Prelaunch digital marketing example


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One of my example work portfolio on prelaunch, marketing and digital strategy

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Prelaunch digital marketing example

  1. 1. Prelaunch DigitalMarketing StrategyStephen Dawni Nugraha
  2. 2. Executive SummaryVivaSky has several idle digital marketing resources to be maximizedfor pre launching activity
  3. 3. Executive SummaryWe can utilize them to get attention from netizen, create word ofmouth and develop hugh curiosity among the prospect customer.
  4. 4. Executive SummaryThis would place our launching session to potentially has impact ashugh as Apple new product launch
  5. 5. Executive SummaryThis presentation will explain on how to utilized themmaximum within pre-launching periode
  6. 6. INDEXThe existing resourcesGetting attention, word of mouth and pre-orderWe will potentially have hugh impact onlaunching
  7. 7. Existing ResourcesDuring the BI & CI works, we have set a corporate website and adomain for our future brand website.
  8. 8. Existing ResourcesAll VivaSky-ite has mobile phone and connected digitally ondaily basis.
  9. 9. Existing Resources@VivaSky3Play was set up since november 2012 and yet the othersocial media will soon being registered for our brand
  10. 10. Existing ResourcesBrands attribute were setlled and ready to be amplified in the digitaland social media space
  11. 11. INDEXThe existing resourcesGetting attention, word of mouth and pre-orderWe will potentially have hugh impact onlaunching
  12. 12. Strategy map for pre launch digital marketingstrategyPlatform+KnowledgeInternalProcessProspectCustomerBudgetYou Got MyAttentionI Need To Share ThisI Want To OrderNowWow CopywritingSearch MarketingSocial MediaMarketingMobile & Chat AppsManagementEvangelize GenerationViral MeasuringPre Order GenerationWIX PlatformIntegrated Chat PlatformViral Knowledge ResourcesAple Case StudyHigh ResponseResultIncrease ROILow Values Spending
  13. 13. Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyYou got myattentionWow!!I needto tell thisI want to orderthis now!!Pre OrderGenerationWow FactorAnalysisSearchMarketingProspectCustomerInternalProcessPlatform+KnowledgeMobile &Chatting AppsMgmtSocial MediaMarketingEvangelizeGenerationViralMeasurementOpenSourceWixPlatformViralKnowledgeResourcesAple CaseStudyIncrease returns on investment by1. Focus on low values spending• Free spending is the best• Inhouse works – bootstrap mindset2. High response focus• Always doing prototyping – execute program – measure result – improve• Thinking as a growth hacker – how to generate userPerformance Indicatora. Ratio between spending and respond unitb. Spending valuesc. Response growthBudgetHigh Response ResultIncrease ROILow Values Spending
  14. 14. Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyIncreaseROIPre OrderGenerationWow FactorAnalysisSearchMarketingBudgetInternalProcessPlatform+KnowledgeMobile &Chatting AppsMgmtSocial MediaMarketingEvangelizeGenerationLowSpending ValueHigh ResponseFocusViralMeasurementOpenSourceWixPlatformViralKnowledgeResourcesAple CaseStudyWHOWHAT1. Netizen – Desktop &Mobile2. Social Media savy3. Live in focus city4. Young Adult5. Logical rational1. Netizen – Mobile2. Chatting Apps user3. Live in focus city4. Young & Young Adult5. Sense & feeling1. Netizen – Desktop &Mobile2. Live in focus city3. Young & Young Adult1. Fact yet Intriguingmesage about Pay TVIndustry2. Create shocking factor• Big loss• Hugh rewardExample:10 kerugianberlangganan Pay TV1. General message2. Funny, unique, teasingcuriosity3. Persuade to share and tellExample:Megan Fox ternyata PRIA1. CLA Feature2. Revealed one by one3. Using video ormultimedia4. Call to action now5. To our microsite6. Together with BTLcreate offine crowdPerformance Indicator1. Number of email registered2. Number pre order through website3. Number of contact chatProspectCustomer You Got MyAttentionI Need To Share ThisI Want To OrderNow
