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  1. 1. In the Telecom world, ZIRA as BSS/OSSvendor and technology expert helps youunlock revenue for new services
  2. 2. We have always been on the Leading EdgeABOUT USZIRA was founded in 1995, and has since established itself as a leading ICT Company in the CEE region forTelecommunication industry, focusing on BSS/OSS.We provide Billing and CRM, Risk Management Solution - Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management System,management consulting, integration, data migration/conversion, testing services, and work with our partners andthird party vendors to integrate their solutions and components.We have worked with many leading telecommunications services providers in Central East Europe and we currentlyoperate in 9 countries in Central East Europe, 3 countries in Asia and have established an office on the East Coast ofthe U.S..By providing flexible, innovative technology, and fully up to standard and recognized solutions, we help our customerreduce costs by consolidating complex operations while growing their network and service offerings to generate newrevenue.
  3. 3. Partnerships and Standards Supported To be in compliance with latest telecommunications developments, trends and recommendations, ZIRA has established several important relationships with partnres, associations and initiatives concerned with the telecommunication sector.
  4. 4. ZIRA Footprint
  5. 5. ZIRA ClientsOur successful solution and service deployment at the prime country operators, such as BH Telecom (Bosnia &Herzegovina) and T-Com (Croatia, subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom), but also to the Greenfields like VIP (Serbia) andVIP (Macedonia) and many other operators within the CEE region (Telekom Austria Group, Si.Mobil-Slovenia, Mtel-Bulgaria, IPKO-Kosovo etc.) , has made us very confident in our solutions and service offerings, and has proven thatwe are on the right path using cutting edge technology and innovative approaches in our solutions.
  6. 6. Product LineAbout Our ProductsA synopsis of the ZIRAs competitive products is included here to provide a better understanding of product portfolio.“ZIRA is taking its future on being free of the legacy systems issues.” Alun Lewis, Telecommunications Writer, and ConsultantZIRA provides enterprise products and solution that are ideally suited for both entrant and established operators.We strategically position and combine new solutions with legacy system that provided a complete integration of yourenterprise architecture into a single business system. ZIRA takes the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) basedapproach with stress on legacy system component reusability.Scalable and modular structure of our product guarantees economical solution segmentation. With our well tunedapproach to each implementation, we can guarantee full functionality with optimal cost strategy. This is one of thecompetitive advantages that is additionally enriched with state of art technology and highest standards in design anddevelopment.
  7. 7. ZIRA BillingZIRA Billing provides real-time rating and billing for voice, data, content, commerce, and video services. With anintegrated online-offline charging platform in one product, It supports all payment methods and provides revenue-sharing calculation capabilities for third-party content providers. ZIRA approach to design of Next Generation BillingSystem is designed carefully as modular, pre-integrated solution, utilizing SOA, as important architectural principleopening solution to the SaaS deployment options.ZIRA Billing Key Benefits:• Creation of new revenues through the flexible rating and charging schemes• Faster respond to competition• Better customer satisfaction using powerful bonus, discount and loyalty program schemes• Flexible pricing policy• Faster and simpler configuration of new products• Easy customer handling• Minimized cost while preparing to launch new services• Business agility through faster time-to-market and time-to-revenue• Prevention of revenue leakages using powerful internal controlling system• Simplified business processes and operational procedures• Comprehensive customer’s behaviour analysis in terms of services usages and payment habits• Easy and maintainable integration and deployment of the solution into the operator networkZIRA Billing Key Features:• Wire line, wireless, 3/4G, xDSL, VoIP, IPTV, NGN services• On-line and batch CDR collection and processing• Data collection from different mediation points, conversion of data into a UDR for rating• Industry standard charging interfaces and files formats (CDRs, EDRs)• Collection of all successfully rated UDRs for production of invoices.• Complete control over CDR inputs - meta structure approach• Convergent rule-based processing, rating and charging• Re-rating and automatic credit corrections• Custom pricing and discounts• Real-time charging for the entire service with real- time credit and account control.• Single, convergent bill for all services• Fast hot-billing/invoice on demand• Multi-level "undo" capability for all operations• Automatic financial transactions generation
