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My personal copy of report writing.

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12 report writing i

  1. 1. REPORT WRITING Reports are accurate and objective descriptions or accounts of significant events which could be political, social, and academic. A report is a form of written communication produced after an investigation or a survey on a specific topic. It is written for a specific purpose. Even though the report contains the writer’s opinions and recommendation, it is essentially based on facts and findings collected during the survey. Language of the report: The first person pronouns (I, my, me) should not be used in the reports. Passive voice is preferred in describing the procedure and making recommendations. A Report has the following organization/format: Title:  Title of report  Author & author's title  Person/organization who requested the report  Date of report submission I. Introduction:  Purpose or aim of the report  Who authorized the action report  Any other background information II. The body of the report:  Detailed description of the incident, methods and plans is provided.  A detailed account of the facts and findings is furnished. III. Recommendations:  Recommendations must be listed.  Impersonal passive voice is generally used.  Imperative sentences should be avoided. IV. Conclusion:
  2. 2. Reporter’s concluding remarks or evaluatory statements are to be presented in this part of the report. Checklist for guidance;  Have I mentioned all the information relevant?  Has all the necessary information been included?  Is the information organized so that it clearly and effectively conveys the message?  Are the recommendations supported by the facts?  Is the report free of spelling mistakes?  Have I used research to support the analysis done?
  3. 3. Sample Report and Cover letter: A REPORT ON THE FIRE ACCIDENT IN THE FACTORY SUBMITTED TO MR. K. SURESH KUMAR Chairman General Motor Company Ltd, Chennai SUBMITTED BY MR. J. LENIN Safety Engineer General Motor Company Ltd, Chennai SUBMITTED ON December 4, 2008
  4. 4. A Report on the fire accident in the factory 04.2.2008 MR. J. LENIN Safety Engineer The Chairman General Motor Company Ltd. Sir, Sub: Report on the fire accident in the factory – reg. Ref: Your Memo dated 01.2.14. With reference to your accident that took place on 01.2.14 in our factory, the following report is submitted after investigation. Suggestive measures are provided to avoid such mishaps in future. On 1st of February, a fire broke out around 11.00 a.m. in the generator room due to power fluctuation and burning of cables. It spread so quickly that it consumed fairly a large number of tools and spare parts in the next room. Moreover, the electrician, Mr. Senthil sustained burn injuries. Unfortunately, he was the only person who was working at that time, as the other workers had gone for tea. Under investigation, it was found out that some spark hard occurred due to fluctuation and short circuit in the main line. As Mr. Senthil had been working at that time, the fire was put off after great struggle. This fire accident has resulted in a loss of about two lakh rupees. To avoid such mishaps in the future, it is recommended that i) The cables should be checked at regular intervals. ii) The worn out wiring should be replaced with new ones. iii) Proper fuses should be installed. iv) Automatic fire extinguishing sprays can be installed. v) Fire alarms can be installed. If all these measures are implemented, surely such accidents can be prevented in future and thereby loss to human resources and property can be prevented. Yours faithfully, (Sd./-) (MR. J. LENIN)
  5. 5. Safety Engineer
  6. 6. Safety Engineer