Professional SEO Services For Small and Medium Businesses


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We cater affordable SEO Services for small-medium businesses, authors, coaches, and professionals around the globe and in the Philippines.

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Professional SEO Services For Small and Medium Businesses

  1. 1. 7f VictorinoSEO Philippines – Affordable SEO Services for Small andMedium BusinessesAre you looking f or someone who will do SEO f or your business?If you f ound this content on search engine such as Google then my SEO campaign is really working good.Actually I’ve been doing SEO since 2010 but I’m not doing it f or other businesses, I’m doing it to sell myaf f iliate products, my network marketing program, and of course my wif e’s real estate website which today (June 04, 2013), I decided to render SEO service f or other businesses especially f or small-medium businesses, coaches, authors, and sales prof essionals in the Philippines and around the globewho can’t af f ord to hire digital advertising / agencies.Alright…Bef ore I move on, I just want to give you a brief background about me, though my prof ile is also providedon the “About Me” section of this website f or the reason that I don’t want you get lost right now.SEO Philippines – Who’s The Expert?First of all, I’m not a super SEO experts like many SEO Philippines gurus out there. It’s just I know how torank my page on Google because I want to hit the traf f ic f or a certain keywords to generate leads and tomake prof it f rom the traf f ic, that’s all.Now, to give a background about myself …I’m Edison Victorino, and my prof essional background is sof tware engineering. I’ve been developing anddesigning websites since 2000 (hmmm… it’s been a long time, isn’t it?)Alright…It’s f ar right, what do I mean – f rom sof tware engineering to marketing? Though SEO is digital and part ofthe internet system which is a brother of my expertise – web development, but reality – speaking ofprof ession, it has a dif f erent discipline, f ar f rom web development. Just like medicine, SEO could be thesurgeon then web development could be internist.Anyway, I got f ascinated with SEO when I thought of putting network marketing on the internet way back2009. My desire to execute the idea brought me to search marketing. Since then, I do SEO to sell myproducts and other programs.SEO Philippines – Where’s My Rank?Probably you might be asking, what am I talking about? Where’s my rank? Where’s my proof that I know howto do SEO? Probably the reason why you are reading this article is because you f ound this on Google, or,Here are some of the keywords that I’m currently ranking on Page 1 as of June 04, 2013seo coursesif you’d seen this on Social Media you can check out the video f or some of my works.
  2. 2. SEO Philippinespredatory seosmart media technologies reviewsocial media expert in the philippinesinternet network marketingbwl philippinesmlm scam in the philippinesnetwork marketing in the philippinesseo philippinesSEO Philippines – Outsourcing Vs. Do It YourselfWhich do you think is better, outsource your SEO campaignor Do It Yourself (DIY)?If you will ask me with that question my answer could be “itdepends”SEO is simple, provided you have basic knowledge withHTML and content generation. If you think you can do it onour own, then go ahead but I suggest you do the math f irst,compute the cost. Remember SEO seems f ree but actuallyit’s not. Consider the cost of online tools, sof twares, andof course the time you will spend understanding searchmarketing, and how to use the tools.If somebody is telling you that you can do SEO f or f ree,then think of the extra work you need, and also think ofyour competition. Does your competition buy the tools and resources they needed? Of course they arebecause they want to be ahead of you.Sometimes it is better to outsource your SEO campaign because tools and sof twares are more expensivethan hiring a service provider.To give you a break down here are the possible cost of tools you need f or your campaign:1. Keyword Research Tool (Market Samurai) - $149 (One Time)2. Article Marketing Robot – $157 (One Time)3. SEO Powersuite – $249 (One Time but updates has a cost)4. Unique Article Wizard – $67 / month5. Magic Submitter – $67 / month6. Spinrewriter – $27 / month7. ContentBoss – $29 / month8. Social ADR – $117 / month9. HitTail – $19.95/monthNot to mention the cost of an article and an assistant. If you are an SEO Philippines agency theref ore thiscould be cheap. But if you will buy all these tools, it’s like that you f ranchise a Starbucks store and place itinside your backyard.
  3. 3. So if I will ask you which do you think is more cost ef f icient?Well of course you do not know the answer yet until you know the cost of my service.So here we go…SEO Philippines – Cost of ServiceThe title of this article is “Af f ordable SEO Services f or Small – Medium Businesses” right? Theref ore youwill think that I will not charge that much. Yes, you are absolutely right, compare with all these tools I listed,outsourcing your SEO campaign to me is much cheaper because with my service you can start as little asFacebook: f edisonvictorinoMobile: +639167915963SEO Philippines – Other ServicesMy service is not only limited with SEO, since my background is web designing and development, and I alsodid a lot of Social Media marketing campaigns f or the then I will also open this service to help small-mediumbusinesses.Here are my other available services:Social Media Community ManagementFacebook PPC / Like Page ManagementSocial SEOWeb Design and DevelopmentInternet Marketing TrainingAgain, if you want to avail any of these services I suggest you get in touch with me.More Success,Edison VictorinoMobile: +639167915963Skype: edisonvictorinoEmail: Me@EdisonVictorino.comWork With Me - Smart Media TechnologiesIncoming Search Terms:search engine optimization philippinesseo outsourcing philippinesseo companies in the philippinesConnect with me directly on the f ollowing:$400 per month f or ranking your 5 keywords.
  4. 4. seo consultant philippinesseo expertsaf f ordable seo servicesseo philippinesYou may also like ...How to Make Your SMS or Text Marketing Campaign More Ef f ectiveHow to Avoid MLM Scams in the PhilippinesHow to Measure The Success Of Your Social Media Marketing CampaignHow to Bridge Online and Of f line Marketing with QR Codes