  8. 8. ZIRA CRMZIRA CRM is fully featured, flexible and modular solution with real-time 360° view of subscriber(s) and service(s) datathat successfully responds to all demands of Telco business today and tomorrow.All functions and customer-related information can be accessed through a single, easy to use, customer care userinterface. It helps Customer Sales Representatives to manage creation, changes, distribution, or cancellation of anyorders relevant to sales process. It can be used to support the sales process of any type of telecommunication service,from data/IP/ services to wire line and mobile, to voice and messaging services.ZIRA CRM Key Features:• Advanced customer management • Product Catalogue driven Order Entry• Enable a common customer data structure to support • Dynamic Validation and Filtering rules at Order Entry enterprise insight sharing • Dynamic report/document production, tracking and• Support for complex customer account hierarchy archiving• Consolidate segmented customer data into different • Native service convergence business functions • Flexible intranet solution with powerful query• Leverage segmented customer characteristics to capabilities increase accuracy and timeliness of tailored service • Internet web-care with dynamic and personalized offerings interface• Complete end-to-end 360 degree view of your • Customer information review of current subscriber customers package, including products, equipment and services• Order management with complete transaction • Billing/Payment information review execution monitoring and rollback functionality • Advanced complaint management system• Configurable workflow definition driven Ordering • Customer feedback analysis process • Rich data insight through role based analyses for• Single consolidated product & service master for service representatives, finance manager and faster products & services deployment marketing manager• Objective oriented “product attributes management” • Easy integration with external systems to decrease for flexible product & service management implementation time and costsSales Channels include support for different ways of interactions with customers: Internet, Call Centre, Dealer salesoffices and Partners.CRM Applications are main components reused throughmentioned channels. Functionality of these applicationscan be used directly via browser based UI or indirectlythrough the exposed Web Services or APIs.Application Setup and Support Modules areconfiguration part of the solutions comprising highlyparameterized: Product Catalogue, Workflow and SLAEngine, Reporting and Sales Channels security rules.CRM Integration Platform shows some of possibleinterfaces with external systems. The detailed descriptionis provided in chapter CRM Integration Platform, having inmind SOA integration possibilities of the CRM.
  9. 9. ZIRA BISABISA is a complete Billing and Customer Care solution that provides fully featured customer management andconvergent Billing of different services such as wireline, wireless, data networks, IP based and NGN services.The system offers n-tier and web-enriched features including multi-lingual, multi-currency and flexible tax structureto support carriers worldwide. BISA flexibility supports fast introduction and deployment of new services, variousmarketing and discount promotions, enabling the system with scalability and reliability.ZIRA BISA is positioned around four key concepts:• Fully Integrated Customer Care and Billing• Single/Unified Data Model - used across the entire BISA suite• Unified Product Catalogue – consolidated product and service catalogue• Convergent Platform – the product can be implemented in either modular manner or as an entire suiteZIRA BISA main elements:• CRM Components - ZIRA CRM components provide fully featured customer relationship management, with real- time 360° view of customers and products data.• Billing & Account Receivables - ZIRA Billing & AR provides billing for voice, data, content, commerce, and video services. With an integrated online-offline charging platform in one product, it supports all payment methods and provides revenue-sharing calculation capabilities for third-party content providers.• Rating - ZIRA provides Rating, with robust online/offline charging capabilities, manageable by business and IT teams alike, to helping customer to introduce attractive and innovative services.Product Catalogue - In ZIRA BISA, everything is deployed aroundone Product Catalogue. The Product Catalogue, based on TM’standards –SID model, provides central product repository forproduct and service offering.Integration Framework - ZIRA Dock-In Approach is a multi-benefiting method which secures the smooth and completelynone-interruptive installation, integration and deployment of ZIRAsolution into the customer network. It also enables the transparentusage of the legacy systems using SOA and enables smoothreplacement of the legacy systems fully or in its portion with ZIRAsolution, without any business and traffic interruption, beingalways on the safe side.
