Appendix 6


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Appendix 6

  1. 1. My Target Audience is a niche audience, from the genre metal/rock. Thespecific Artist on my front cover are known as a ‘screamo’ band.The Gender is mainly male for this type of music but some females do like it.The Age will be for 16-25 year olds because it mainly for the young digitalgeneration.The type of events/gigs my target audience will attend are Leeds festivalDownload and Sonisphere and local venues discovering local melodic hardcore bands.
  2. 2. The Musical taste will be people who like a mixture of screaming music andmelodic singing.It is also made up of Fast Drum beats and Complex guitar Riffs.It has a Strong Definition on the Vocal Melody.This type of music is popular but isnt mainstream like pop music.This Genre of music has a wide audience where mostly it is Local self taughtbands which my target audience go to venues and listen to them and thentheres the bigger bands within the genre such as; A day toremember, Alexisonfire and New found Glory.
  3. 3. RED I have chosen Red, Yellow and Black as my Colour scheme because I have looked at kerrang! And these are some of the colours they use and I like the effect it has when youYELLOW read that magazine. The font for my magazine Is going to be Sans Serif as it is simple. Price will be £1.00 as its bands that arent well known.BLACK
  4. 4. Clash!I come up with this name as I thought of the two types of music in the genre andits like a clash between screaming and melodic singing.Riff!I also liked this name because of what the music is made up of as it has complexGuitar Riffs in it.
  5. 5. One of my Main bands I will be using is my brothers band AS Titans Fall.They are a Local Melodic Hard core band based in Sheffield.They are made up of 5 musicians; Joe-Singer Ant-Bass Mitch-Guitar Sam-Lead guitar. Joel-Drums.Met up with them last night and got my interview!I asked them 10 questions including:What are your plans for the future?How do advertise your band and the gigs?How do you think your new merchandise will widen your audience?Do you see the same people at your gigs or does it vary?
  6. 6. In my Double page spread it will Be a main image of the singer I will be using (Sam.) With the Image the angle will be looking down on him orlook up to him hopefully this will emphasise the importance of him as a singer.
  7. 7. Some of the advertisements I am thinking of using because they relateto the target audience and sub genre:-Download festival-Tetley tea bags.-H&M-Topman-Jack Daniels.-Tattoo conventions and shops.