UK RepositoryNet+ Mimas Workshop


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Workshop in Manchester on 5 April 2012

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UK RepositoryNet+ Mimas Workshop

  1. 1. MIMAS Workshop 5th April, 2012Andrew Dorward, Leah Halliday (RepNet), Balviar Notay (JISC), Keith Cole, Ross Macintyre (MIMAS)
  2. 2. Agenda1. Introductions, aims of meeting (BN) 5. IRUS – future development2. Project Summary to Date (AD) – Funding (BN) – RepNet components – API Development for harvesting – Wave 1 functionality and processing at local level (all) – Wave 2 functionality – Review international scope and – RepNet Website engagement (all) – Innovation Zone – Development Required (RM) – Project Governance – Possible new business models – Helpdesk and Support (RM) – Developing SLAs for RepNet3. Updates on MIMAS components Service (all) outside RepNet (BN/KC) – IRS Search 6. Any other business – NAMES 24. System demonstration of IRUS (RM) – IRUS and JUSP (KC/RM) – IRUS Current Functionality (RM) – IRUS Future functionality and Roadmap (RM) 2
  3. 3. Sketch of RepositoryNet Infrastructure & Components Funders’ Subject Institutional Repositories Repositories Repositories consumers Service Support Service Desk Service Directory hacks … Rapid Service components / Innov. … … … curation micro-services hosted remoteInnovation Zone RepositoryNet Production Environment 3
  4. 4. Summary of Components by Functional AreaA: Aggregation, Text mining & Search D: Deposit Tools Aggregated set of metadata Publisher policies on OA REPUK for development RoMEO deposit Search, aggregation, full-text Juliet Research funders’ policies on OA CORE mining for OA repositories Search, aggregation, data- IRS mining for all IRs Open Redirect facility to OA IRs, Depot and default OA repositoryB: Benchmarking, Statistics and Report M2M direct for multi- RJBroker authored works to OA Centralised service for collection of OA repository(ies) IRUS-UK usage statisticsC: Creating Relevant Registries E: Enhancing Metadata Quality Naming Authority for the UK Open Authoritative, manually curated registry NAMES2 assigning identifiers to of OA repositories, combined with DOAR organisations and individuals harvested metadata engaged in research Registry of OA repositories compiled with ROAR statistics in mind Organisation based with information ORI on repositories 4
  5. 5. Components for Wave 1A: Aggregation, Text mining & Search D: Deposit Tools Innovation Zone Wave 1 REPUK RoMEO Innovation zone Juliet CORE Wave 1 IRS Innovation Zone Open UI for OARJ DepotB: Benchmarking, Statistics and Report RJBroker Wave 1 IRUS-UK Wave 1C: Creating Relevant Registries E: Enhancing Metadata Quality Open ITT - OARR NAMES2 Align with ORCID DOAR ITT - OARR ROAR ORI Wave 1 5
  6. 6. Web Site www.repositorynet.orgNb: to migrate to following JANET registration 6
  7. 7. Roadmap with functional areas 7
  8. 8. Interactions with Innovation Zone 8
  9. 9. Interactions with Innovation Zone 9
  10. 10. Development & Production Environment Containers
  11. 11. Components Owners – SIPGGovernance of component projectsProposal ? A project board per owner consisting of Project Executive – JISC Senior User – RepNet Senior Supplier – Component OwnerWhy? JISC provide/decide on funding RepNet uses the component 11
  12. 12. Helpdesk and support1st line helpdesk and support will come from RepNet,2nd line from MIMAS.What will we need from MIMAS to facilitate this?•Full documentation for IRUS•Link from RepNet to IRS•Contact details for 2nd line support person at MIMAS 12
  13. 13. Other MIMAs components and IRUS demo1. Updates on MIMAS components outside RepNet (BN/KC) – IRS Search – NAMES 22. System demonstration of IRUS (RM) – IRUS and JUSP (KC/RM) – IRUS Current Functionality (RM) – IRUS Future functionality and Roadmap (RM) 13
  14. 14. Benchmarking and Statistics - IRUSIRUS – future development – Funding (BN) – API Development for harvesting and processing at local level (all) – Review international scope and engagement (all) – Development Required (RM) – Possible new business models (RM) – Developing SLAs for RepNet Service (all)•Any other business – Ideas for Innovation Zone