What Is Network Marketing?


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Network marketing is a marketing strategy which the marketing force is compensated not only on personal sales generated, but also from the sales of your team.

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What Is Network Marketing?

  1. 1. 7f igurehomebusiness.com http://www.7figurehomebusiness.com/what-is-network-marketing/What Is Net work Market ing All About?Edison VictorinoWhat Is Network Marketing?If you think of network marketing or multi-level marketing, the twothings that will come into your mind is perhaps, it is a pyramidscam or a salesman selling nutritional products.Well partly you are right! But bef ore I give you reasons why youare right. Let us f irst def ine what is network marketing.According to Wikipedia – network marketing or multi-levelmarketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales f orce iscompensated not only on sales you generate, but also f or thesales of other salespeople people you recruited also called asdown lines. Pretty cool! Override commissions, right?Anyway, let’s go with the reason why you are right. Here are thetwo reasons:The f irst reason is, the sales organization chart in networkmarketing is really a pyramid in shape, if you will draw it on paper. Honestly all sales organization evencorporate organization are actually pyramid in shape. So bottomline the main issue if you really now thedif f erence between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing opportunity is not really theshape of the sales organizational chart, but the business ethics of a company.The second reason is that network marketing is certainly Sales. All businesses need to generate salesotherwise there will be no business. Did you get I mean? The main lif e stream of every businesses is insale. But the good thing about network marketing is that you are not all alone when you are selling like thereal brokers and agents. You generate income or an override commissions f rom the sales of yourorganization down the line sometimes up to inf inity. Just what Wikipedia def ined it.What is Network Marketing? Think of its Benefits!Working f or the company will give you a decent income but not f reedom. But if working f or a company is af reedom f or you then there’s no need f or you to continue reading this article. But if you are certainlylooking f or time and f inancial f reedom maybe network marketing is a good option f or you.There are huge benef its associated joining and most important is building a network marketing business.You choose the people you want to work withYou can choose whatever time you want to workYou can choose to work f rom home part time or even in your spare time.You have the chance to make yourself f inancially f ree because of the residual income you willgenerate by building a network marketing business.What is Network Marketing and How to Join?If you are thinking of joining a network marketing company f irst you should investigate the company’sbackground you are going to join and of course the cost of entry, the value of its products, and marketingand training support that your up-lines and company’s can give you because when you join, you are signing
  2. 2. up to represent a company’s products, services and its business opportunity.Because network marketing is business theref ore it involves capital or investment, it is not a f ree sign-up.The investment could amount f rom $50 – $1000, or sometimes more than this amount. It depends on thecompany you are joining with and of course the position on the sales organization you want to rank.Always remember that you are not hired by a company as an employee, so don’t expect a monthly salary.When you sign-up you are a company’s independent contractor, volunteering to represent a company, anindependent dealer, or consultant. Your income is based on your ef f ort and most of all the ef f ort of yourteam or down lines.The simplest explanation to make money is network marketing is that you train yourself to sell your stuf fand you teach your team to sell their stuf f and that’s how you can make commissions or income.What is Network Marketing? A Micro Franchise!Think of buying a McDonald f ranchise f or an af f ordable amount.McDonald’s is one of the largest f ast f ood f ranchise around the world. They have more than 33,000outlets, serving million of people daily in 118 countries.A large portion of McDonalds restaurant are owned by f ranchisee (independent distributor in networkmarketing terms)Now think of yourself as Ray Kroc owner of McDonalds, you are not only earning by selling burgers, f ries,and drinks f rom the McDonalds outlet you personally owned. You also earn f rom the sales generated f romthe outlets operated by the f ranchisee. This means that you are earning through the ef f ort of the people.Leverage income, passive income, or residual income right? This is what majority of people love! Thisconcept also applies with network marketing, you earn f rom other people’s ef f ort.Just what Jean Paul Getty says, an Anglo-American industrialist and f ounder of Getty Oil Company.“I’d rather have 1% of the ef f ort of 100 men than 100% of my own ef f ort”If you still don’t get it, here’s another way to look at it.Imagine, you are earning at least $300 commission by selling a particular product every day. Now you built ateam of 100 people and this 100 people are also doing what you are doing, and each person is making atleast $300 per day. For each sale they make you also earn a $10 as a royalty commission.Now lets’do the Math:YOU : $300 x 20 days of work = you get $6000TEAM: $10 x 100 people x 20 days f o work = you get additional $20,000The additional income f rom the ef f ort of your sales team much higher than your own ef f ort. See what Imean? That is the power of leveraging income. I believe this is the best way to explain “What Is NetworkMarketing”.What is Network Marketing? The Harsh Reality!Here’s the harsh reality of joining and building a network marketing business…First of all network marketing is not an overnight get-rich-quick program like other network marketers aretelling you. 3 months are not enough to become rich in this industry unless you master the skills need in
  3. 3. this industry. Consider network marketing as a real and multi-million dollar business. It really takes time tobuild.So no matter how good the product, compensation plan, or even the company is, the only way to create amassive residual income in this industry is to master the skills of prospecting, leadership, sales,andmarketing.And the only way to acquire the skills needed is to f ind a right team you can be with and of courseeducation yourself through training systems such as Magnetic Sponsoring, Renegade Network Marketingor MyLeadSystemPro.More Success,Edison VictorinoMobile: +639167915963Skype: edisonvictorinoEmail: Me@EdisonVictorino.comWork With Me - Smart Media TechnologiesIncoming Search Termswhat is network marketingwhat is network marketing?networking marketingwhat is networkingwhat is multi-level marketingwhat is multi level marketingwhat is multilevel marketingwhat is MLMYou may also like ...Why People Hate Network MarketingWhat is a Network Marketing Business ModelThe Recession and Network Marketing5 Advantages to Joining a Network Marketing Company