Edelman Korea Overview 2011


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Edelman Korea Overview 2011

  1. 1. EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011 56EDELMAN KOREA OVERVIEW 2011EDELMAN KOREA OVERVIEW 2011 www.edelman.co.kr 55
  2. 2. contents chapter1 Edelman overview 3 Edelman Globally 4 Edelman Korea 5 our insight 9 chapter2 Business & references Services 13 clients 14 Best Practices Corporate/Brand 15 Financial 20 Healthcare 26 Digital & Technology 30 Government Affairs 38www.edelman.co.kr 57 1
  3. 3. EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011chaPtEr 1 overview Edelman Overview Edelman Globally Edelman Korea Our Insight company name Edelman Korea Established 1996 Employees 60 President Charles Lankester address 18th Floor Ferrum Tower, 66 Suha-dong, Jung-gu Seoul, 100-210 contact Tel 02 725 2001 Fax 02 725 2007 www.edelman.co.kr 2 3
  4. 4. chaPtEr 1 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Edelman EdelmanGlobally Korea “PR should lead the communications mix because we uniquely engage all stakeholders in dialogue in a way that is timely, consistent and credible.“ Richard Edelman, President & CEO Global Agency APAC Consultancy Top Rated Firm Top PR Firm of the Decade of the Year in Asia Pacific of the Decade 2010 2009 2009 2010 Founded in 1952, world’s largest Public relation firm KPRA awarded Edelman Korea “Agency of the Year” and Edelman Korea Digital Team Co-headquarters in Chicago and New York “Best International PR Campaign” in 2008 3,600 employees in 54 offices In 2004, Edelman Korea was named “Asia-Pacific Consultancy of the Year” by PR Week $531 million in fees in FY10 Edelman Korea was named one of Edelmans “Top Five Offices“ in FY03 and Edelmans “2010 Best Place to Work“ by Advertising Age “Office of the Year“ in FY04 and FY05 and was runner-up for Edelman’s “Quality Award “2010 Agency of the Year“ by European Excellence for Client Service“ award in FY08 “2010 Agency of the decade“ by Holmes Report more than 3,600 employees in 50+offices worldwide 16 offices in asia Pacific with 600+consultants 4 5
  5. 5. chaPtEr 1 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Edelman KoreaPresident Appointed President, North Asia in October 2009, with responsibility for Edelman’s operations in Korea and Japan, Charles previously ran the firm’s businesses in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He joined Edelman in 2005, when the firm acquired his London-based risk and crisis management consultancy, Limehouse Partners. Charles began his career in 1986 with Burson-Marsteller in London, and latterly Hong Kong. After a period with Ogilvy PR (1991-1993), he joined Weber Shandwick in Hong Kong, eventually being named CEO, Asia- Pacific in 1996. Charles has represented numerous leading multinational corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Credit Suisse. He has also undertaken work for the governments of Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Specializing in risk and crisis management, litigation, corporate communications and sustainability, Charles advises clients as they develop strategies and create solutions in these key areas. A well-known business commentator, Lankester is a regular speaker at industry conferences and frequently quoted in the international media. President Charles Lankester 6 7
  6. 6. chaPtEr 1 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011vision, mission, values insight An industry-leading program of global, regional and local research ensures that all of Edelman’s recommendations are based on vision quantifiable insight, providing our clients with A global, independent communications leader that positions and a high degree of predictability of outcome. establishes relationships for our clients with their stakeholders in an increasingly connected and complex worldmissionTo provide public relations counsel and strategic communications servicesthat enable our clients to build strong relationships and to influenceattitudes and behaviors. We undertake our mission through Convergenceby integrating specialist knowledge of practices and industries, local marketunderstanding, proprietary methodology and breakthrough creativity.We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that addvalue to our clients and our people.Our clients are leaders in their fields who are initiating change and seekingnew solutions. values Quality, Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mutual Benefits 8 9
  7. 7. chaPtEr 1 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011we take a holistic,multi-stakeholder view Forward-looking companies are moving from a model of controlling messages to a model of encouraging dialogue around services, products and issues. Experts customers media trade Bodies Business Employees investors nGos Government mass audience From Message sent ...To Opinions shared Then Awareness drove brand building Now Dialogue, connections and relationships are equally important 10 11
  8. 8. EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011chaPtEr 2 Service & Sector Specialists Business & references Services Clients Best Practices Marketing & Government Affairs Digital & Technology Healthcare Consumer Corporate Financial Services Sectors Sustainability & CSR Transactions & Deals Corporate Reputation Brand & Consumer PR Digital & Social Media Training and Crisis & Issues 12 13
