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Imagination, Room 249
Group 6
12:45-1:45 p.m.

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    1. 1. Education Innovation Summit<br />April 20, 2010<br />
    2. 2. About Moodlerooms<br /><ul><li>Founded in Baltimore in 2005
    3. 3. Open Source SAAS provider
    4. 4. Driving 75% recurring revenue
    5. 5. Capitalizing on proprietary LMS attrition
    6. 6. Leveraging Strategic Partnerships
    7. 7. 600 Global Customers (~800,000 users)
    8. 8. 74million underserved students & instructors k-20 and corporate
    9. 9. $2 Billion* global LMS service and software market2005</li></ul>2<br />Our Vision<br />Moodlerooms will become the preeminent, next generation Learning Management Platform designed for the K-20 online learning lifecycle combining open source, content, outcomes management and feature and function “choice” . <br />Our Mission<br />Moodlerooms aspires to advance the way educators teach and students learn by making quality tools, resources and content available to everyone.<br /> is to<br />as<br /> is to<br />
    10. 10. Multi Sector Adoption<br />3<br />Higher Education<br />K-12<br />Corporate<br />
    11. 11. Moodle Statistics<br />Global Users (learners): 32,386,325 Languages 82<br />Countries: 209 Registered Valid Sites 46,568<br />Current Version 1.9.7 Founded September 2001<br />150-170k Monthly Downloads<br />Consistent Monthly Site Growth<br />4<br />
    12. 12. Market Dynamics<br />5<br />Shift Happens<br />Legacy System Attrition<br />Why Now?<br />Higher Ed <br />Market Economics<br />Continued growth in Global Online Learning<br />$52 Billion Market Seismic Shift <br />Break-Out Market Adoption<br />Open Source Adoption & Choice<br />
    13. 13. Market Outlook- A Market in Transition<br />6<br />Learning Management System Usage*<br /><ul><li> 59% of respondents indicated they use </li></ul> BBBB/WebCT<br /> - 38.3% Blackboard, 21% WebCt<br /><ul><li> Dramatically down from the previous </li></ul> year:<br /> - 77% indicated they use BBBB/WebCT<br /> - 38.3 % Blackboard/39% for WebCT<br /><ul><li> The past 4 years have seen a trend in the </li></ul> decline in usage of BBBB/WebCT.<br />Source: 2008 Instructional Technology Council Distance Education Survey<br />Source: 2009 Campus Computing Project Survey<br />
    14. 14. Available Now<br />In Progress<br />Refer to Slide 14<br />7<br />
    15. 15. Multi-product and multi-channel business strategy<br /> Direct Sales<br /><ul><li>Regional, Outside Sales Team focused on Higher Ed, K-12 and Channel
    16. 16. Inside Sales Team focused on Renewals, Up-sells, and for K12 & Higher Ed</li></ul> Channel Partner Sales<br /><ul><li>Focus: Distribution and Product
    17. 17. Key Distribution Partners: Dell and Datatel
    18. 18. Key Product Partners: Equella, MNSCU, Google, MSFT Live@EDU, and CISCO</li></ul>Marketing<br /><ul><li>4Q-09 Company Rebrand and Product Launch (4X Site Traffic increase)
    19. 19. Webinars ( 2 in 4Q-09 past yielded 1,400+ attendees)
    20. 20. Lead Generation Campaigns (Simultaneous Vertical Campaigns)
    21. 21. Trade Shows and Events (Educause, NECC and Moodle Moots)</li></ul>8<br />
    22. 22. 9<br />Historical Customer Data<br />Accounts by Size<br />
    23. 23. Upside Opportunity- LMS as a Distribution Channel<br />Supply Side Economics<br />Demand Side Dynamics<br />Education Software $695mm<br />7,290 Higher Ed Institutions<br />3,243,351 Faculty<br />Business Intelligence $160mm <br />$2 Billion<br />Upside<br />Market Opportunity<br />Instructional Materials $120mm <br />17.4 million HE Students<br />Portfolio $82mm<br />16, 800 K-12 Districts<br />Assessment $715mm<br />74 million K-12 Students<br />Bookstore $76mm<br />4.6 million K-12 Faculty<br />10<br />
    24. 24. Managed Cloud Value Propositions<br />Optimize Financials<br />Increase Capabilities<br />Mitigate Risks<br /><ul><li>Eliminate infrastructure-related capital outlays
    25. 25. Convert IT costs to a monthly operating expense
    26. 26. Dynamically align IT costs with business requirements and economic cycles
    27. 27. Focus internal resources on value-added, strategic activities
    28. 28. Transition to SLA-driven 24x7x365 end-to-end support models
    29. 29. Leverage the cloud to enable low-cost start-up of new business opportunities
