Does Magnetic Sponsoring Still Works?


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Learn what few smart marketers know that 97% of network marketers will never understand. Know what Magnetic Sponsoring can do for you.

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Does Magnetic Sponsoring Still Works?

  1. 1. February 17, 2013 www.7figurehomebusiness.comMAGNETIC SPONSORING REVIEWWHY MS COURSE OF MIKE DILLARDSTILL WORKS?Why Magnetic Sponsoring Course of Mike Dillard Still WorkSource: 17, 2013The most common problem in network marketing business model is that you can only make good amount of money once you get ahuge number of down lines. In other words your income depends on the depth and numbers of people in your organization. That’s whya lot of MLM distributors tend to quit in their first 3 months because of financial struggle. Take note that network marketing is still abusiness so therefore you need a revolving capital to make it operational. As a business owner your main objective is to make moneyimmediately so that you can keep your business running, that’s why it is important that you have a funded proposal systemlike Magnetic Sponsoring (MS), Renegade Network Marketing, or MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP).Ok, so before we go deeper in this conversation let’s take define what Funded Proposal System is?According to Magnetic Sponsoring, “A Funded Proposal is a marketing plan that you can use to sell an inexpensive information productto your target market” In other words you make money immediately while prospecting and building down lines.
  2. 2. February 17, 2013 www.7figurehomebusiness.comMagnetic Sponsoring as a Funded Proposal SystemMS is an attraction marketing course authored by Mike Dillard himself. In this course you will learn why “old school” network marketingis a slow, painful way to build any mlm business, and the importance of using the internet as a major marketing channel to build abusiness. He also teaches the principle of attraction marketing to attract high qualified, ready to buy prospects which majority ofnetwork marketers are struggling.So If you struggling in getting new reps for your mlm business my suggestion is you pick a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring course.Because aside from teaching the attraction marketing principles, Mike also shows the multi-million dollar roadmap he travelled to buildhis attraction and network marketing empire.Participating in Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliate ProgramMagnetic Sponsoring is not just a course it also an affiliate program, and a tool that has an effective sales funnel that provides freetraining that your prospects will find helpful in building their business. Therefore the program you are selling which is MS becomesvaluable to them.To become an affiliate of Magnetic Sponsoring, you must purchase the course first for only $39.95 one time.How Do You Make Money With Magnetic Sponsoring?Now, allow me explain further how you will make money with the funded proposal system as a front end income to fund your dailyoperational expenses in building your business.One of the major benefits of Magnetic Sponsoring once you participate in their affiliate program is that you become their affiliate for alifetime. This means that if someone buys the course through your referral link you’ll get paid.For example, suppose the person your refer purchase the course for $39.95 then Mike Dillard pays you $20 commission for the sale ofthe product.Then let’s say a few months later this prospect purchases another course from Magnetic Sponsoring such as MLM Traffic Formula 2.0then you will receive another commission from the system.
  3. 3. February 17, 2013 www.7figurehomebusiness.comTake note there are other of courses available inside the Magnetic Sponsoring back office. These courses aside from MagneticSponsoring are:  Building on a Budget  Black Belt Recruiting  MLM Traffic Formula 2.0  Pro Blog Academy  Irresistible Info-Marketing Blue Print  What’s Working Now  Alpha Networker 2.0That’s why the Magnetic Sponsoring funded proposal program is a complete system with lots of opportunities to make money withoutyou spending your own time to create a prospecting system.P.S.: Stop struggling in MLM! Learn how to attract quality leads for your business, Grab of copy of Magnetic Sponsoring course now!Be Blessed!Edison VictorinoMobile: +639167915963Skype: edisonvictorinoEmail: Me@EdisonVictorino.comRead More:The Truth How Mike Dillard Succeeded in MLM