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Slides used in a short workshop on Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection. This is a subscription service for UK Further and Higher Education.

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  • Topography Layer is a detailed, intelligent, geographic database. It contains almost half a billion features from the built and natural landscape of Britain. Detailed and surveyed to a high degree of accuracy, the Topography Layer is continually revised to incorporate changes to the urban and rural environment. It consists of nine themes: land area classifications; buildings; roads, tracks and paths; rail; water; terrain and height; heritage and antiquities; structures; and administrative boundaries. The ITN Layer is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting of a Roads Network theme and a Road Routing Information (RRI) theme for Great Britain. The Roads Network contains road categories, from motorways and primary routes to named and unnamed minor roads and local streets. RRI contains features such as height, weight and width restrictions; traffic calming; turn restrictions; and one-way roads as well as vehicular access and time restrictions. Other OS Layers – not available within Digimap Address Layer The most complete national address dataset for the whole of Great Britain. Imagery Layer The OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is a maintained dataset of  high-quality aerial photography and provides a detailed aerial map of Great Britain.
  • Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection - Essentials

    1. 1. Content• Introduction• View, annotate and print maps – Roam• Break• Data Download• Order, download, re-order process• What data is available?
    2. 2. EDINA• Jisc funded nationaldata centre• Geospatial,multimedia andbibliographic projectsand services, for UK FE,HE and schools
    3. 3. Digimap Collections• Jisc licensedcollections of mappingdata•Colleges anduniversities subscribe toeach Digimap Collectionseparatelyhttp://www.jisc-collections.a• EDINA designs, andhosts the map data for,the browser-basedDigimap Collections:http://edina.ac.uk/
    4. 4. Copyright and Terms of UseIn summary:• maps produced from Digimap Collections are for Teaching,Educational Research or Academic Research by registered users.• there are some restrictions on the size and form of publication ofmaps from Digimap.• copies may be made of maps printed from Digimap providing they arerequired for Teaching, Educational Research or Academic Researchpurposes. All copies must continue to show the copyrightacknowledgement.• all maps must carry an appropriate copyright acknowledgement, forexample:"© Crown Copyright/database right 20(yy). An OrdnanceSurvey/EDINA supplied service."
    5. 5. Copyright and Terms of Use• Guidance on the licence agreements:http://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/digimapsupport/access/licence_agreements.htm
    6. 6. OS licence renewal• Variation agreement to original sub-licence expired 2011• JISC Collections has made progress with negotiation and theOS has agreed to cap the liabilities they seek from subscribinginstitutions• There will be an End User Licence Agreement - work is on-going to make this as simple for the user as possible
    7. 7. OS Open Data
    8. 8. OS Open Data• Digimap OS Collection provides some of the OS Open Datasets – different terms and conditions apply to this data (canbe used commercially).• When users download OS data from Digimap, a conditionsdocument is included, which specifies if data is:– Covered by Digimap licence– Covered by OS Open Data licence
    9. 9. Authentication• No separate login page• Users can choose to login via UK federation, or to ExploreResources
    10. 10. User registration• Individual registration required for Digimap OS, GeologyDigimap and Marine Digimap• Can register for more than one collection on same form• Approval process takes between 24 hours and 2 working days• User email must be correct and current (does not have to beinstitutional email)
    11. 11. User details• Users can change details in My Digimap area• Essential to keep email address updated, to receive datadownload links and info. on downtime, service updates etc
    12. 12. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey CollectionView andprint PDFmapsDownload mapdataQuery tools
    13. 13. Environment Digimap• In development.• Info. aboutsubscription andaccess to theservice will bepublished whenavailable.
    14. 14. Environment Digimap• Land cover data from Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, NERCcentrehttp://www.ceh.ac.uk/LandCoverMap2007.html• Land Cover maps for 1990, 2000 and 2007 will be displayed inEnvironment Roam• Environment Roam available initially• Data download service will follow
    15. 15. Environment Roam
    16. 16. Fieldtrip GB Open data mashupComingSoon…..http://fieldtripgb.blogs.edina.ac.uk
    17. 17. Content• Introduction• View, annotate and print maps – Roam• Break• Data Download• Order, download, re-order process• What data is available?