  10. 10. Risk Management ApproachZIRA Network to Business (N2B)ZIRA N2B is designed to help regain complete control over leakages, covering complete and structured approach toRisk Management. N2B is powerful, modular, configurable solution, used to produce proper benefits to anyCommunication Service Provider. ZIRA Risk Management’s N2B works on top of OSS and BSS applications to providemonitoring, identification, and analysis of leakages, capturing fraud, introducing best practices to breakthroughrevenue leakage, optimize revenue flows and to assure earned revenue.ZIRA N2B Key Benefits:• Modularity (modular architecture and scalability) - N2B Studio is an agile, easy manageable, flexible, modular system that can be seamlessly implemented as a total solution or component-wise and integrated easily into any BSS/OSS landscape• Highly Flexible and Scalable – This solution is highly flexible and adaptive to customer demands. Flexible framework to define, implement, track and analyze results of RA strategies• Fantastic ease of use – User interface that is efficient, engaging, easy to learn and effective• Near real-time monitoring of revenue streams and revenue losses• Less time on operational activities and more on analytical activities• Substantial reduction of losses by Identifying, monitoring and controlling revenue leakages and fraud detection• Well beyond end-to-end reconciliation• High Performance and CapabilityZIRA N2B Key Features:• Revenue Control, Monitoring and Revenue Protection• End to End Business Process Monitoring – Business Continuity in all phases• Parallel Billing & Rating supported comparison• Industry aligned fraud management• 100% Web-bases solution – For an even reduced TCO• N-Tier Component-bases architecture• Rule bases revenue leakage detection with competitive leakage identification card functionality• Unique in industry fraud methods combining rule based and self-adaptive detection• Build your application on the fly with application factory• Telco-centric ETL focused on telecom specific data sources• Workflow driven full control of all processes executed in the system• Powerful analysis and reporting tools for Risk Management centric performance tracking
  11. 11. ZIRA Revenue AssuranceZIRA Revenue Assurance Solution is an end-to-end approach and analysis conducting of the revenue cycle processes,going beyond the traditional approach to Revenue Assurance, distinguishing problems that are not discoveredthrough the analysis of the particular area of revenue creation. Our approach achieves bottom-line impact byimplementing long-term automated process changes, preventing future revenue leakage. We take a comprehensive,process-driven view and approach of the causes of revenue leakage; we focus on the processes, systems, andemployee skills and practices.ZIRA Revenue Assurance Key Benefits:• Increase revenue by reducing operational faults and malfunctions• Optimize revenue investigation by receiving the most credible suspect accounts• Prioritize revenue recovery on unique mix of skill sets and resource availability• Increase visibility into measures and malfunctions• Utilize the best revenue assurance “best practices” from throughout the industry• Enabling organizations to develop competitive billing practices while facing new competition• Helping reduce bad debt write-offs• Identifying key revenue leakage indicators and linking with the underlying processes• Automating key controls to build and maintain effective cost-controls throughout the revenue lifecycle• Re-organizing and re-verifying billing accuracy• Leveraging strategies to dramatically bring capital back into the business
  12. 12. ZIRA Fraud ManagementWith the rapid advancement of telecom industry different types of fraud are continuously emerging and causinggreat losses to CSP’s revenues. ZIRA FM analyzes and identifies existing frauds and obtains their features. Whilemonitoring customers’, dealers’ or internal users’ consumption behavior, ZIRA FM promptly discovers and preventsany fraud to reappear. We are carefully studying existing consumption behavior of customers, establishing in our FMa finger mark that trace and monitors these behaviors. This allows us to find each user abnormal consumptionbehavior and prevent any new fraud occurrence. FM reduces present losses in a short time and increases theprofitability that can be expected from the next generation of network services.The latest version of ZIRA FM with wide variety of unique, state-of-the-art fraud detection and preventiontechnologies, including new subscriber evaluation, best in class network traffic and usage monitoring is developed tohelp operator solve the problem of telecoms fraud.ZIRA Fraud Management Key Features:• Real-time processing of customer information, CDRs and external data• Automatically generates dispatch• Enables users to define rules on the fly• Quickly processes extremely large amounts of data• Customizable and expandable• Supports a wide range of interface technologies• Increases analyst effectiveness and customer service by helping the CSP to focus on fraudulent behavior and identify it in an early stage• Unified dashboard design and representation of potential fraud activities from all enterprise systems and applications• Includes a full Case Manager and packaged reports• Provides user friendly web GUI• Identifies more cases in the long-term• Detects new types of fraud• Significantly reduce activities falsely flagged as fraudulent• Facilitates integration with other network components and systems• Extensible to other systems• Comprise historical database, managerial controls