  15. 15. Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyWHATThe good attentiongetter articleCopywriting type ofworkSearch Engine OptimizationSearh Engine MarketingGoogle Displaty NetworkManaging VivaSkypage in the socialmediaPerformanceIndicator1. Number of articleproduce2. Number of article with agood respond1. SEO & SEMPerformance metric2. List down of goodkeyword1.Number of social networkmanage2.Social Media metricFB (active users, lifetimelikes, unique page views)ProspectCustomerYou Got MyAttentionInternalProcessWow Copywriting Search Marketing Social Media Marketing
  16. 16. Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyWHAT1. Chatt applicationsagregator2. Platform1. Collecting volunteerfor VivaSky2. Starting from theemployee1. Measurementmethode2. Analysis toolsPerformanceIndicator1. Development Progress2. List down of chat appsagregated1. Number of VivaSkyevangelize2. Evangelize manual1. How far the message sent2. List of “viral-ablemessage”3. Development progressProspectCustomerI Need To Share ThisInternalProcessMobile & Chat AppsManagementEvangelize Generation Viral Measuring
  17. 17. Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyWHATPreparing offline queueing crowdwhen the launching time comesGeting pre-order through our SocialMedia and Website temporary pagesPerformanceIndicator1. Number of pre-order2. Growth of pre-order volumeProspectCustomerI Want To Order NowInternalProcessPre Order Generation
  18. 18. Revised Pre Launch - Digital Marketing StrategyPlatform+KnowledgeInternalProcessWow CopywritingSearch MarketingSocial Media MarketingMobile & Chat Apps ManagementEvangelize GenerationViral MeasuringPre Order GenerationWIX PlatformIntegrated Chat PlatformViral Knowledge ResourcesApple Case StudyWHATHTML 5 TemplateWebsiteLow Cost – FreeFree & adjustableAgregating chat apps –whatsapp+skype+yahoomessengerBasic knowledgeon how managingviral includingcontent+platformBasic knowledge onhow generate pre –order (offline &online)PERFORMANCEINDICATORa. Learning reportb. Platform Progress Update
  19. 19. INDEXThe existing resourcesGetting attention, word of mouth and pre-orderWe will potentially have hugh impact onlaunching
  20. 20. Road To DecemberMay June July Aug Sept Oct Nov DecSocial MediaWebsiteChat AppsAgregatorWowCopywritingEvangelizeGenerationPre OrderGenerationViral MeasuringTechnical Preparation Execution Phase
  21. 21. Road To DecemberWe’re expecting the best for launching event
  22. 22. APPENDIX
  23. 23. McKinsey ResearchMcKinsey Quarterly April 2010“A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing”1. The term word of mouth, as used in this article, means consumer-to-consumer communication with no economic incentives.The sender may, however, reap social gratification or rewards
  24. 24. Marketing Science Paper Vol 29 No2, March – April 2010, pp. 348-365
  25. 25. Marketing Science Paper Vol 29 No2, March – April 2010, pp. 348-365
  26. 26. Marketing Science Paper Vol 29 No 2, March – April 2010, pp. 348-365
  27. 27. Viral Real Case1 April 2005 to 6 May 2006 a large financial services provider ran a viral marketing campaign. The goal ofthis campaign was to promote financial services to highly educated potential customers aged between20 and 291. Customer participated in the campaign while playing a game during which they answered the questions which led tocareer profile.2. In return of guaranteed price they fill out an online form request personal information3. After filled, they informed they will get the bigger price if they invited one or more of their friends to the campaignby sending e-mails via the Send to a Friend button4. Checked by software connected whether the email valid or not5. Viral start 1 April but seeding started 4 April 2013 at the end of Day 3, 846 participants6. Between 4 April – 14 April, 6.400 banner clicks direct to the campaign website by placing banner7. Between 4 April – 7 April marketing agency sent 4,500 – 24,258 seeding email to customers who agreed.
  28. 28. Monitor Tools