    18. 18. Scale• The ratio between distance measured on the map and the truedistance on the ground• Scale may be expressed in several ways:– as a Representative Fraction• e.g. 1:1,250; 1:250,000; 1:63,360• “One unit on the map represents 1,250 units on the ground”– in words• e.g. “one inch to one mile”• “One inch on the map represents one mile on the ground”– by scale lines100m0 50
    19. 19. Scale• Large scale or small scale?– Relative terms
    20. 20. 1:625000 scale• Very small scale• 1cm on map = 6.25 km onground• 1” = 10miles• Paper equivalent – Great BritainRoute MapSource:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale625000.html
    21. 21. 1:250000 scale• Small scale• 1cm on map = 2.5km on ground• 1” = 4 miles• Paper equivalent – road maps• Source:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale250000.html
    22. 22. 1:50000 scale• Small scale• 1cm = 500m on ground• 11/4” = 1mile• Paper equivalent – OSLandranger mapSource:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale50000.html
    23. 23. 1:25000 scale• Medium scale• 1cm = 250m on ground• 21/2” = 1mile• Paper equivalent – OS Explorermaps• Source:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale25000.html
    24. 24. 1:10000 scale• Mid-scale• 1cm = 100m on ground• 61/4” = 1mile• Digital map products –– Streetview– OS VectorMapLocal– 1:10000 raster• Source:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale10000.html
    25. 25. 1:1250 scale• Large-scale• 1cm = 12.5m on ground• 50” = 1 mile• Digital map products – OSMasterMap• Source:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/gi/chooserightmap/scale1250.html
    26. 26. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection•Roam – fixed scale mapping• 14 zoom levels, or views.• Each view uses an OS map data product, appropriate for that scale.• Print A4 to A0 PDF.• User can select print scale.•Carto – user selects map scale. Print A4 to A0 PDF. To be withdrawn July2013.
    27. 27. RoamMap panelMap tools: hillshading, measure,annotate, printHints & TipsTask menu:Search, MapContent, MapInfo, My Maps
    28. 28. Street View
    29. 29. Plan View
    30. 30. Search option 1 – place nameLocal viewmap returned
    31. 31. 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer• Place name search usesthe OS 1: 50000 ScaleGazetteer• Same database that isused on OS LandrangerMap• No street namesearching possible
    32. 32. Search option 2 – full postcodeStreet view mapreturned
    33. 33. Search option 3 – grid referenceRegional viewSE (100 x 100km tile)
    34. 34. Search option 3 – grid referenceLocalviewSE416820(100 x 100msquare)
    35. 35. Learn more on Grid Referencing…• Ordnance Survey resource:http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/education-and-research/teaching-resources/using-the-national-grid/index.html• Digimap eLearning unit in Digimap Resource Centre
    36. 36. Digimap eLearning module
    37. 37. Roam demo & practise2 Map tools: hillshading, measure,annotate, print1 Task menu:Search, MapContent, MapInfo, My Maps,Navigation
    38. 38. Roam practise 1• Login to Digimap: http://digimap.edina.ac.uk/• Select EDINA as your institution• Use username and password on your training guideCreate and save these maps:1. Plan view of University of Kent campus, CT2 7NZ. Select a LineDrawing theme.2. Metropolitan view of London, with City of London at the centre.Remove all roads except motorways and A roads.3. Street view map of Whitstable (centre on harbour area). SelectVectorMap Local theme AND remove Height information(contours and spot heights).
    39. 39. Roam practise 2- recreate this map
    40. 40. Roam practise 2• Map of the site for a proposed new hotel andretail development in central Edinburgh– Search with a postcode, EH1 1JF– Zoom in to Plan View– Centre the map where Cowgate meets South Bridge TIP:very slightly north of Museum and Univ building– Select Line Drawing Theme– Add a polygon that covers the empty site– Add labels for Hotel entrance and Retail Development
    41. 41. Forthcoming changes to Roam• Summer 2013• All Roams will havesame look and feel• Easier to findalternative themes• Add extra layers tomap e.g.postcodes, admin.boundaries,contours• New print interface• These images NOTfinal!
