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editEon is a leading service provider of English editing, writing, formatting and publication support. We offer thorough and revised manuscript editing for researchers, scientists, ESL authors, journal publishers, students, research institutions, corporate houses, and universities. We have over 270 experienced professionals to make your manuscripts more competitive and publication ready.

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  1. 1. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Online Scientific Editing and English Proofreading,Writing, Formatting and Publication SupportServices658, 2nd Floor, Ekamra VillaNayapalli, Bhubaneswar, India751015www.editeon.com|
  2. 2. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Who we are?a. editeon.com is the online service portal ofProtogenist info Systems Private Limited.b. Incorporated in July 2011 under 1956Company Act of India.c. Head office located in Bhubaneswar, Indiad. GeoTrust trusted Company with securedinterface.e. More than 320 subject specific editors,writers, translators and peer reviewers.Clients Individual researchers, doctors, academicstudents and book authors.Journals and Publishing HousesUniversitiesMedical and Healthcare InstitutionsCorporate IndustriesResearch associations/groups/institutesAbout useditEon is a global service provider in Scientificand English editing, proofreading, writing,formatting, and publication support. We ensurethat your content meets with the requisites ofpublication standards. Moreover, ourexperienced writers provide the same detailedcomments about your article that you wouldexpect from peer review before you submit yourarticle for publication. Our editing services spana range of academic, scientific, technical,medical, mathematics, social sciences,marketing, management, trade, linguistic,health-related, and business/sales promotionliterature. We have one of the largest in-houseand online editing teams in the world, with over270 editors covering a range of subjects.658, 2nd Floor, Ekamra VillaNayapalli, Bhubaneswar, India751015www.editeon.com|
  3. 3. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|ServicesEditing WritingPublicationSupportFormatting FigurePremium Editing Medical Writing Journal SelectionJournal SpecificFormattingArtwork PreparationSubstantive EditingMedical Rewriting Journal SubmissionTypesetting andReformattingDesign andDevelopingPromotionalMaterialsProofreading Abstract WritingPre-submission PeerReview---Creating PosterDesign--- Custom WritingResponse toReviewer Comment--- ---Applicable to all subjects
  4. 4. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Editing ServicesProofreading Substantive Editing Premium Editing Grammar, spelling and punctuationcheck. Checking for typographical errors. Checking missing words andcapitalisation. Checking layout such as headlines,paragraphs, and illustrations inorder to correct dimensions andplacements of the manuscript. Improve communication quality. Sentence construction and re-construction. Retain intent of the author. All proofreading checks. Perform a thorough andcomprehensive review of themanuscript and incorporation ofsubstantive changes to the text. Improve the clarity and logic ofpresentation and, most importantly,ensure that the intent of the authoris presented correctly. Suggest the addition of figures andtables to present data in a clear,concise manner. Word reduction. Expert scientific opinion.Substantive EditingJournal FormattingPremium Editing
  5. 5. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Writing ServicesMedical writingMedical Re-writingAbstract WritingCustom Writing Medical writing services ranging from non-clinical peer-reviewedmanuscripts to regulatory submissions and clinical documents. We can develop your rough draft into a concise, well-written manuscript.At editEon, our experts will rewrite the research paper based on your topic andinputs, besides rewriting sentences, paragraphs or entire sections of themanuscript to restructure the text.After editing your manuscript, we will distil the information in a crisp,precise abstract that interests journal reviewers and the target audience.If you are looking for advanced PhD/Masters/University level writing, such asessays, term papers, research papers, theses, speeches, reports, reviews,coursework, case studies, or dissertations, send us an inquiry with the details of thecustom paper you would like to order.
  6. 6. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Publication SupportJournalSelectionJournalSubmissionResponse toReviewersCommentPre-submissionPeer ReviewAt editEon, our editorshave vast experience inpublishing and editing.Trust them to recommendan appropriate journalwhere your research paperwill have maximumchances of publication.We help you at everystage of the publicationprocess. We also monitorthe manuscript statusthroughout the peerreview and publicationprocesses.This post-submission taskhas to be executedcarefully to increase thechances of publication ofyour manuscript. Withthe content you provideus, we offer our service byresponding to thereviewers comments inthe best possible manner.We provide expertopinion during the peer-review process, thusminimizing the chancesof rejection of your paperduring journalsubmission.
  7. 7. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Formatting ServicesJournalFormattingTypesetting &Reformattingo Adapting text to suit style, spelling, and punctuationrequirementso Reformatting references and citations to suit the target journalsstyleo Reorganizing the main sections of your manuscript according tothe target journals guidelineso Rearranging tables, figures, and figure legends to suit guidelineso Arranging the text, tables and figures on the predefinedspecifications of page sizeso Generating the complete manuscript that is ready for print.o Reformatting the text and images in the required style
  8. 8. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Figure ServicesArtwork preparation• They can also edit or design yourmanuscripts line art to suit thejournals guidelines. Thisincludes illustrations, graphs andcharts.• we can check whether yourphotographs conform to thetarget journals guidelines andrecommend a list of changes.Creating posterdesign• A well-designed postershould stimulate interestingdiscussions that help inproviding unexpectedinsights that benefit not onlythe audience, but thepresenter as well.Designing & developingpromotional materials• our team has the expertise tocreate lively elements of designthat strike a perfect balancewith brilliant ideas, and helpyour target market take noticeof you despite the competition.
