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Top 10 "Men Take Note" Questions of 2010
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Top 10 "Men Take Note" Questions of 2010


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SkinnyScoop enables women to get feedback from trusted sources. It also gives men a sneak peak into what women are really thinking. This Top 10 highlights some interesting results from some of …

SkinnyScoop enables women to get feedback from trusted sources. It also gives men a sneak peak into what women are really thinking. This Top 10 highlights some interesting results from some of SkinnyScoop's questions on romance, sex, lifestyle and other topics.

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  • 1. Results from our Top 10
    “Men Take Note” Questions of 2010
    The Social Discovery Platform that Enhances, Influences
    and Monetizes Women’s Decisions
  • 2. Top 10 Men Take Note Results
    % women
    prefer a massageto sex
    sometimes pee in the shower
    are OK using the bathroom in front of you
    are afraid to cuddle as it will lead to sex
    think they look younger than their real age
    say their man takes too long to replace an empty TP roll
    have kept love letters from an ex
    take less time to get ready than their men
    say their men are always chivalrous
    prefer a man do major manscaping
  • 3. Women say they prefer massages to sex, but one can lead to another…
    A foot massage is an orgasm and then some!
    Which do you prefer –
    a back massage or sex?
    Of course! But then again, 2 out of 3 massages will make me want sex.
    A ratio of 6 nights massage/pampering to 1 night sex works for me.
    Oh YAY i'm glad i'm not the only one! :D
  • 4. You aren’t the only one…women also pee in the shower
    I tell my son never to do it but admit that I do sometimes pee in the shower. I promise its only ever my home shower. And I'm sure my husband does it too!
    Do you sometimes pee
    in the shower?
    Doesn’t everybody?
    Um, ICK!
    There was a segment on NPR about incontinence in women post childbirth. The MD recommended peeing over the drain in the shower as a good exercise in strengthening your pelvic floor. Doctor recommended, people. Seriously!
  • 5. Women are ok using the bathroom in front of you but don’t think less of us!
    Do you use the bathroom
    in front of your partner?
    He likes to peek on me when I'm in the bathroom because he thinks it's SOOOOOOOOOO funny
    NEVER! This was always one of my stipulations after we were married. Privacy in the bathroom and we don't open each other's mail.
    Maybe I shouldn't but I feel like this is what happens after 10-15 years of togetherness...
  • 6. Sometimes we just want to cuddle;
    cuddling is not a cue to have sex
    Sometimes I wish there was just a sign I could hang or some other message I could send to let my husband know tonight is not the night for sex. I like to do some cuddling but always feel compelled to call it off at some point.
    Are you sometimes afraid to
    cuddle as it will lead to sex?
    Hilarious! Yes, absolutely!
    Cuddling is more likely to lead to my falling asleep - a pretty sure sign that we won't be having sex ;)
  • 7. Most women think we look really young – please keep up the delusion
    Considering the fact that I just turned 45 a week ago and got carded for a beer purchase at the store, I'll have to say I look a tad bit younger than 45! HOORAY!!
    Do you think you look older or younger than you real age?
    I might be delusional:)
    I used to think that no matter what age I was, I still looked late 20s/early 30s. When I turned 40 last year, I realized that I actually looked closer to my age. Bummer as 28 or 31 are such good ages to be.
  • 8. We women want you to change the
    toilet paper roll already!
    Why is "Armageddon" not an option?
    How long will your partner go with an empty TP roll before changing it?
    He doesn't even know where the extra rolls are stored.
    I am in complete shock. My husband actually changed the toilet paper roll. He didn't just put a new roll on the ground next to the toilet...he put it in spindle. Now if he would get to the other major thing on his "to do" list - parking permits.
  • 9. Women keep love letters from old flames but you can’t (yup, we’re hypocrites!)
    Have you kept love letters
    from old boyfriends?
    No but, oddly, wish that I had
    He doesn't even know where the extra rolls are stored.
    I actually have an old box full of letters from the past, even ones from my teenage years. A lot of them are love letters, sometimes I like to read over them and they make me smile because at one point in my life they meant a lot to me :)
  • 10. We women really don’t understand how you take longer to get ready then us
    Does your partner take longer to get ready than you do?
    He takes 30 minute showers!
    No, but he does find it nearly impossible to deviate from his "routine"... It's very funny.
    I'm always surprised at how long he takes to get ready ... after all these years, I've decided he doesn't feel the need to hurry. I guess I counterbalance that.
  • 11. Open the door, give us your coat – chivalry is good and needs to come back
    How often is your man chivalrous?
    He's from Texas, that's just how it works!
    When it's convenient for him or when other people are watching!
    I wish he were though. Even as a smart, career-minded woman I still like that old fashion chivalry.
  • 12. Women think a little trim is nice but
    full-on manscaping is not right
    What male grooming do you
    prefer in your man?
    I think male grooming is creepy
    I am just grateful he started using facial lotion (provided by me). Before we got married his entire repertoire included shampoo, a bar of plain soap, toothpaste/floss and deodorant..
    I have been blessed with a husband with fine, blond hair. No bushy butt over here!
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