    42. 42. Roam functions - overview
    43. 43. Navigation• Zoom in/out– Fishbone– Double click to zoom in– Scroll wheel on mouse• Pan– Click and drag the map– Compass• Full extent / Previous / Nextviews
    44. 44. Map Content Control• Allows the user to customise the features they see on themap, e.g. remove water features, or road features• Available in 8 views:• Metropolitan View• City View• District View• Neighbourhood View• Street View• Detailed View• Plan View• Building View
    45. 45. Map Content ControlList oflayers
    46. 46. Map Content ControlUncheckboxes toremovelayers
    47. 47. Map Content Control• OS maps used inRoam are Vectoror Raster mapdata.• Not possible toselect individualfeatures in rastermaps.
    48. 48. Themes• Themes / alternatives styles available in 5 most detailed views:Neighbourhood, Street, Detailed, Plan, Building• Found within Map Content Control - Theme
    49. 49. Alternative map styles• In Map Content Control, user can select a theme• Used a map data product from OS OpenData to create thesethemes – OS VectorMap Local• http://www.youtube.com/user/EDINADigimap#p/a/u/1/wadgUWe3jNA
    50. 50. Map InformationMap product,coordinates,print scale
    51. 51. My Maps• Click Save current map, enter aMap title, Click Ok• Available whenever you login
    52. 52. Measurement tools• Click the distancetool to activate• Click at each pointon the map – apink line is added• Double click at lastpoint• Distance given intools box
    53. 53. Measurement tools• Click the area toolto activate• Click at each pointof your area – apink shaded areais added• Double click at lastpoint• Area given in toolsbox
    54. 54. Annotation tools• Tools to add lines, shapes, text and labels to yourmaps
    55. 55. Annotation tools• Toolbar appears at the top of the screen – can be moved around• Main options to add annotations in the Draw & Create area – add symbols,text, lines, polygons, pre-defined shapes• Annotations remain on your map at the same scale as you zoom in and out
    56. 56. Sample of annotations
    57. 57. Annotations options• Save annotations within Digimap (can retrieve and displayannotations in any Roam service e.g. Ancient Roam)• Make visible on PDF print• Export formats: Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON• Import formats: Shapefile, KML, GPX, CVS, GeoJSON
    58. 58. Annotation import• Import Shapefiles,KML, GPX, CSV andGeoJSON datasets.• In this example weuploaded aShapefile• Location ofoperational windfarms in GB
    59. 59. Hillshading• Off by default – click Hill icon to switch on
    60. 60. Hillshading• Uses Ordnance Survey Digital Terrain Modelling map to shadeelevated areas
    61. 61. Print• opens in new window, move map around in preview• add gridlines, annotations, title, hillshading• select print scale• print A4 to A0 landscape or portrait• PDF, PNG or JPG
    62. 62. PDF print
    63. 63. Digimap Collections• Introduction• View, annotate and print maps – Roam• Break• Data Download• Order, download, re-order process• What data is available?
    64. 64. Data Download services• Users can download awide range of OS mapdata products in DataDownload• Download several mapproducts in one order• Select from differentversions and formats• Updates - new versionsfrom OS uploadedwhenever received
    65. 65. Available datasets and dateshttp://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/os/data_information/os_data_issues/os_update_dates.htm#
    66. 66. Data Download service, 3 step process1. Select area2. Select maps3. Add tobasket(options)
    67. 67. Basket options• Click Change to select format, map date and layers• Options available depend on the map product
    68. 68. Preview Area• Receive all intersectingNational Grid tilescovering the selectedarea• Likely to receive data fora larger area than theone selected• National Grid tile sizes:– 1 x 1 km, 5 x 5 km, 10 x10 km, 20 x 20 km, 100x 100 km
    69. 69. Re-orders• Check status andreorder in MyPreviousDownloads
    70. 70. Data Download demo and practise• 3 step orderprocess andbasket options• Downloadingorder andopening file• Re-orderprocess
    71. 71. Unzipping standard Digimap zip files• Standard Windows unzip facility will extract the data fromthe zip file:
    72. 72. Unzip standard Digimap zip files• Sub-folder for each map product• Citations and contents text documents at top level
    73. 73. Sub-folder contents• This example is a raster map data product. Note TIFF file andTFW files.• Conditions of use text file. Data from Digimap OS is coveredby the Digimap licence OR the OS OpenData licence. So eachdata folder has a conditions document that specifies whichconditions apply.
