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  • • What do you do? (Try to relate it to the end user)
  • After the viewer has watched the entire video, deciding which clips correspond to which competencies for observation, the scoring process occurs. In Scoring, the reviewer re-views the coded sections of video and scores them against the selected elements of the framework.
  • Reflect enables results from self-reflection/evaluation to be compared side-by-side with the external evaluation results. Summary observation results can also be exported to PDF.

Teachscape Teachscape Presentation Transcript

  • Teachscape Overview
    ASU Education Innovation Summit
  • How Teachers Use Teachscape
    75,000 teachers, coaches & principals use Teachscape software to:
    Diagnose common professional learning needs based on classroom observation;
    Group teachers into online study groups for professional learning;
    Study research-based teaching practices;
    Discuss their challenges with colleagues and receive coaching & mentoring from experts;
    Get feedback based on observational data from their coach or principal;
    Enroll in graduate courses or Masters degrees to deepen their understanding of effective teaching.
  • Measure, Model & Support
    Panoramic Rig
    • Reflect allows detailed, individualized analysis of teaching
    • Teachers can build digital portfolios of their lessons, using panoramic classroom video, samples of student work and lesson plans
    • Classroom Walkthrough technology allows grouping for learning
    • In-person coaching for instructional leaders
    • On-line resources that model research-based practices
    • Web-based courses and degree programs
    • In-person coaching helps teachers change their practices
    • 24/7 technical support helps users find what they need
    • Robust reports enable leaders to measure outcomes
  • Market Opportunities
    Unprecedented Federal infusion of funds into teacher effectiveness market
    $4.5 billion in competitive Race to the Top funding
    $3.5 billion in Title I Funds for school improvement
    $650 million in Innovation Grants
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – $335 million to promote effective teachingand raise student achievement
    $15 million contract with Teachscape to capture lessons in videoand build a proprietary system to measure effective teaching
    Unprecedented access to key states & districts
    First mover advantage
    Gates funding states to implement performance-based teacher evaluation systems
    Key market dynamics
    Federal funding drives discretionary purchasing (Title 1 & Title II)
    Policy focus on “effectiveness” shifting incentives away from “seat-time” and credit hours” for PD
  • Why the Interest in Teacher Effectiveness?
    From 1980-2005, per pupil spending increased 73% and the student-teacher ratio fell 18%, but student achievement remained flat.
    Research has proven that neither class size nor per pupil funding matter as much as teacher effectiveness in driving achievement.
    Student Performance
    100th Percentile
    90th Percentile
    Student with high-performing teacher
    53 Percentile Points
    50th Percentile
    Student with low-performing teacher
    37th Percentile
    Age 8
    Age 11
    Source: Sanders & Rivers
    Why it Matters
  • Teachscape Role in MET
    • Engineer a low-cost video capture hardware & software solution
    • Build a reliable web-based platform for lesson analysis and scoring
    • Implement solution in ~400 schools in 6 districts & share data with MET partners
    • Capture 13,000 lessons from 3,000 teachers in Year One and 10,000 lessons from 2,500 teachers in Year Two
    • Build software for training, certification and scoring using 5 Measures
    • CLASS: Cross-domain
    • PLATO: English Language Arts (ELA)
    • MQI: Mathematical Quality of Instruction
    • QST: Quality of Science Teaching
    • Danielson Framework
    • Reliably score those lessons with these measures
  • Next Generation Video: Teachscape Reflect
  • Shift Away From Seat-Time Compensation Models
  • High resolution panoramic
    camera with a 360°‘zoom-able’ view
    Second camera to focus on the board
    Wireless microphonesto capture student and teacher audio
    Dedicated capture station for entering data about the video and uploading captured videos to the server
    Teachscape Reflect: Hardware
  • Video capture made easy
  • Share and Comment On Effective Teaching
    Tag video with comments
  • Make an Appointment for Observation
  • Score the Lesson Against the Framework
  • Observation Summary Report