  13. 13. Professional ServicesPROGRAM MANAGEMENTZIRA’s Program Management service provides comprehensive project(s) oversight and resources handling with asingle point of responsibility for multi-task coordination, prioritization, and communication. Our program managerswill work directly with all relevant third parties (ISV’s, existing system providers, system integrators, etc.) to supportproper coordination and project(s) completion.ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING & DESIGNZIRA’s solution architects will work with your company to analyze, plane, design, and document your targeted systemarchitecture to optimally (short TTM, low OPEX) support your service offerings. This also includes working with thirdparty vendors to integrate components using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach, i.e. reusability andlegacy support.IMPLEMENTATION & INTEGRATIONOur strategic positioning and integration of new market solutions with your existing systems will make your completeenterprise architecture into a single fully integrated and consolidated business system. Further, streamline youroverall system architecture through our systems integration approach. It is not only about introducing andintegrating new solutions, but also utilizing the legacy applications and systems to maximize returns from an existingIT investment.DATA MIGRATIONZIRA’s strategy is to attain the highest level of accuracy and success in data migration. Our migration strategyframework (Z-MF) is to implement automated and manual methods required to migrate, convert, and test all legacydata necessary for the operation of the new system. Our field proven and carefully planned approach,comprehensive tools and experienced methods break down migration complexity to a manageable project reducingdata loss risk. ZIRA’s migration framework unique tools for migration of enterprise database systems (EDS) andhands-on experience in diverse business environments are proven to make the process of high-risk migrationstreamlined and seamless for our customers.TESTING (E2E)ZIRA’s testing approach is an extensive process of testing the quality of all elements within an application system.This process includes functionally-oriented module testing, business-oriented module integration, systemsintegration, and acceptance testing. The testing process requires standardizing an approach for all parts of theoverall testing. This standardization allows the reuse of testing scripts in consecutively larger portions of theapplication system. Therefore, our testing approach is composed of the following major phases: Definition phase,Execution phase and Acceptance phaseMAINTENANCE SUPPORTZIRA’s provides 24/7 Customer Support Center (“CSC”) as the central point of contact for all technical customerservice requests. The Support Center call management process ensures all customer requests are logged, tracked, andmonitored from the initial service request to resolution. ZIRA CSC offers a multi-layered approach to a total servicesolution.
  14. 14. OverviewProfessional Services
  15. 15. ReferencesTelecom Operator in CroatiaZIRA maintains nine year – long close cooperation with Croatian Telecom, a part of Deutsche Telecom, one of theworld’s leading Telecom Companies, comprised of business critical, extensive, multifunctional projects. ZIRA wasinvolved in several Projects based on the requirements described as “Legacy systems switch-off” and leveraged newmodel of T-Com’s BSS structure. The legacy systems replacement included complex, mission critical tasks composed ofimplementing and interfacing with a multivendor environment. BISA total solution was offered in T-Com. As a resultof three projects implemented for Croatian Telecom ZIRA’s software now handles• Management of complete master data set for Key Customers and Data service owners, Sales and Services in markets of POTS, ISDN, PBX, Leased Lines, ATM, Frame Relay, ADSL, FixGSM for Key Customers and Data services with complete order management, Support to Key account managers (KAM), Support to Marketing division, Rating of all usage services, Discounts, Bonuses, Partial production of invoice for residential customers, Billing for Key Customers and Data services, Printing of all invoices in HT telecom, Support for Call Centre
  16. 16. ReferencesTelecom Operator in Bosnia and HerzegovinaWith the ultimate goal of retaining its leading position within BiH telecom market and advancing competitiveness, BHTelecom initiated several projects with ZIRA, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner (CAP), as part of their overallbusiness improvement strategy with introduction of convergent services while reducing TCO. We provided a SOAbased Applications Architecture in the area of Customer Relationship that offers unlimited flexibility to meet thechallenges and exceeding fast pace changes in the telecommunication world of technology, applications, andbusiness processes.Choice of SOA based Application Architecture in the area of Customer Relationship offered the client unlimitedflexibility to meet changes in technology, applications, and business process no matter the underlying servicetechnology.This SOA based solution that ZIRA provided, is the First-of-Its-Kind solution implementation with successfuldeployment result.