    74. 74. Unzip MasterMap zip files• Data is delivered in GZip file - GML data within the GZip• Can extract the GML file from the GZip file…not alwaysnecessary to do this. Use WinZip, 7Zip, GZip to extract fromGZip
    75. 75. Vector data formatsFormat CompatibilitySHP Shape file, ArcGIS formatMIF/MID MapInfo formatNTF National Transfer format, non-proprietaryGML Geography Markup LanguageDXF Drawing Exchange Format, AutoCAD
    76. 76. Issues for Digimap users• Compatibility - some vector map data formatsavailable from Digimap may not be compatible withyour GIS/CAD software• Styling of data – vector map data downloaded fromDigimap will not have a cartographic style, whenviewed in GIS/CAD
    77. 77. Formats and conversion guidancehttp://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/os/data_information/data_formats/new_data_translators.htm
    78. 78. Data Download• Order data for the area around University of Kent (CT27NZ) or an area of your choice:1. OS MasterMap Topography, December 2011 version2. 1:10000 raster, June 20113. Profile DTM, TIFF format4. VectorMap District5. Boundary-Line – SHP format, County boundaries only
    79. 79. Content• Introduction• View, annotate and print maps – Roam• Break• Data Download• Order, download, re-order process• What data is available?
    80. 80. Data Download• Data Downloadhas 5 categories ofdata• Click + or onCategory name toopen
    81. 81. 1. OS MasterMap• Most detailed mapping available of GB• Ordnance Survey have 4 layers ofMasterMap data (Topography,Imagery, ITN and Address Layer)• Digimap offers two of these layers:• Topography layer• Integrated Transport Network (ITN) layer• Change Only updates available
    82. 82. OS MasterMap layers
    83. 83. 2. Backdrop mapping•Largest scale at top•Raster data all supplied in TIFFimage format, with a TFW file•TIFF World Files contains location,scale and rotation of TIFF map. Keepin same folder as TIFF•All compatible with ArcGIS, noconversion requirements
    84. 84. 2. Backdrop mapping• Information boxesindicate:– Scale– Format availability– Version– Data Allowance– Terms of use• Version and format canbe changed in orderBasket, under options
    85. 85. 3. Land and Height data•PROFILE 1:10000, created2009. Contours at 5m intervalswith spot heights.•PANORAMA 1:50000, created1996. Contours at 10mintervals with spot heights.•DTM – Digital terrain model –3D representation of terrainsurface.
    86. 86. 3. Land and Height data• Contours, Panoramaavailable in DXF, NTFformats• DTMs available in DXF,NTF, ASC, TIFF• DXF AutoCAD format
    87. 87. 4. Vector Data• Formats available for products notconsistent, e.g.:– VectorMapLocal – GML– Strategi – SHP, DXF, TAB, NTF, MIFMID• SHP available for all vector maps,except VectorMapLocal andMeridian 2 Tiles (NTF, DXF)
    88. 88. 5. Boundary and Location Data• Boundary-Line - administrativeboundaries e.g. counties, unitaryauthorities, electoral areas• Code-Point – coordinates forpostcodes, boundaries forpostcodes• OS Locator – gazetteer of roadnames• Entire 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer,260,000 entries• National Grid square outlines,1km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 100kmoptions• GB National outlines
    89. 89. OS Boundary-Line• SHP, MIFMID formats available
    90. 90. Code-Point• Code-Point data, on 1:10000 Scale Raster background•Available in CSV or NTF format. Simplest to import to ArcGIS using CSV.
    91. 91. Code-Point with Polygons• Code-Point polygons are digital post-code boundaries• Image shows Code-Point data and Code-Point Polygons, on 1:10000 Scale Rasterbackground•Available in SHP or MIF/MID format
    92. 92. 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer• Place name searches in Digimapuse the OS 1: 50000 ScaleGazetteer• Same database that is used onOS Landranger Map• Download entire Gazetteerfrom Data Download, CSVformat
    93. 93. Gazetteer Plus• Or download selectedrecords using GazetteerPlus – CSV, TAB or XMLformats
    94. 94. Gazetteer place name points
    95. 95. ArcGIS
    96. 96. ArcGIS
    97. 97. ArcGIS