  9. 9. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Pricing DetailsServices Turnaround Time (days) Prices per word (USD)Editing ServicesProofreading 1-8 0.042-0.058Substantive Editing 1-8 0.052-0.082Premium Editing 2-8 0.092-0.102Writing ServicesMedical Writing 15-30 Quotation basedMedical Re-writing 10-30 Quotation basedAbstract Writing 5-15 Quotation basedCustom Writing 10-30 Quotation basedFormatting ServicesJournal Formatting 1-8 0.019-0.034Typesetting & Re-formatting 2-15 Quotation basedPublication Support ServicesJournal Selection 3-5 200-280*Journal Submission 2 200*Pre-submission Peer Review 5-10 380-480*Response to reviewers comment 2 250*Figure ServicesArtwork Preparation 3-15 20-29**Creating Poster Design 3-8 480-1100*Design and Developing Promotional Materials 6-10 0.364-0.582Translation ServicesFull Translation with Editing Quotation based Quotation based* For one assignment ** For one figure Note: For more detail pricing visit http://www.editeon.com/prices
  10. 10. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Publication Package services Journal Selection Premium Editing Journal Submission Pre-submission Peer Review Artwork Preparation Response to Reviewers CommentProfessional Advanced BasicPrice: USD 1250 Price: USD 855 Price: USD 650Turnaround time: 15 daysTurnaround time: 18 daysTurnaround time: 25 days
  11. 11. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Advantages of using our Publication SupportPackagesAt editEon, we offer three publication support packages: Professional, Advanced, and Basic. Based on our editorialexperience in extensive publication, we have designed these packages in order to suit varying needs and budgets of ourclients. Our publication support packages offer you: Our dedicated publication manager guide you through all the key pre-submission and post-submission steps and helpyou find success faster than ever before. You can get FREE additional services like journal formatting, multiple rounds of re-editing, cover letter writing, wordreduction, post submission assistance. Publication support packages cover all the key steps of publication: get an in-depth review of your content by thequalified reviewers, choose the best journal for your manuscript, polish your language, give expert peer review insightson your manuscript, format your manuscript for your target journal, and prepare your figures for print publication. Thesecombined services create a powerful solution for researchers who want to get published faster, with the potential tosucceed with higher-impact journals. Fast service, freedom from complex publication tasks and complete support assistance. Discount: you pay 20-25% less than what you would have paid for the combination of the individual services.
  12. 12. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Edited samples: Delivered as track changed manuscript
  13. 13. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|File formats we accept• Microsoft Words• Rich Text Format• LaTex (Tex)• PDFText file formats• JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD etc.• MS Words• PDF• MS Excel• MS PowerPointReference file formats
  14. 14. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Editorial PanelOur editorial panel comprises scientists, doctors,researchers, medical professionals and English editorswith excellent writing and editing skills. Each editorhas completed or attended a PhD, MD, MS, MCh, DSor an equivalent course at a top university and has aproven record of publishing research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and is well versed inAPA, MLA, AMA and Harvard citation styles. Tomeet the continuous increase in demand formanuscript editing by researchers in all scientificfields, we recruit editors continuously and carefullyafter thorough evaluation of their CV, scientificcredentials, and writing and editing skills. Over 270 subject expert editors & native Englisheditors. In-house and online contractual editors and writersfrom top Universities. Panel of editors with advanced degrees: master,doctoral and post-doctoral. Have vast experience in publishing their researchfindings in peer-reviewed international journals. Many of them are associated with scientific andacademic journals as editors and peer reviewers. Familiar with APA, AMA, MLA style writing. Have published their researches in journals withimpact factors more than 25.0. Members of professional societies: BELS,AMWA, EMWA, CSE
  15. 15. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Editorial RecruitmentTraininga. Various documentation writing styles (suchas APA, MLA, CMS, AMA, IEEE, etc.).b. Editing and formatting software tools.c. Expertise English language training.d. Introduction to policies, guidelines andworking style.Recruitment Process:A. Recruitment & Hiring, a 2-Phase Process.B. 5 steps of approval process.C. Final applicants are selected after above two processes.658, 2nd Floor, Ekamra VillaNayapalli, Bhubaneswar, India751015www.editeon.com|
  16. 16. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Editing ProcessManuscript uploadedand editing serviceselected by authorChief editor finds bestmatch editors in oureditorial panel andassign the manuscriptFirst subject specificeditor polishes language,makes correction, andadds comments withinthe manuscriptIn the second round ofediting a managing editormake further changesand add suggestionsChief editor reviews botheditors work, making anyadditional changes orcomments as neededand deliver to authorAuthor approves thecompleted work. Ifneeded he can resubmithis paper for unlimited re-editing within 365 days
  17. 17. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Unique Delivery Model (UDM)In TimeHighSecurityHighestQualityCompetitivePriceClientServices
  18. 18. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Statistical Growth of editEon050100150200250300No.ofManuscriptsGrowth in terms of monthYear 2012-13
  19. 19. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|Partial client list California Institute of Technology, USA Contemporary History Institute, USA Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, USA Princeton University, USA Drexel University, USA British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada McGill University, Canada Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada Pacific Biological Station, Canada University of Québec at Rimouski, Canada National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia Australian National University, Australia Griffith University, Australia Victoria University of Technology, Australia Daresbury Laboratory, UK The Manchester Metropolitan University, UKUniversity of Buckingham, UK Imperial College School of Medicine, UK National Technical University of Athens, Greece Instituto de Economia Agrícola, Brazil Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brazil Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Brazil PetrSU, Russia Ural State Mining University, Russia LaSIGE, Portugal Universidade de Évora, Portugal Institute of Geophysics, Iran Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy University of Siena, Italy Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherland Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics, Germany Faculté des Sciences de Luminy, France National Taipei University, Taiwan King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia Odessa State Marine University, Ukraine
  20. 20. P: 555.123.4568 F: 555.123.4567123 West Main Street, New York,NY 10001www.rightcare.com|