Introduction to the New SUNCAT Interface


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Introduction to SUNCAT
Background to the redevelopment of the service
Key enhancements of the new interface
Contributing to SUNCAT
How SUNCAT can help you and your users
Demo of the new service
Future plans
Feedback and questions

Presented by Zena Mulligan at the Interlend 2014 Conference, 23-24 June 2014, Carlton Highland Hotel,

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  • Introduction to the New SUNCAT Interface

    1. 1. Interlend 2014 Introduction to the New SUNCAT Interface Zena Mulligan (SUNCAT Project Officer, EDINA)
    2. 2. Outline • Introduction to SUNCAT • Background to the redevelopment of the service • Key enhancements of the new interface • Contributing to SUNCAT • How SUNCAT can help you and your users • Demo of the new service • Future plans • Feedback and questions
    3. 3. SUNCAT contains …………. Community Data: 96 Contributing libraries Licensed Data: ISSN Register & CONSER Database Harvested Data: Directory of Open Access Journals SUNCAT: Journal Titles (print & electronic) Bibliographic & Holdings Information Tables of Contents Table of Contents (Zetoc & JournalTocs)
    4. 4. Battersea Power Station Redevelopment
    5. 5. Redevelopment factors • Limitations in software (Aleph 500) with lack of flexibility • Jisc provided development funding but Ex Libris announced that they did not wish to do any more development work – busy, for example, with development of Alma • Wanted to modernise the ‘look and feel’ • Wanted to take advantage of the functionality & flexibility available with Solr • Provided the opportunity to be more responsive to user requirements (revealed, for example, by impact surveys)
    6. 6. Start of development Public preview & feedback Public availability Primary interface Public survey of new interface Removal of access to original Aleph interface Continuing improvements February 2012 April/May 2013 October 2013 March 2014 May/June 2014 July/Aug 2014 July 2014 - Stages for new interface
    7. 7. User Consultation • Small survey with ILL librarians (May 2008) • Impact and satisfaction survey with all users (April 2009) • Downloading service interviews and survey with cataloguers (February 2010) • Interviews and case studies involving use of SUNCAT by North West Libraries Interlending Partnership, UK Research Reserve and Loughborough University (Spring 2011) • Impact and satisfaction surveys (January 2011, 2012, 2013) • Short survey with SUNCAT Contributing Libraries on new design for service (November 2012) • Beta version of new service made available for general public comment (Early April – Mid May 2013) • Public online survey on beta version (Late April – Mid May 2013) • New service live for public comment (October 2013) • Online public survey (May – June 2014) • Continue to welcome comments, feedback and questions via the “Contact” link on the SUNCAT pages or via the EDINA Helpdesk
    8. 8. Key Enhancements to the New Interface 1 Core Functionality Enhancements Web based interface Improved responsiveness for mobile devices Website with supporting information No login required, link directly to the search page, but with links to all the website content. Map listing the main locations of Contributing Libraries New map highlighting ALL the locations of the Contributing Blog link on website Feed of latest blog posts onto basic search Basic search option Basic search – same indexes to search on as before, plus auto suggestions as you enter your search Limit your search by a particular library Limit your search to any number of libraries Limit your search by a geographic location Limit your search to any number of locations and to more specific locations View your results Choose how many results to display per page Results sorted by title Results sorted by relevance with option to sort by title or year
    9. 9. Key Enhancements to the New Interface 2 Core Functionality Enhancements Indication of holding libraries in results screen Alphabetical list of holdings libraries in results screen Full results list Filtering by institution, subject, publisher, first year of publication etc. Display full bibliographic details, with links to related searches As before, but with alphabetical links to all the records in the set Links to latest ToCs from Zetoc Links to latest and older ToCs from Zetoc & JournalTOCs List of holding libraries with shelfmarks and summary holdings As before with links to local library catalogues Links to holding libraries’ homepages Links to homepages, Google directions, general contact details, British Library codes and ILL contact details and details of when last updated in SUNCAT Advanced search option Additional flexibility to create more complex searches Additional pre-search filters by language & year New format filter enabling filtering to electronic only or print only material Search history and ability to mark/email records Search history and ability to mark/email records
    10. 10. NHS Birmingham, July Links out to information, help and support guides, videos, FAQs etc. on website Map showing all the locations of Contributing Libraries Latest feed from the SUNCAT Blog
    11. 11. NHS Birmingham, July Auto suggestions made as you enter your search
    12. 12. NHS Birmingham, July Limit your search to particular geographic locations
    13. 13. NHS Birmingham, July Limit your search to particular libraries You can combine location and library limits
