitions, concer ts and tours in the church. It was moved about 800 metres far away in histor y. Annie and Michelle ♥
  8. 8. ROMANIAN CHURCH The c hur c h was bui l t i n Rom ani a. Thi s Rom ani an c hur c h was m ed ov t o Cz ec h r epubl i c as a pr es ent bec aus e peopl e f r om M t hav e os f r i ends i n Rom ani a. Thi s c hur c h is m ade f r om wood. I t i s v er y
  9. 9. Thi s c as t l e i s on t he hi l l wi t h t he s am nam e e.Thi s hi l l i s 399 m r es abov e et s ea.I n t hi s c as t l e t her e i s v er y good r es t aur ant .Fr om t he c as t l e t her e i s exc el l ent v i ew on t he c i t y. (wr i t t en by Al ex and W ayne)
  11. 11. TOWN CENTRE
  12. 12. You can see the square at the photos. There is a fountain with fish inside. There is a historical statue. There are benches to sit. There is Town Hall in front and the store on the left called Central. (Authors:Karolina,Jana)
  13. 13. PLACES FOR RELAX Benedikt and Matylda are popular places for relax in our city. We can swim, play sports game, ride personal watercraft , do roller skating and cycling. There are small shopes and food. with drink ( Authors: Kája and Míša :D)
  14. 14. Welcome in our town Most There are a lot of interesting places to see