  9. 9. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Edelman Korea corporate/Brandclients communications reputation management internal communications Creating a powerful narrative which Engaging and motivating employees and defines corporate / brand goals and other primary internal stakeholders through communicating this to key audiences powerful, creative communications initiatives Social Engagement issues management Designing and implementing CSR and Identifying, defending and managing issues community engagement activities that align with (both potential and actual) that affect a overall business objectives company’s brand enterprise-wide 14 15
  10. 10. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011corporate/Brand Starbucksclients cSr Program Edelman Korea launched the “Starbucks Discoveries Dream Library” program, Starbucks CPG’s first CSR program in Korea. With the help of NGOs, Starbucks donated more than 3,000 books to each school, including Jeju Siheung Elementary School (2008), Kangnae Elementary School (2009) and Jeongseon Elementary School (2010). The team successfully organized the book donation ceremonies, which took place with executives from Starbucks CPG, Dong Suh Foods, local VIPs, local residents, teachers and students. Selected media were also invited for exclusive coverage and interviews. A total of 91 pieces of media coverage was generated from this event, including TV and photo news footage, interviews and news release coverage. The team also recruited college volunteers for Starbucks and opened an account on NAVER Happy Bean, online donation portal, for the “Starbucks Discoveries Dream Library” program (NAVER is Korea’s number one portal site). 16 17
  11. 11. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011almond dole KoreaBoard of california Brand communication Edelman Korea’s strategies led Sweetio to be positioned as the premium fruit brand and increased awareness about the overall Dole brand. To do this, Edelman Korea launched a proactive consumer Donga Ilbo PR campaign to help educate about the positive health and nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. Kyunghyang Newspaper Edelman Korea increased awareness about the health benefits of almonds with a focus on the prevention of chronic diseases and aging through consumer education. The team positioned almonds to Korean consumers as an essential food in terms of nutrition, taste and versatility. The team posted online promotions, which helped increase traffic to the ABC website by 42 percent. Additionally, all three national broadcasting channels (KBS, MBC, SBS) ran stories on almonds and their benefits. 18 19
  12. 12. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Financial Financialcommunications clients corporate reputation Building market Entry & Financial Product launches Creating and articulating a compelling Designing and implementing communications in corporate narrative support of acquisitions and expansion plans transactions: iPo and m&a issues management and training Establishing corporate reputation and Preparing, defending and managing communications in support of acquisitions and risks associated with financial products, expansion plans transactions and corporations 20 21
  13. 13. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Positioning & media coachingmedia relations Experience Experience Managed successful rebranding of AIA Life Insurance in Provided media coaching sessions to Goldman Sachs Korea, enhancing brand awareness and strengthening Asset Management Korea country manager market position after name change from AIG Worked with Man Investments to position the firm On-going provision of media coaching sessions to among decision makers and “repatriate” hedge funds executives from Standard Chartered First Bank as an investment vehicle in a market where hedge funds are viewed with great suspicion Conducted media coaching sessions for the CEO of Strengthened Visa’s position in the Korean market as a KTB Securities before press conference launch trustworthy, accurate and transparent payment network company Conducted media coaching sessions for the new Managed successful launch of KTB Securities as ING Life Korea CEO Koreas first venture capital and largest private equity fund to expand into investment banking networks Provided set of simulation training courses to Helped position Standard & Poor’s as a trustworthy, executives from AIG Life Korea accurate and fair financial organization, becoming widely known as THE financial entity to communicate with, for, powerful opinions, data, valuations and authoritative analysis by Korean media Provided annual media coaching sessions to executives from Swiss Re Korea 22 23
  14. 14. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011m& a m& atrack record track record coca cola amatil Goldman Sachs Handled Coca Cola Amatil’s sale of the Coca- Successfully closed the largest M&A deal in Cola Korea Bottling Company Korea in 2005. In the process, Goldman Sachs Positioned the sale to LG H&H as positive was awarded with the Financing Review’s “Asia- news for the beverage industry in Korea Pacific Debt Restructuring Deal of the Year” Managed communications to correct inG investment management misconceptions about GS and strategically Provided strategic counsel for the ING repositioned the firm as an innovative, global Investment Management’s merger with a financial firm local asset manager, Landmark Investment Identified and deeply engaged communications Management mediums essential for creating a positive image Successfully handled the launch