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A webinar delivered by EDINA on 7 November 2012. How to view, customise, print and download Ordnance Survey maps from Roam, a service in Digimap's OS Collection.

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Digimap Roam

  1. 1. Content• What is Roam?• Search, zoom/pan, select features, save• Customise your map: select features, map style, annotate, hillshading• Screenshare – recreate some maps in Roam• Print and/or save
  2. 2. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection •View and print PDF maps •Download data – 3 facilities •Query tools
  3. 3. What is Roam? • Facility in Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection • Create, save and print A3/A4 PDF maps using Ordnance Survey maps • 13 fixed scale map views, each view uses a OS map product with a level of detail appropriate for the scale, e.g. – National view 1:1,600,000, MiniScale® – Plan view 1:1,250, OS MasterMap data • Find out more about Ordnance Survey map products: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/index.html Digimap Training Workshops
  4. 4. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection •Roam – fixed scale mapping. Print A3, A4 PDF. •Carto – user selects scale of map. However Carto will not display a product if it is not sensible to do so at the selected scale...e.g. very detailed mapping will not be displayed if the user selects a small scale, say 1:500000. Print A4 to A0 PDF.
  5. 5. Carto will be replaced • Digimap team working on replacement, to be available 2013 • Too difficult to maintain - changes to web browsers and Java • Your feedback appreciated on development: – http://digimap.blogs.edina.ac.uk/2012/10/12/digimap-carto-we- need-your-help/ Digimap Training Workshops
  6. 6. Roam •Map tools: hill shading, measure, annotate, print •Hints & Tips •Task menu: •Map panel Search, Map Content, Map Info, MyMaps
  7. 7. Local View
  8. 8. Neighbourhood View
  9. 9. Street View
  10. 10. Detailed View
  11. 11. Menus • Click on a menu item to open it • Choose to Hide or Display menus with the double arrows Digimap Training Workshops
  12. 12. Search – Place name Digimap Training Workshops
  13. 13. Search – Place name Digimap Training Workshops
  14. 14. Search – Place name Local view map returned Digimap Training Workshops
  15. 15. Gazetteer • Place name search uses the OS 1: 50000 Scale Gazetteer • Same database that is used on the Landranger Maps • No street name searching possible Digimap Training Workshops
  16. 16. Search - postcode Digimap Training Workshops
  17. 17. Search - postcode Street view map returned Digimap Training Workshops
  18. 18. Search – 100 x 100 km OS tile Regional view SE Digimap Training Workshops
  19. 19. Search – 4 figure grid reference Metropolitan view SE4182 Digimap Training Workshops
  20. 20. Search – 6 figure grid reference Local view SE416820 Digimap Training Workshops
  21. 21. Navigation • Zoom in/out – Fishbone – Double click to zoom in – Scroll wheel on mouse • Pan – Click and drag the map – Compass • Full extent / Previous / Next views Digimap Training Workshops
  22. 22. Map Content Control • Allows the user to customise the features they see on the map, e.g. remove water features, or road features • Available in 8 views: • Metropolitan View • City View • District View • Neighbourhood View • Street View • Detailed View • Plan View Digimap Training Workshops
  23. 23. Map Content Control List of layers Digimap Training Workshops
  24. 24. Map Content Control Uncheck boxes to remove layers Digimap Training Workshops
  25. 25. Map Content Control • OS maps used in Roam are Vector or Raster map data. • We cannot select individual features in raster maps. If a view uses a raster map you cannot customise it. Digimap Training Workshops
  26. 26. Alternative map styles • Alternatives styles available in 4 most detailed views: Neighbourhood, Street, Detailed, Plan • Fond within Map Content Control - Theme
  27. 27. Alternative map styles • In Map Content Control, allows user to choose from a selection of styles • Used new data product to create these styles – VectorMap Local • http://www.youtube.com/user/EDINADigimap#p/a/u/1/wa dgUWe3jNA
  28. 28. Map Information Map product, Coordinates, Print scale Digimap Training Workshops
  29. 29. Annotations tools • Tools to add lines, shapes, text and labels to your maps Digimap Training Workshops
  30. 30. Annotation tools • Toolbar appears at the top of the screen – can be moved around • Main options to add annotations in the Draw & Create area - add: • Add symbols, text, lines, polygons, pre-defined shapes • Annotations remain on your map at the same scale as you zoom in and out • Options: save annotations within Digimap, make visible on PDF print, export, import Digimap Training Workshops
  31. 31. Sample of annotations Digimap Training Workshops
  32. 32. Hillshading• Uses Land-Form PANORAMA 1:50,000 data to shade elevated areas
  33. 33. Recreate this map in Roam
  34. 34. Recreate this map in Roam • Map of the site for a proposed new hotel and retail development in central Edinburgh – Search with a postcode, EH1 1JF – Zoom in to Plan View – Centre the map where Cowgate meets South Bridge – Select Line Drawing Theme – Add a polygon that covers the empty site – Add labels for Hotel entrance and Retail Development
  35. 35. Recreate this map in Roam
  36. 36. Recreate this map in Roam• Project to mark location of water vole survey sites on Isle of Wight. Only need map of island, with town information for context. – Search for Isle of Wight – Zoom out to City View – Display A, B, minor roads, coastline, cities towns and other settlements. – Add red markers where shown. Digimap Training Workshops
  37. 37. Print • add gridlines, annotations, title • move map around in preview • print A3/A4 landscape or portrait
  38. 38. PDF print
  39. 39. Keep in touch • EDINA Helpdesk – email: edina@ed.ac.uk – telephone: 0131 650 3302 •http://digimap.blogs.edina.ac.uk/ •http://www.facebook.com/EDINADigimap •http://www.youtube.com/user/EDINADigimap •http://twitter.com/edina_digimap