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Innovation, Room 241
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9:45-10:45 a.m.

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  • Hi, I’m Dr. Ed Neuhaus, founder of Atheneum Learning, and I’m delighted to be here to tell you about our company and the opportunities we’re creating. we produce and distribute e-learning programs in behavioral health--that’s the industry name for mental health –for professionals and consumers in the general public. Let me give you some background to put this in context.I’m a clinical psychologist by training– ----In the late 80’s, I cut my teeth at McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric teaching hospital at Harvard Medical School, starting as a psychology intern, and worked my up until I had an opportunity to take over a clinical program that was going downhill fast. I had my vision and created my dream job where I could integrate clinical work, teaching, and research–specializing in cognitive behavior therapy—known as CBT Then, three years ago, I saw an opportunity to start a new path—write my CBT textbook to treat depression and anxiety– but do it specifically as an online training program and form a company to launch it. Last June, to the surprise of virtually all of my colleagues (I did give them a year notice, although they didn’t believe me at first), I stepped down from my hospital employment to dedicate all my efforts to building Atheneum Learning. Everything I’ve done in my career I can now leverage into what I’m doing now—and this is my second dream job. My vision for Atheneum is that we will transform education in behavioral health
  • Our mission—we train professionals who earn continuing education credits in the process– and the credits are certified through the Harvard Medical School system. For consumers in the general public, we provide education—the catch word is “Psychoeducation”-- and resources they can trust –in areas that they need and want.
  •  And this is what we REALLY do:This triangle represents our human experience –thoughts feelings and behaviors—they are always there, in any situation--- three points of a triangle and all interrelated.—The classic example, what I do—Cognitive Behavior Therapy—CBT—the standard of care in behavioral health-- to treat depression and anxiety -- focuses on changing negative thoughts and behaviors to improve how you feel.– CBT health—Whether training professionals or educating consumers—we teach people how to function better and improve quality of life. This is Atheneum Learning’s specialty.  
  • Let’s look at the landscape. Tens of millions of people suffer from some psychiatric condition or stress related problem, and when we consider the impact on families and the workplace the number of people affected is multiplied two to threefold. Medications for depression and anxiety are a $10 billion industry, but study after study shows meds fall far short of alleviating the pain. More comprehensive solutions point to evidence-based psychological and behavioral treatments, BUT…the majority of mental health professionals,are not trained, and they don’t have easy access to such training because the field is pretty much locked into conventional, labor intensive methods of teaching that are NOT scalable and often cost-prohibitive—and the field is strikingly behind the times using e-learning technologyThe general public-- feels the pain of not knowing what to do in desperate life circumstances---they are barraged with information, and they don’t know how to determine what are the best and most trustworthy resources  
  • The Solution: Our Content sets us apart. We use ONLY top tier content from world class subject matter experts—evidence-based– meaning developed through solid research-- many of the SMEsare my close colleagues at Harvard and other leading institutions.Professionals benefit because the training is in the most effective, evidence-based treatment approaches which in turn benefit their patients--For consumers, we have brand name subject matter experts—already established with millions in book sales—to provide education and resources in high demand areas—To put this in perspective with medication--- Our products—from the both professional side and consumer side enhance treatment response substantially– or are an alternative to meds. For example, despite wide availability of meds, Depression is leading cause of absences from work– therapists need to be more effective, and people and families suffering greatly benefit from psychoeducation.the Let me mention medication—anti-depressants alone account for over 10-billion dollar industry–for example, treating depression & anxiety in adults, and ADD in kids. Meds are important but far from a complete treatment.
  • Atheneum brand has two signature components. For one, there is convergence of content and technology that OPTIMIZES the learning experience of our users. I’ll get to the second component a little later.
  • We have the ability to package our expert content for both professional training and psychoeducation for consumers--with sophisticated e-learning platforms—and as a business we can aggregate all the content and provide large scale access
  • Our business model: We monetize our products differently for different markets—For professional training we sell large scale user licenses -- A case in point is our contract with the US Navy. Navy medicine clinicians have access anytime, anywhere worldwide to our online training that will benefit their patients who are active servicemen and women, and their families.Our sights are on other military branches plus insurance companies, and health systems—regional or national.--A key element for professionals is Continuing education--- In behavioral health it is a $200 million annual business, and CE credits are essential as an incentive for professionals to do the training, plus the Harvard brand increases our value.The consumer market is much broader, and we’ll capitalize on the existing following of our brand name Subject matter experts to leverage our products into the marketplace, along with establishing the right channel partners.Last but not least, this is a global business. I just returned from China where I have a multi-year agreement to do intensive workshops in Shanghai to train professionals from all over China—the first of its kind in my specialty area, I’m building an army of loyal followers that will help position us when we’re ready.