    14. 14. NHS Birmingham, July Choose how many records to display per page Results relevance ranked but you can click on “Title” to sort alphabetically or on “First published” to sort chronologically Results include alphabetical list of libraries holding each title Filter your results by institution, subject, publisher etc.
    15. 15. NHS Birmingham, July Preferred record showing bibliographic details including: • ISSN • Publication details • Subject headings You can also view all the bibliographic records in the set. Click on the “Table of Contents” button to see recently published articles via Zetoc and JournalTocs
    16. 16. NHS Birmingham, July Holdings info includes: • Alphabetical list of holding libraries • Shelfmarks • Online availability • Summary holdings • Links to institutions local catalogues Click on the library name to get further details
    17. 17. NHS Birmingham, July Details include: • Link to library homepage • Link to Google map & directions • General contact details • ILL details • Latest update received
    18. 18. Advanced Search includes: • Wider range of indexes than basic search • Ability to search or any of terms entered rather than default of all • Ability to exclude terms • Ability to combine terms across indexes • Additional limits, including e-journals or print
    19. 19. Contributing to SUNCAT • SUNCAT is contributing to expand • Interested in hearing from any UK library holding scholarly journals • Keen to add: – More HE libraries – More specialist libraries with unique collections – More public libraries – Improve the geographic coverage – Groups/consortia wishing to create mini union catalogues • Contributing is a very simple process – Complete a questionnaire about your data – Send a file of your serials – Send regular updates – Add links and information about SUNCAT to your website • Benefits include: – Increase exposure of your collections – Enable your colleagues and users to search your collections alongside those of nearly 100 other libraries – Free download of MARC21 records to upgrade your local catalogue – Compare your journal collections with nearly 100 other libraries
    20. 20. Support and information about SUNCAT • SUNCAT website at • Information about the service – Description and coverage – Case studies – How to contribute – How to integrate SUNCAT into your services and website – Downloading MARC records • Quick start, search guides and FAQs • Introductory video • Blog at • Follow us on Twitter at @suncatteam
    21. 21. Who can SUNCAT help? • Researchers, postgrads, undergrads, academic and support staff – Anyone seeking information about serials held in research libraries in the UK • Library and information staff – Serials librarians – Reference and enquiry librarians – Liaison librarians – Collection management librarians – Cataloguers – And of course Inter-Library loan librarians
    22. 22. Assisting All Users: Library Staff, Researchers, Undergrads… • Add SUNCAT as a target in your URL resolver – give your users other options if full text isn’t immediately available to them
    23. 23. Assisting All Users: Library Staff, Researchers, Undergrads… • Add a SUNCAT link to your catalogue or discovery service
    24. 24. How can SUNCAT support Interlending? “In the case of journal collections, about half of all respondents–slightly more in the arts and humanities than in other fields–strongly agreed that they “often would like to use journal articles that are not in [their] library’s print or digital collections.” (P.38) Ithaka S+R, Jisc, RLUK UK Survey of Academics 2012 mics_2012.pdf
    25. 25. Assisting with Inter-library Loans You can use SUNCAT to… • Verify if you have the correct details for an ILL request • Check if a particular serial is held in the British Library or elsewhere in the UK • Verify that a serial is NOT held locally • Tailor searches to specific geographic areas or libraries, e.g. London, or your choice of libraries • Limit your search to non-electronic holdings only • View the exact volumes and issues a library holds • Instantly see the British Library codes and ILL contact details for particular library locations • Save/email records for future reference • Streamline workflow • Reduce the number of requests which need to be sent abroad or are unfulfilled
    26. 26. ILL Case Study: North West Libraries Interlending Partnership
    27. 27. Demo of new look service
    28. 28. Future plans • Continue to add more contributing libraries • Replacement of ‘back end’ software – Enhance matching algorithm and reduce duplication • Add to interface functionality – Tailored views of the database or mini union catalogues – Holdings comparison facilities – My SUNCAT – Links to the Keepers Registry, JUSP and KB+
    29. 29. Further integration with other JISC Services Journal Usage Statistics Portal
    30. 30. How Can SUNCAT Support You Better? • What additional features or information could we add to the service? • Is there anything you don’t like in the new look service? • Any suggestions for new SUNCAT Contributing Libraries? • Are you part of a library consortia or group who would benefit from a mini-union catalogue of serials? • How and where else can we reach those involved with interlending?
    31. 31. Thank You! Any questions? Please contact or
    32. 32. Acknowledgements Battersea Power Station Redevelopment License Some rights reserved by benjicarter FLICKR e4zHRL-eioDjh-dVfwiC-eioH9y-dVfvpy-fJ1SXt-cgem6b-7GFb3F-8Mm7Y1-cgekP5-eihVpH-eihWAZ-eihW1n-eioGDJ-dVfxof-89cfg1-hbuedy-7LfTJK- cgemfh-bPDicT-fKsjjX-g42bSz-8qnoz3-8FWFAK-diASEr-8LCAfL-4B8eZb-7UhRpf-sL1XC-gUSH6-7ry5mr-9qnty9-4EnzHb-8Zv4H3-fLz749-4EnB83- fLz78G-8NLyTx-9LWsyL-9LTEEP-9LWsHb-9LWsMW-8FWFra-hpUbkp/