  17. 17. ReferencesTelecom Operator in BulgariaIn close cooperation with Bulgarian Telecom, ZIRA implemented a complete Migration, Testing and consulting for theproject of Billing and CRM system replacement.The project consisted of the following:• Analyses and definitions of the business requirements• Organizing and coordination of Migration and Testing teams• Data Migration / Conversion for the complete customer database, testing of migration and post• production support• Definition and strategy development for Migration / Conversion and Testing of Migration• Conversion• Definition and development of a strategy for integration, End2End and Acceptance testing of all systems in the integration with new the Billing and CRM solution.Telecom Operator in SloveniaFor the Slovenian Telecom ZIRA offered Test System development for integration, End-to End and Acceptance testingof all system interfaces impacted by Billing system migration (Mediation, Billing, CRM, Provisioning, DWH, SAP)inclusive:• Business requirements and use cases definition; Development of test strategy & test cases repository; Test execution and troubleshooting; Overall test coordination including preparation of test environment infrastructure, time, & resources planning• Data Conversion/Migration for the entire subscriber base and post-production support.
  18. 18. ReferencesTelecom Operator in SerbiaWith the Serbian Telecom, ZIRA’s project of establishing a new mobile operator in Serbia was a subject of ZIRA`sengagement in:• Price analyses of a solution architecture including core NW and IT system• Definition and strategy development• Planning and definition of testing environment and testing execution• Testing script development and test case repository• Identification of requirements for assurance performance• Definition of risks and alternative solutions• Post production remote support and troubleshootingTelecom Operator in MacedoniaTesting and Consulting for the project of establishing a new mobile operator in Macedonia, fascinated ZIRA to offerconsulting services comprised of in-depth analysis of target system architecture with all Core NW & IT systems indisperse multi vendor environment; Production infrastructure set up support, Coordination of Business simulation andtesting; Integration, End-to-End & Acceptance testing for Prepaid & Post-paid Market; Post-production support,System analysis & troubleshooting.Telecom Operator in AustriaMobilkom Austria Group is the leading mobile service provider in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The Groupconnects over 18 million mobile customers in eight countries.In the telecom filed, an old desire strives to create an integrated network that is capable of incorporating a multitudeof services and applications regardless of the technology used. It was the rise of the IP technology that made thispossible. Creating an NGN permits the deployment of a high capacity network based on various access techniquesthat this connected to a uniform core network, integrates new and legacy services, and can be operated at low cost.It is safe to say that the emergence of NGN and supporting operating processes related to new services offeredthrough the latter, using IT systems is a serious challenge for Telco service providers.
  19. 19. ZIRA and OracleZIRA recognized power of ORACLE technology and nurtured a long partner relationship with them. The partnershipallows us an access to Oracle newest technology product stack, outstanding educational resources and supportadvantages. This helps our R&D team to be always at technology forefront. ZIRA is ORACLE Gold Partner.ZIRA is focusing in the following fields of Oracle technology:1. Oracle Fusion Middleware ZIRA infused Oracle Fusion Middleware into its solutions helping the customers to increase their capacity for growth and change; to improve insight into business operations; to mitigate risk and drive compliance; and to create more efficient and effective interactions with customers, partners, and workers.2. Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) With Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a member of Oracle Fusion Middleware family, ZIRA develops modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused. ZIRA’s solutions enable unlimited flexibility to meet the challenges and exceed fast pace changes in the telecommunication world of technology, application and business processes. After many successfully completed SOA projects, ZIRA mastered Oracle SOA design and became Oracle SOA Specialized Partner. ZIRA was awarded with SOA Boot Camp Delivery contract thus allowing ZIRA to offer most up-to-date SOA trainings to Oracle partners and to train them at highest educational standards.3. Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Based on Oracle BI Tools and Technology, ZIRA solutions enable the customers to speed up BI deployment, adjust decision making across all organization, increase cash flow and improve customer satisfaction. For the customers who only start with BI approach and who prefers modular BI solutions, ZIRA selects Oracle BI products enabling flexible deployment and customization aligned with customer’s business grow. For the customers with matured need for BI deployment, ZIRA selects Oracle BI platform delivering a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities.
  20. 20. Contact Us For more information about how ZIRAs distinctive solutions and services can help you achieve high performance by creating, developing, delivering and managing innovative services more efficiently and effectively, please send us an email to: info@zira.com.ba or call +387 33 296-680Copyright © 2011 ZIRAAll rights reserved.ZIRA, its logo, andCompany Profile aretrademarks of ZIRA.