  • Quickstory ---My first panic disorder patient twenty years ago-- I was ready with the treatment protocol based on the latest and greatest research.HOWEVER, my patient didn’t show up—in fact she had a panic attack and called to say she couldn’t make it to treatment. ….. the protocol didn’t say anything about the patient not showing up........—and this began my career path of figuring out how to adapt research to real world practice so patients can ACTUALLY benefit. We need the research, but it’s really a starting point.And this leads to the second part of the Atheneum Brand.--our signature design of e-learning programs is to translate the best of research knowledge into something people can USE-- be they professionals treating patients, or parents wanting to figure out how to manage their kids who are having behavioral problems and adjustment problems in school. Research is the starting point, and we are the bridge to make the content relevant to the end users.
  • -In late 2008 we released our first product-- my online textbook for professionals–the content translates the research for real world practice. it’s a multi-media design in flash with video and learning games. in 2009 we signed our first major contract with Navy Medicine for 1000 users. We are now queuing up SMEs—who are very excited about collaborating with us and taking their work to the next level.
  • I have the good fortune of collaborating with John Fees, who I already knew from our Harvard connection and he brought in Anil Jain to help launch us to where we are today.
  • This is big opportunity---We are not pre-revenueRenewals and networking in Dept. of DefenseMilitary is large part of society now2011-12 both professional and consumer productsNavy renewals, DoDConsumer products--- substantially bigger than prof marketRapid revenue growth to 8 figure business 25 mil prescribed10 billion drug industryGlobal –Brit health system2010: Navy Contract: $250K 2011-2012: professional and consumer products2012-2015: Substantial market presence
  • This is big opportunity---We are not pre-revenueRenewals and networking in Dept. of DefenseMilitary is large part of society nowDesperate need in societyEducation = better decisions, better outcomes---more control 25 mil prescribed10 billion drug industryGlobal –Brit health system
  • Atheneum Learning

    1. 1. The Bridge from Research to Practice for Behavioral Health<br />Ed Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP<br />Founder & CEO<br /><br />Academic Affiliation: <br />Harvard Medical School<br />Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology<br />1<br />
    2. 2. Our Mission<br /><ul><li>e-Learning in Behavioral Health
    3. 3. Professionals trained in evidence-based treatments, with Harvard CE credits
    4. 4. Consumer “Psychoeducation”</li></ul>2<br />
    5. 5. Thoughts<br />Feelings<br />Behaviors<br />3<br />
    6. 6. The Opportunity<br />Over 100 million people affected by psychiatric conditions<br />Lack of adequately trained professionals<br />Consumers want better /reliable education<br />e-Learning is fragmented, potential is untapped<br />4<br />
    7. 7. The Solution<br />World Class Content and Subject Matter Experts<br />Train professionals in most effective psychological and behavioral treatments<br />For consumers, education and resources that are practical and trustworthy<br />Access anytime, anywhere <br />5<br />
    8. 8. 6<br />
    9. 9. Professional Training<br />Consumer Psychoeducation<br />7<br />
    10. 10. Business Model<br />Institutional user licenses for professionals with CE credits certified through Harvard<br />Psychoeducation and resources for consumers on a subscription basis<br />Global Reach: China, Europe, and beyond<br />8<br />
    11. 11. Research:<br />Evidence-based<br />Knowledge<br />The Bridge<br />Real World<br />Application<br />9<br />
    12. 12. Current Accomplishments<br />Flexible CBT™ (FCBT) Training: <br /><ul><li>First Product: Flexible CBT:Online Textbook
    13. 13. Navy Medicine Contract</li></ul>10<br /><ul><li>Subject Matter Experts in the pipeline
    14. 14. Cash Flow positive</li></li></ul><li>Leadership Team <br />Advisors<br /><ul><li>Phil Levendusky, PhD, ABPP
    15. 15. Harvard /McLean
    16. 16. William Pollack, PhD, ABPP
    17. 17. Harvard
    18. 18. Jeff Greenberg, PhD
    19. 19. Navy Medicine
    20. 20. Ed Neuhaus
    21. 21. Founder & CEO
    22. 22. Bootstrapped until 2009
    23. 23. John Fees
    24. 24. Investor, partner, advisor
    25. 25. Anil Jain
    26. 26. Partner, advisor</li></ul>11<br />
    27. 27. Financial Projections<br /><ul><li>Context
    28. 28. 100 million people
    29. 29. $250 million Continuing Education industry
    30. 30. $10 Billion+ medication industry
    31. 31. Healthcare crisis—for general population and military
    32. 32. Atheneum Learning will be substantial presence in professional and consumer markets</li></ul>12<br />
    33. 33. Good Business, Good for Society<br /><ul><li>Alleviate the pain
    34. 34. We are part of solution to healthcare delivery
    35. 35. Education = better decisions, better outcomes</li></ul>13<br />