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Research Data MANTRA
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Research Data MANTRA


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Presented by Robin Rice, Çuna Ekmekcioglu, Stuart Macdonald at the JISC Managing Research Data (International) Workshop, Birmhingham, 28-29 March 2011 …

Presented by Robin Rice, Çuna Ekmekcioglu, Stuart Macdonald at the JISC Managing Research Data (International) Workshop, Birmhingham, 28-29 March 2011

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Research Data MANTRA Robin Rice, Ҫ una Ekmekcioglu, Stuart Macdonald JISC Managing Research Data (International) Workshop, Birmingham, 28-29 March 2011
  • 2. Project overview
    • Partnership between
      • The Data Library in Information Services and
      • The Institute for Academic Development, at the University of Edinburgh
    • Grounded in three disciplinary contexts: social science, clinical psychology and geoscience
    • Aims to develop online interactive training materials for PhD students and early career researchers that will
      • Raise awareness of the key issues related to research data management
      • Provide guidelines for good practice
  • 3. Online learning materials
    • Eight units with activities, scenarios and videos
      • Research data explained
      • Data management plans
      • Organising data
      • File formats and transformation
      • Documentation and metadata
      • Storage and security
      • Data protection, rights and access
      • Preservation, sharing and licensing
    • Four data handling practicals
      • SPSS, NVivo, R, ArcGIS
    • Xerte Online Toolkits – University of Nottingham
  • 4. Progress to date
    • Needs assessment
      • Completed
    • Authoring content
      • Completed for five units
    • Data handling practicals
      • Outlines ready for all, SPSS practical is ready for internal evaluation
    • Internal feedback on completed units
      • Finalised
    • User testing – five students
      • Scheduled for early April
  • 5. Next…
    • Video productions
      • April - June
    • Evaluation of data handling practicals
      • May
    • User testing – complete module
      • June
    • Final modifications in the light of user feedback
      • July
  • 6. Next…
    • Learning materials to be deposited with an open licence in JorumOpen and Xpert
      • August
    • Learning materials to be embedded in three participating postgraduate programmes and made available through Transkills programme for use by all postgraduate students and early career researchers
      • Next academic year
  • 7. Lessons learned
    • Time – underestimated!
    • Authoring content – not an easy task...
      • Re-using existing materials vs writing from scratch
      • Copyright – images, videos
      • Consistency in style, terminology,
      • Data handling practicals
    • Setting up Xerte Online Toolkits (XOT) on the server
      • Security issues
      • Issues with the software
  • 8. Lessons learned
    • Working with a default XOT template
      • Limitations of the template
    • Finding volunteers for user testing – not easy!
    • Issues with data handling practicals
      • Tension between data handling and data analysis in terms of actual content
      • Ensuring clear explanation of software specific jargon/technical terminology/process-specific language
      • Retaining consistency across four data handling practicals in terms of look and feel, flow, content, audience
  • 9. Thank you 
    • Project website
    • Project wiki
        • Institute for Academic Development
    • Xerte – open source elearning
    • Contact: Robin Rice –