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BarCamp Scotland Edinburgh-Stanford Link Entrepreneurship Programme
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BarCamp Scotland Edinburgh-Stanford Link Entrepreneurship Programme


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Presentation at BarCamp Scotland by Michael Clouser on the Edinburgh-Stanford Link's entrepreneurship programme in Edinburgh, Scotalnd.

Presentation at BarCamp Scotland by Michael Clouser on the Edinburgh-Stanford Link's entrepreneurship programme in Edinburgh, Scotalnd.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Entrepreneurship Teaching from the Edinburgh-Stanford Link BarCamp Scotland 2007 Michael Clouser Associate, Edinburgh-Stanford Link; Ph.D. Candidate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Edinburgh 03/03/2007 Contact: [email_address]
  • 2. About Me
    • Associate w/ Edinburgh Stanford Link
      • Courses delivered online and off
      • Linking companies with MSc students
    • Ph.D. Student at UoE – Entrepreneurship and Innovation (expected 2008)
    • -Earned MBA and BS from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (1999 and 1990 respectively)
    • Former Venture Capitalist for Dot Edu Ventures
    • Entrepreneur: Software, Internet, and Competitive Intelligence / Market Research firms
    • First real job: Pastry Chef; next Hotelier
  • 3. Stimulating Entrepreneurship – What we do
    • Teach 3 MSc courses
    • Run Masterclasses (outreach startup seminars)
    • Run networking events – cross organizational and campus-wide
    • Partner w/ the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club
    • Partner w/SIE, EPIS, and other organizations
    • Visitors from Silicon Valley
    • EIR programme
    • Everyday conversations, putting people together
    • Future: Online course (asynchronous)
    • Keep our eyes on trends and happenings esp. in Silicon Valley
  • 4. What makes us different (course)
    • Focus on high technology entrepreneurship (and, our focus on creative entrepreneurship in term 2)
    • “ Live” case method
    • Visiting speakers from Silicon Valley (entrepreneurs and venture capitalists)
    • Case studies from Stanford GSB, some HBS, but all surrounding technology entrepreneurship
    • Presentations to panel of venture capitalist and business angel investor
    • Field trip (usually to local incubator)
    • Campus-wide networking event
    • Opportunity Assessment in Term 1, Business Plan in Term 2
    • Real, personal business case worked on and discussed
  • 5. New Edinburgh-Stanford Link Initiative
    • -Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programme
    • -Ph.D. and MSc EIRs
    • -Pay salary plus give space and computer
    • -Research, refine pitch, and build prototype is goal
    • -Current programme 3 months; I would recommend 12 months for 3 months is not enough time
  • 6. Upcoming Development
    • Online Entrepreneurship Courses
      • Launching October 2007
      • 5 modules first planned then more
      • Open to researchers, others
      • To be distributed to wider Scotland CPD community
      • Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship
      • School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
  • 7. Current
    • -Informatics Entrepreneurship I (Opportunity Discovery and Assessment) Term 1
    • -Informatics Entrepreneurship II (Business Planning and Resource Acquisition) Term 2
    • -The Digital Marketplace (focus on internet / creative media startups) Term 2
    • All for MSc students. Ph.D.’s / others invited to audit
    • See the site
  • 8. Current Session Topics
    • Entrepreneurship and You
    • Entrepreneurship in Scotland
    • Creativity and Discovery
    • Opportunity Identification
    • Market Research
    • Feasibility (Assessment)
    • Case Study – Integrated (few)
    • Intellectual Property
    • Business Modeling
    • High Technology Marketplaces
    • Market Research 2
    • Design and Product Development
    • Marketing Strategy and Branding
    • Selling
    • Human Resource Strategy
    • Forming Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
    • International Expansion
    • University and Governmental Resources and Programs
    • Presentation and Pitching
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Financing the Ventures
      • Bootstrapping
      • Friends and Family Capital
      • Business Angel Capital
      • Venture Capital
      • Grants
      • Loans
    • Building a Network
  • 9. Suggested Course Programme – 5 segments (over 2 years?)
    • I. Opportunity Discovery
    • -Market Research
    • -Competitive Research
    • II. Opportunity Assessment
    • -Feasibility
    • -Business Modeling
    • III and IV Business Planning, Strategy, and Resource Acquisition
    • V. Ongoing specialized seminars
  • 10. Another way to Organize Programme:
    • I. Business Planning Course – long module
    • II. Entrepreneurial Marketing – short module
    • Entrepreneurial Strategy – short module
    • IV. Entrepreneurial Finance – short module
    • Selling – short module
    • -- Again a 2 year programme is suggested. Assumed that FT researchers will be busy with other projects other than just taking entrepreneurship courses
  • 11. Methods:
    • -Real, personal business case work and discussion
    • Text readings
    • -Book readings (esp. non-academic by entrepreneurs or venture capitalists, or about entrepreneurs and venture capitalists)
    • -Notes (eg “Note on Market Research”)
    • -Case studies (HBS, Stanford GSB, Kellogg, etc)
    • -“Live” case studies
    • -Guest speakers who have “been there, done that”
  • 12. Other Suggestions
    • EIR programme
    • Small fund (grants, loan, equity)
    • Partner w/ us on elearning to deliver to your base
    • Networking events (of course)
    • Venture pitches
    • Business plan contest
    • Others, many of them….
  • 13. Resources
    • Building a Campus-Wide Entrepreneurship Programme (Stanford)
    • *Stanford REE on Teaching Entrepreneurship
    • *Talk to James Barlowe from SIE, just joined us in Scotland from Bristol. Did some good things there…
    • Journal: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • 14. Books Recommended
    • Nesheim, John. “High Tech Startup”
    • Byers, Tom “Technology Ventures”
    • Mullins, John “New Business Road Test”
    • Komisar, Randy “The Monk and the Riddle”
    • Hess, Ken “Bootstrap”
    • Gupta, Udayan “Done Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories”
    • Ferguson, Charles “High Stakes, No Prisoners”
    • Nesheim, John “The Power of Unfair Advantage”
    • Sutton, Robert “Weird Ideas that Work”