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  • Easy to use toolbox for PR activities and events
  • Why, How, What of CISV inspired by Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle. He noticed that influential people and organisations always start with ‘why’. Why, How, What of CISV was developed in consultation with people throughout the organisation.
  • Go over the guide with the participants
  • Day 3 pr training session 11 tools & needs - rtf quito 2012.ppt

    1. 1. PR Tools & Needs Web page – coming soon http://
    2. 2. CISV Public Relations Guide• Planning• PR Leader for your NA/Chapter• Communicating your news• Know your audience• Working with media• Report Results• Resources
    3. 3. CISV Crisis Management Guide• How to handle the practical side of crisis situations• Communicating – The facts of the crisis, BEFORE & AFTER – How you are dealing with it, many people have an interest Templates, tools, checklists and reference materials
    4. 4. QUIZ• What is the name of the Guide to Communicating CISV• Name the 4 content areas• Name 3 facts to consider about public speaking• Name the programme• Local communities are reflections of the wider world• Go out , find out, help out• Peace Education is a global movement• Young People learn when given the chance to lead• Our cultures begin in our homes• Early life experiences shape the way we see the world
    5. 5. PR ToolsJust SayingAn easy guide to communicate CISV in clear simple wordsHelps us to explain why we do what we doWill helps you inspire your audienceThe Golden CircleWhy: CISV Vision, purpose & PrinciplesHow: Peace Education Content approach, research & partnershipsWhat: Chapters, Programmes & JBTips & Suggestions for active communication
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Quiz• How many fonts?• Name at least 2 fonts• Font for the web?• CISV Mission• One name at least one Purpose & Principle• What is the name of CISV’s Brand Guidelines• The CISV logo can be display without the tagline “Building Global Friendship”
    8. 8. Looking Good CISV’s Brand Guidelines - A familiar look & feeling - Fonts, Logo, brands, colors - Images, photos, t-shirts - Taking care of our brand & our reputation
    9. 9. Activate Magazine- CISV’s brand new annual magazine- Celebrates creative community partnerships worldwide- Inspires us to do more of what we do
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Others PR Activities - Using Diversity in recruitment Educational Materials -Big Ed: CISV methodology and approach -Passport: Pocket guide to Peace Education - How to use Passport for your PR Fundrasing guide Best Practices from other Nas/Chapters
    12. 12. Final TipsDedicate, time, effort and planning to develop yourcommunications, messages, events, presentations etc..Have an annual plan and always have a plan in place ofhow you will communicate and who will do thecommunicationsA high profile means better recruitment & retention andfacilitates fund raisingSend press releases & communication out well in advanceDefine responsibilities and a spokesperson
    13. 13. Americas PR Advisors: Cynthia Canas – Daniel Edelshaim – edelshaim@gmail.comSend Photos to : Denise Farrar <>
    14. 14. Needs of your NAs / Chapters Priority Needs per Quarter COUNTRY AMJ JAS OND Argentina 1:1 Basic PR Training Brazil Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador El Salvador Honduras Guatemala Mexico Peru