press of GS with stakeholders conference and positioned ING IM metlife asahi haitai Positively communicated MetLife’s attempted Executed pre-launch communications to acquisition of one of Korea’s largest local internal and external stakeholders insurance firms in 2005 amid existing anti- Positioned the M&A deal as a success case to foreign sentiment the public Communicated the complexities of the uncompleted deal in a straightforward and Standard chartered First Bank objective tone Leveraged ongoing initiatives and developments to promote SC First Bank’s iPic brand in Korea post-acquisition Handled IPIC’s sale of Hyundai Oil Bank stake Successfully supported the integration of SC First Bank by highlighting a series of internal and external communications initiatives Positioned SC First Bank as a key partner in Korea’s continued economic progress 24 25
  15. 15. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011healthcare cervical diseaseclients awareness campaign (mSd, Gardasil) We have successfully built and implemented a strategic communications plan to raise public awareness about cervical cancer and the danger of human papillomavirus (HPV) ahead of the launch of MSD’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil. We utilized various news media to maximize the delivery of key messages to target audience, improving public awareness of the need for vaccination to prevent the disease and contributing to position MSD as a healthcare company dedicated to vaccine development. 26 27
  16. 16. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011KaSl liver disease reputation management forawareness campaigns international vaccine institute (ivi)(the Korean association for the Study of the liver) We have carried out multiple campaigns across the nation to The IVI, the only international organization raise public awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and whose headquarters is located in Korea, treatment of hepatitis B and other liver diseases. was established with an aim to reduce the The campaign included a program organized by the KASL to likelihood of infant mortality and disability offer foreign workers a free liver health check in Korea on the due to intestinal and respiratory infections occasion of the Liver Health Day on October 13, 2010, and a panel and infectious diseases such as measles in discussion where the management of the KASL explained the developing countries. As a communications importance of early diagnosis of liver diseases to local journalists. partner to the IVI, Edelman has analyzed possible crisis communications strategies for the organization and developed countermeasure scenarios in the course of consultations. 28 29
  17. 17. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011digital & technology digital & technologycommunications clients listen Engage Listening to and understanding online Engaging in dialogue and building conversations about your brand across relationships with key online stakeholders online communities and tracking the and individual e-fluencers latest market trends Empower Protect Empowering key online communities and Protecting brands and corporate reputation e-fluencers with strategic & interactive digital from online attacks with proactive outreach communications campaigns and ongoing engagement in times of crisis 30 31
  18. 18. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011G20 Seoul Summit 2010 G20 Seoul Summit 2010digital communications digital communications objectives Establish communication channels via social media platforms to spread G20-related news Use social media to better expose the “G20 Seoul Summit” to a wider and more global audience Strategies Research current social media trends to effectively capture visitors’ attention Set different approaches for each social media platform that best suits its characteristics Utilize the posts on each social media platform to create new content Set up “Talking to the Leaders” campaign to encourage visitor participation and greater buzz results Successful launch and management of the official G20 Twitter/Facebook accounts Gained much exposure by constantly updating the Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Flickr pages Twitter was presented as a news center, delivering important updates and information Additional photos and videos of cultural information and celebrity supporters on Flickr and YouTube spiked even more interest from the general public 32 33
  19. 19. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011lG cYon Kia motors objectives Increase and strengthen Kia Motors’ global communication and brand image Establish a direct communications channel to bring Kia Motors closer to consumers, opinion leaders and media in global markets On average, 450 pieces of media coverage are generated monthly and over 5300 annually. The Strategies Edelman team contributed to creating a positive Develop Kia-BUZZ as KMC’s official blog in English, buzz about LG’s soft landing in the smartphone increasing reach to markets around the world market as a late comer. The team responds to Understand conversations by searching and identifying market changes and strategy suggestions quickly relevant and influential blogs and participating in their and the constant pitching of various articles has conversations led to a significant increase in media coverage Prior to blog launch, increase credibility of all activities for LG smartphones. results Edelman successfully launched Korea’s first international blog through the implementation of internal training, systems development and strategic execution More than 20 Korean and globally influential automobile blogs such as Autoblog.com, Automotportal.com, and Paultan.org have introduced Kia-BUZZ on their sites KV7 concept 34 35
