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Retrieving and matching additional boundary data from UKBORDERS
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Retrieving and matching additional boundary data from UKBORDERS



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  • A tabular dataset can be linked to digital boundary data in order to map and analyse data spatially Intersection or overlay of more than one set of spatial units E.g. intersecting points with polygons to identify within which polygon each point lies Number of points or summary of point attributes can be calculated for each polygon Can use to aggregate from one geography to another And to add attributes from multiply polygons to single larger polygon Useful if non-standard geographies or do not have LUT to link


  • 1. Mapping data using ArcGIS Carol Blackwood, UKBORDERS
  • 2. Why map census data?
    • Benefits of mapping census data
      • Reveal spatial patterns
      • Add richness to research
      • (More) Effective presentation and dissemination of results
  • 3. Why map census data?
    • Uses of mapped census data
      • Health
      • Employment
      • Education
      • Population
      • Ethnicity
      • Historic
      • Used in academic research and in local/central government for policy decision making
  • 4. Census Aggregate Statistics e.g. Population by district of SW England ? = Map displaying population of SW England DIGITAL BOUNDARY DATA District outlines
  • 5. Digital Boundary Data (DBD)
    • Digital version of geographical boundary information
    • e.g. districts, county, output areas, primary care trust
    • UKBORDERS – more later…
  • 6. Mapping in ArcGIS
    • Introduction to ArcGIS (demo)
    • Import data downloaded from CASWEB
    • Visualise variables
    • Create a map to print
  • 7. Retrieving and matching additional boundary data from UKBORDERS
  • 8. UKBORDERS edina.ac.uk/ukborders /
      • Web based delivery of DBD and associated look-up tables
      • Main datasets associated with 1981, 1991 and 2001 Census geography
      • Entire datasets and user defined areas
      • Comprehensive help and support
      • Key associated datasets e.g. current and historical NSPD
      • Learning materials
      • Metadata
  • 9. Linking Census datasets in GIS
    • Visualising Census data using boundaries will usually involve linking datasets
    • Three main ways:
      • Attribute to digital boundary data
      • Point-in-polygon
      • Polygon-in-polygon
  • 10. Retrieving and matching additional boundary data
    • Download Primary Care Trust areas from UKBORDERS
    • Load into ArcMap
    • Spatially link to Ethnicity data
    • Visualise Ethnicity stats by PCTs