    30. 30. Eliminate technology and vendor lock-in
    31. 31. Reduce risk of maxed-out capacity in the face of un-forecasted business demand
    32. 32. Enable more efficient disaster recovery and business continuity solutions</li></li></ul><li>Moodlerooms’ Cloud Solution in Dell’s Centers<br />Customer Remote Sites<br />Customer Remote Sites<br />Customer Sites<br />Back Office<br />Campus<br />Managed<br />Internet<br />Partner Hosted Applications and Content<br />i.e. SIS, CMS…<br />Dell Data Centers<br />Virtual Servers<br />Remote Backup<br />Moodlerooms<br />High Availability<br />Monitoring <br />and Alerts<br />SFTP<br />Customer Remote Sites<br />Customer Remote Sites<br />Customer Sites<br />Back Office<br />Campus<br />Customer Data Center<br />Legacy IT<br />WAN or Internet<br />WAN or Internet<br />Private Cloud<br />
    33. 33. Leadership Team<br />13<br />Lou Pugliese, President<br />As an entrepreneurial business strategist with global vision and demonstrated talent for identifying emerging trends/new business opportunities, Lou has a successful history of driving growth and success of some of the best companies in the industry. Lou currently serves as Executive Chairman of eThority, prior to which he held several senior executive positions including Founding CEO of Blackboard, Inc. Lou has 23 years of start up and turnaround experience in major brands such as ETS, Telecommunications Inc., Scholastic Inc., and Turner Broadcasting. He is also a noted international speaker on technology innovation in education and has addressed a wide range of issues in education and education policy.<br />Martin Knott, CEO<br />A respected Baltimore business owner and entrepreneur, Martin has founded and funded numerous startups. He brings 30 years of senior-level experience within a multitude of businesses to Moodlerooms. Most recently, Martin established The Shepherd Group, a retained executive search firm, after serving as a managing director of three global search firms. Prior to entering the executive search industry, Martin was owner/CEO of an engineering and construction company serving the mid-Atlantic region and chairman and CEO of a major real estate holding company.<br />Tom Murdock, Chief Strategy Officer& Co-Founder<br />Tom came to Moodlerooms with a background of secondary school instruction. For the last 15 years, he has engaged students as a classroom teacher, a boarding school adviser, a wilderness expedition leader, an English department chairperson at two schools and the administrator of a number of writing and art programs. Tom has been an enthusiastic supporter of and contributor to the Moodle project for the last five years.<br />
    34. 34. Leadership Team<br />14<br />Joseph McAvoy, VP Sales & Marketing<br />Joseph has an extensive background in sales and marketing, having built sales and marketing teams for several divisions of Allegis Group's family of companies. Previously the Vice President of Allegis Group Services, Joseph worked at Allegis Group for 15 years. During that time, his company saw unprecedented growth. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and successfully mentored many small and minority-owned businesses. Joseph's proven leadership skills and his expertise in corporate management will help drive the growth and success of Moodlerooms as he directs the company's sales and marketing efforts.<br />Mark Leuba, Chief Technology Officer<br />Previously the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for American Public University System, Mark has three decades of technology experience including an extensive knowledge of academically aligned technology and high-availability architectures. For 10 years prior to joining American Public University System, Mark was a key member of the technology management team at Random House and served as Vice President of Shared Service Applications. Mark also served in senior technology positions with CSX, a Fortune 50 company, and Prudential Home Mortgage, a leader in mortgage securities innovation. Mark's valuable background building and overseeing technology teams for leading universities and corporations will help Moodlerooms ensure its clients receive leading-edge products delivered with the highest level of performance and reliability.<br />