Using OS MasterMap data from Digimap in AutoCAD


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Slides used in an EDINA webinar in February 2013. Covers the use of Ordnance Survey map data from Digimap in AutoCAD, including: available data, formats, conversion tools and the web map streaming service, Digimap OpenStream.

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  • Topography Layer is a detailed, intelligent, geographic database. It contains almost half a billion features from the built and natural landscape of Britain. Detailed and surveyed to a high degree of accuracy, the Topography Layer is continually revised to incorporate changes to the urban and rural environment. It consists of nine themes: land area classifications; buildings; roads, tracks and paths; rail; water; terrain and height; heritage and antiquities; structures; and administrative boundaries. The ITN Layer is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting of a Roads Network theme and a Road Routing Information (RRI) theme for Great Britain. The Roads Network contains road categories, from motorways and primary routes to named and unnamed minor roads and local streets. RRI contains features such as height, weight and width restrictions; traffic calming; turn restrictions; and one-way roads as well as vehicular access and time restrictions. Other OS Layers – not available within Digimap Address Layer The most complete national address dataset for the whole of Great Britain. Imagery Layer The OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is a maintained dataset of  high-quality aerial photography and provides a detailed aerial map of Great Britain.
  • Using OS MasterMap data from Digimap in AutoCAD

    1. 1. Using data from Digimap in AutoCAD • What OS data is available that works in AutoCAD? • OS MasterMap data • Desktop sharing: – Importing OS MasterMap data to AutoCAD Map 3D – Resources
    2. 2. Data Download services • Users can download a wide range of OS map data products in Data Download • MasterMap Download is for OS MasterMap data in GML (vector) format • Boundary Download provides OS postcode and boundary lines •From 5th Feb, all available in Data Download – all services will continue to be available for a period
    3. 3. Data Download • Data Download has 5 categories of data • Click + or on Category name to open
    4. 4. Data Download – OS Collection 3 step process: 1.Select area 2. Select map data products 3. Add to basket (format, layer and version options available)
    5. 5. Data Download basket
    6. 6. Data Download basket
    7. 7. Map data formats Format Compatibility SHP Shape file, ArcGIS format MIF/MID MapInfo format NTF National Transfer format, non-proprietary GML Geography Markup Language DXF Drawing Exchange Format, AutoCAD TIFF Raster data format
    8. 8. Formats and conversion guidance
    9. 9. Backdrop mapping •Largest scale at top •Raster data all supplied in TIFF image format, with a TFW file •TIFF World Files contains location, scale and rotation of TIFF map. Keep in same folder as TIFF •No conversion requirements
    10. 10. Backdrop mapping • Information boxes indicate: – Scale – Format availability – Version – Data Allowance – Terms of use • Version and format can be changed in order Basket, under options
    11. 11. Land and Height data •PROFILE 1:10000, created 2009. Contours at 5m intervals with spot heights. •PANORAMA 1:50000, created 1996. Contours at 10m intervals with spot heights. •DTM – Digital terrain model – 3D representation of terrain surface.
    12. 12. Land and Height data • Contours, Panorama available in DXF, NTF formats • DTMs available in DXF, NTF, ASC, TIFF • DXF AutoCAD format • Can also use TIFF and ASC formats in AutoCAD
    13. 13. Vector Data• Formats available for products not consistent, e.g.: – VectorMapLocal – GML, SHP – Strategi – SHP, DXF, TAB, NTF, MIFMID• SHP available for all vector maps, except Meridian 2 Tiles (NTF, DXF)
    14. 14. OS Vector Map Local data • Suitable for 1:3000 to 1:20000 viewing • Available in OS Collection Data Download – GML format: 1. Direct import of GZ file to AutoCAD via Insert > Map Import 2. Convert to SHP or TAB with Rolta Vector Map Loader
    15. 15. Rolta Vector Map Loader • Free download: • Converts OS VectorMap Local to SHP or TAB formats
    16. 16. Shape files • Shape files can be used in AutoCAD. • Remember to keep all constituent parts together - SHP, DBF, SHX:
    17. 17. Map Import • Map Import function allows you to import external file formats
