What Gurus and Expert Doesn't Want You To Know


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Still a seminar freak? Here are some reason why you are not still making money from all lesson that you got from seminars.

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What Gurus and Expert Doesn't Want You To Know

  1. 1. What Experts And GurusDoesn’t Want You To KnowAbout?!The training industry is now becoming the most lucrative business today. That’s why you will see a lot of expertsare doing training and events everywhere. But sad to say most of those are just feel good events. You know what Imean? It seems that you learn a lot but at the end of the day you will realize that you can’t execute what theytaught you from that event. So the lesson that you get just ends up an idea or knowledge. Remember that ideasare useless unless you can execute it. But the thing is, do they teach you how to do it? or they don’t want to teachhow do it because, even they can’t execute it because their teaching is based on books and research.I believe that a teacher is effective if his/her teaching is based on “personal hands-on experience”. In other wordsdoes your teacher do his/her assignment (case study)?In the world of gurus and expert industry, the one who can deliver a “good words” (especially the extroverts) onthe stage will always seem the most credible one and has an advantage on branding themselves. But in reality, Idoubt if they can really execute what they are teaching you.So the best thing to do to check out if they are real or not, is to ask for their portfolio or previous works.Example:If somebody says, that he is really good in graphic design then ask for their previous art work. Employers / HR dothis in the corporate world right?If somebody is saying they are good on Ebay (or related platforms) or they are an ecommerce expert, specialistthen checkout their customer’s feedback, current store / online platform, and how many items did they ship overthe period of time, etc.Or…If somebody is teaching a path to riches principle, then check if the person really makes money from the principleof his/her teaching or does he/she only makes riches by selling you that information?Well when it comes to other training events, I can’t blame that there are training events that will just give you anoverview. It is okay to attend to those kind of event but make sure that the price is reasonable.Bottom line you attended workshop, training, and seminars because you want a career or business growth right?www.7figurehomebusiness.com
  2. 2. If you are currently looking for a career growth then find a mentor, remember that having a mentor saves time andmoney because you will eliminate trial and error.Now, when it comes to a mentor, make sure they can be a good friend, a good business partner, and who alwaysunder promise and over deliver. Also make sure the mentor did his/her case study first, and it should be based onhands-on experience not from research.Words of wisdom! Don’t just be lured by the popularity of gurus and mentors.Resource: http://www.7figurehomebusiness.com/expert-gurus-want-to-know-about/www.7figurehomebusiness.com