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  • 1. ”Grandma´, may I useyouriPad, please?” Ingeborg Bø Boardmember EFQUEL, ICDE, Seniornet Past President EDEN, pastex. dir. NADE Norway EDEN AnnualConference Porto 6 - 9 June 2012
  • 2. - Openness- Friendliness- Collaborationbetweengenerations
  • 3. Trends technological development New gadgets and devices Personalisation Contextualisation Communication through social media Globalisation - openness to the world Public information only available on the net Welfare technology
  • 4. Life situationSeniors Younger generation Digital outsiders  Digital natives Many excluded from participation in the  Live separated from older generations digital society  Responsibility for parents and People live longer grandparents Better health  Live their lives on the internet Many live alone  New ways of communication Need more help to be able to stay at  Demanding obligations: home longer careers and family More demanding Shortage of personnel in the nursing homes Less resources available
  • 5. Norwegian senior-political indicators 2011Survey: attitude towards seniors:Statement: “Employees over 50 years old are less able to master pc and ictthan younger employees.” 2010 2011 Leaders 67% 56% agree Employees 67% 62% agree Synovate for Center for seniorpolicy, 2011
  • 6. Characteristics or stereotypes ?Seniors Young Experience  Curious Broad knowledge  Eager to learn Wisdom  Open-minded Critical  Radical Conservative  Unafraid of change Reluctant to change  Playful Old patters Rest
  • 7. Why bridge the gap?Seniors Young Participate more actively in  Learn to help others modern society: banking, public information, tickets, information  Attitude towardsseniors Inclusion  Respect Communication  Learn about the past Welfare technology  Critical thinking Reduce public expenses  Tolerance Self sustained  Conversation More joy  More joy Learning  Learning
  • 8. 
  • 9. SeniornetNorway Goal: All seniors in thecountryshall be activeusersoftheinternet
  • 10. SeniornetNorway: Development 2006 2012Clubs 20 160Volunteers 100 850Employees 36Trained per year 1.000 >25.000Budget (NOK) 2.1 m 5.5 m
  • 11. OpplæringsstederKlubber 160 stk.
  • 12. Why?  26% ofthepolulationofNorway, 1.3 million, areabove 55 years old 35%ofthe seniors, or 435 000, have noknowledgeabout pc or internet (National statistics; 2011)SSB)
  • 13. Tools:Motivate– teach-maintain  SeniorSurfday  Newspaper, homepage  Collaboration withotherNGOs  Tailormadebasictraining, just for seniors  «Pyramide training”: Traintheteachers!  Training and meetingplaceswhere seniors live and meet (seniorcentres, libraries, schools….)
  • 14. Goals for 2012: Increasethenetworkoflearningplaceswith 50 newplaces (target 200) Offer training and guidance to at least 25 000 seniors Collaboratewithschools Exploitthepotentialofwelfaretechnology, Engagegroupswithlowparticipation in theuseof ICT, immigrants
  • 15. SecondarySchoolVoluntaryclass: ICT Service
  • 16. Recognition: EU eInclusionAward – Rosingprisen 2006 AgeingWell:Awarded by theNorwegian Finalist in Vienna in Computer Society December 2008
  • 17. Training camp inSpain
  • 18. ICTcamp2012 in Gausdal, Norway
  • 19. SeniorSurf 2012 Opening at Drømtorpsecondary school By Rigmor Aasrud Minister ofgovernment administration, reform and churchaffairs
  • 20. Similar networks in other countriesUnited Kingdom: UK Online Centres United generations
  • 21. Welfaretechnology Dignio AS is a Norwegianstartupcommitted to innovation in Home healthcare. the perfect world..Our senior fellow citizens are in full control of their lives. Live safely at home as long as they wish. Can contact a trained health worker whenever they want -even if its not necessarry. Are assured that someone is watching over them ifsomething goes wrong. Live a life to its fullest.
  • 22. Some Projects  MobileSage AAL Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly The ideaofMobileSage is to provideelderlypeoplewithcontext-sensitive, personalized and location- sensitivetoolswhichallowthem to carryout and solveeverydaytasks and problems in theself- servesocietywhen and wheretheyoccur, “just- in-time”.
  • 23.  T&Tnet EU AAL & Transport solutionsthroughemotional- socialNET-workingT&Tnetprovidessolutions to helpelderlyget to a specificdestination by making useof a different transport means, and it offers navigation and orientationadapted to theuserpreference in real time.
  • 24. DilemmasIngeborg Moreus Hansen Sherry Turkle, professor of thePresident of Seniornet Norway: social studies of science and technology,“Nothing can substitute the touch MIT:of a warm hand.” “Alone together. Why we expect more from technology and less from each other” Basic Books 2011
  • 25. Challenges to the EDEN family•Create content of interest for seniors•Respect informal learning•Approach seniors as an interesting target group•Create learning arenas where seniors are•Engage generation Y in learning activities for seniors
  • 26. Tore Renberg:”GrandmasGotCable TV”
  • 27. Promise“Yes, girls, you are welcome to use myiPad, And let us play together,”Grandma