HERE Project Presentation for European First Year Experience Conference 2010

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  • NatSo student doubters were more likely to become leavers – NTU non doubters were five times more likely to persistLarger sample size – looked at doubting – so figures for staying/leaving etc from doubters (NOT leavers) Add profiles of stduents who withdrew?NTU16 students from 370 withdrew (4% of respondents)Gender 8 female (3% of respondents)8 male (6% of respondents)Age11 were aged 18 – 21Disability1 student withdrew from 24 (4% of respondents)Mode of Study5 part time students withdrew (50% of respondents)


  • 1. HERE – Learning from the Doubters
    Becka Currant, Ed Foster & Chris Keenan
  • 2. Background
    HERE Project set up as part of the ‘What Works? Student Retention & Success Programme’
    HEFCE/ Paul Hamlyn Foundation
    Collaborative project
    Two strands
    Why do more students have doubts than leave?
    Surveyed at all 3 institutions – March – May 2009
    Followed up with focus groups and interviews
    What can programmes do to have a positive impact on retention?
  • 3. Why did students have doubts?
  • 4. Strand One: Student DoubtersStudent Transition Survey
    Have you considered withdrawing at any point during your first year?
    Please tell us what made you consider leaving.
    What has helped you decide to stay on your course?
  • 5. Student Transition Survey (March – May 2009)
  • 6. Progression
  • 7.
  • 8. Current Course Experiences: Doubters vs. non-doubters (Bournemouth)
    % is the number of students who agreed or strongly agreed with each statement
    Base = 87 (doubters = 40, non-doubters = 47)
  • 9. Why diddoubters choose to stay?
  • 10.
  • 11. Some Recommendations
  • 12. Implications from the research
    To improve retention requires work in two areas:
    Reduce student doubting
    Particularly course related factors
    Work on the reasons why students stay
    Particularly friendship, community, belonging factors
  • 13. Thanks very much for your time
    Any Questions?