    18. 18. Map Import • Many map data products from Digimap Collections are available in formats that can be imported to AutoCAD Map 3D, e.g. SHP, MIF/MID, TAB, GML
    19. 19. SDF • SDF is a native Autodesk file-based geospatial format that is optimized for storing large, classified data sets. • SDF is similar to SHP format in that it contains both spatial data and attribute data. However, unlike SHP, it stores both types of data in a single file rather than a set of files.
    20. 20. Connect to data • AutoCAD offers ability to connect to a feature source, such as databases, files (SHP, SDF), web servers (e.g. OpenStream)
    21. 21. Connect to data • Smaller DWG file – stores connection and style, not data • Easier to share data
    22. 22. Export options • Not tied to AutoCAD formats
    23. 23. Export options
    24. 24. OS MasterMap data • AutoCAD users generally interested in large scale (very detailed) data • Largest scale data in Digimap is OS MasterMap – available in Data Download – GML format – TIFF format • Digimap Help pages - detail how to use MasterMap data in AutoCAD
    25. 25. OS MasterMap layers
    26. 26. OS MasterMap data in AutoCAD – GML format Using OS MasterMap in AutoCAD: 1. Later versions of AutoCAD (post-2008) – built-in MasterMap Importer, accepts GZip file (in data download file from Digimap) 2. Earlier versions of AutoCAD (pre-2008) or other CAD packages without a MasterMap importer – Convert to DXF or DWG with InterpOse
    27. 27. MasterMap Download file • Data is delivered in GZip file - GML data within the GZip
    28. 28. MasterMap download file • Here we have extracted the GML file from the Gzip file…not always necessary to do this, e.g. AutoCAD 2010 and later can import the GZip file
    29. 29. 1. Direct import of GZip file to AutoCAD • First, load a template file from the Autodesk website • Import the GML data • Update the data to the style within the template files What is the template file? From the AutoDesk website: – ‘This is a drawing template file (dwt) that stores the classification definitions for OS Mastermap data. Using this template allows users to quickly visualise MasterMap data using suggested OS colour standards’. • Can also load the GML directly, without a template…then set own style
    30. 30. Step 1 - Download the DWT drawing template file
    31. 31. Step 2 – Load template file in AutoCAD Map 3D
    32. 32. Step 3 – Load GZip file in AutoCAD Map 3D
    33. 33. Step 4 – Create object data for points, lines and polygons
    34. 34. Step 5 – Update Topographic layers • Right click on Topographic layer > Update • Adds symbolisation to the data
    35. 35. Step 6 – View data
    36. 36. Digimap help pages
    37. 37. 2. Convert to DXF or DWG with InterpOse • Earlier versions of AutoCAD (pre-2008) or other CAD packages without a MasterMap importer – Convert to DXF or DWG with InterpOse
    38. 38. InterpOse Digimap edition •Free download, which converts MasterMap GML data to DXF or DWG formats •InterpOse accepts GZip files for conversion
    39. 39. InterpOse Digimap Edition • Point the convertor to the contents order.txt file received with your MasterMap download file from Digimap
    40. 40. InterpOse - Convert to DXF • Load the data into a MasterMap template file – supplied by InterpOse
    41. 41. InterpOse – Convert to DXF • Location of InterpOse MasterMap template file
    42. 42. InterpOse – DXF output • Output is 1 DXF file, which can be opened in AutoCAD
    43. 43. Desktop sharing 1. Open MM template file (DWT) 2. Import GZip OS MasterMap data 3. Export the MasterMap data as SDF file 4. Connect to SDF layer 5. Connect to Profile DTM (TIFF) 6. Create more detailed contour layer, using the TIFF DTM 7. Show resources
    44. 44. OpenStream • Free with email address • Stream following OS map data direct to GIS: • MiniScale® • 1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster • OS Vector Map™ District (Raster) • OS Street View® • http://openstream.ed
    45. 45. Digimap OpenStream
    46. 46. Digimap OpenStream API key • Add my API key to the OpenStream URL: ream/wms?token=[your_apikey] • Setup this URL in AutoCAD – Display Manager > Data > Connect to Data > Add WMS Connection
    47. 47. Digimap Resource Centre
    48. 48. Context sensitive help pages
    49. 49. YouTube
    50. 50. How to guides
    51. 51. eLearning Units
    52. 52. eLearning units • No prior knowledge of topics assumed • Units 1-3: estimate 2 hours completion time • Unit 4 – 1 hour