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Renewables presentationv3

  1. 1. Edge Electrical &Renewables LtdRenewable Technologies
  2. 2. Available Technologies Solar (PV) Panels Solar Thermal Panels Heat Pumps Wind Turbines Biomass Boilers Mini Hydro LED Lighting Rainwater Harvesting
  3. 3. Benefits Reduce & cap energy costs Reduce carbon emissions Generate clean energy Become self sufficient Generate additional income Tighter control of site budgets Monitor site usage
  4. 4. Solar (PV) Panels
  5. 5. Solar (PV) Panels What are they and how do they work? – Solar Power fed back to the grid & used at the property Benefits – Qualifies for FIT Costs
  6. 6. Solar Thermal Panels What are they and how do they work? – Solar heating pumped via insulated tank – Heat water for minimal cost Benefits – Qualifies for RHPP Costs
  7. 7. Heat Pumps What are they and how do they work? Types – Air Source – Ground Source – Vertical & Horizontal – Water Source Benefits – RHI & RHPP Costs
  8. 8. Wind Turbines What are they and how do they work? Types Vertical & Horizontal Benefits – FIT Costs
  9. 9. Biomass Boilers Want are they and how do they work? – Generate renewable heat Types – pellets, shavings & logs Benefits – RHI & RHPP Costs
  10. 10. Mini Hydro What is it and how does it work? Bespoke dependant on case Benefits – Virtually constant power source Costs
  11. 11. Rainwater Harvesting What is it and how does it work? – Rainwater is reused and treated for either potable or grey water use Benefits Costs
  12. 12. Feed In Tariff (FIT)Typical Example Of Benefits With 20 kWp Solar PV System: A. Generation income Tariff 13.03p per kWh x Annual generation 18,000 kWh = £ 2,345.40 B. Export income Earn 4.5p x (estimated at 50% of generated amount) kWh = £ 405 C. Fuel bill savings Save 10p per kWh x 17,000 kWh = £ 1,700 Total system benefit per year A + B + C = £ 4,450.40
  13. 13. Solar (PV) Panels Typical Investment & Payback 20 kWp Solar PV System Installation cost (£ 32,000) / Annual benefit (£ 4,450.40) = 7.2 year payback on investment The Feed In Tariff lasts for 20 years & all calculations are made without inflation adjustment (which will be made) and increased imported electricity costs. Therefore the benefit total is likely to be considerably more.
  14. 14. Government IncentivesAvailable Feed In Tariff (FIT) – Available to all Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – Available to commercial Renewable Heat Premium Payments – Available to domestic prior to RHI roll out this summer Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) – 100% of investment written off in year 1
  15. 15. Other Incentives Independent Low Interest Loan Siemens Financial Services (SFS) (Previously run by Carbon Trust) – No capital outlay – No additional outgoings (Savings made pay for the installation)