  20. 20. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011autodesk Korea research in motion (rim) Raise awareness of the BlackBerry brand and drive continuous conversations among tech/mobile enthusiasts Build long-term bridges with general consumers and end-users through voices of “People-like-me” Proactively and effectively disseminate accurate information about BlackBerry products Identify influential bloggers and SNS users to build relationships and continuous engagement Hold round table meeting with bloggers to receive feedback about the local RIM webpage and suggestions for SNS Identify communication problems of RIM in Korea and give feedback and news about the Korean market to RIM representatives Focus on creating more awareness and increase knowledge about Autodesk as a company Leverage the thought leadership of local and global executives on how design has strategic functions in a cluttered marketplace Achieve back-to-back top tier media coverage in national dailies about green IT and BIM technology 36 37
  21. 21. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Public affairs Governmentcommunications Pillars affairs clients market research Government advocacy Conducting and publishing unique, in- Facilitating business outcomes through depth research and stakeholder audits to relationship building and educational map market entry and GR opportunities programs among government stakeholders and challenges targeted media outreach issues and crisis management Utilizing targeted media engagement to service Protecting companies with regulatory government relations and enhancement efforts analysis, stakeholder outreach and expert consulting, while building systems to prevent threats in advance 38 39
  22. 22. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011G20 Seoul Summit 2010 objectives Raise awareness about the G20 Seoul Summit and its role in the global economyGlobal communications Oversee all media events before and during the Summit Work directly with the Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit in a collaborative effort to deliver its objectives of preparing for a successful G20 Summit Strategies Coordinate all international media registration Work with media and delegation liaison officers from all G20 countries and the five invited countries Support the host broadcaster, the host photographer and international pools to cover the Head of States Program, first lady programs, official press conferences, and the arrival of Head of States Support the International Media Center operation results Edelman successfully cooperated with international press and media liaison officers which resulted in raising global awareness about the G20 Seoul Summit and its role and increased positive impressions about the Republic of Korea 40 41
  23. 23. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011G20 Seoul Summit 2010 G20 Seoul Summit 2010achievements achievements Chosun Ilbo Joongang Ilbo Metro Seoul The Korea Times More than 4,200 journalists from 63 countries registered and 3,100 visited the International Media Center during G20 Seoul Summit. The G20 Seoul Summit received coverage from many major international media such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dow Jones, CNN, Bloomberg, Reuters, AP and AFP. KTV News KBS News 42 43
  24. 24. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011Presidential councilon nation Branding Edelman Korea focused on the importance of “nation branding” and to raise awareness among foreign correspondents about South Korea. The team provided opportunities for foreign correspondents and the Presidential Council on Nation Branding to directly communicate and to discuss South Korea as a national brand. Additionally, the seminar promoted by Edelman Korea generated coverage in over 30 media. 44 45
  25. 25. chaPtEr 2 EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 20112010 census client Endorsements objectives “We’re very pleased with the quality of service we’re receiving from Raise awareness about the 2010 National Census Edelman and congratulate you on your exceptional efforts to date.” and its important role in creating policy Raise internet participation rate from 0.9% to 30% “Edelman Korea did a fantastic job in executing our first ’Starbucks Discoveries Dream Library’ event. Thank you for all the behind - the - scenes work and making sure the details were all taken care of. It was Strategies truly a memorable event and it was a great way to kick off our first Educate about the 2010 National Census, how it is CSR project. The Starbucks leadership team in Seattle recognizes used and the benefits of it your work and the critical role you played in this successful event. Specify the targets to several demographics (marital Together, we’ve made a difference in many people’s lives in the status, foreign citizenship, age, etc.) and utilize Shiheung community.” different media depending on the target group Work with various media, including major newspapers, free daily newspapers and broadcast “Thanks to the Edelman team who burned the midnight oil on channels many nights putting together today’s series of events. Kudos and congratulations to all of you on a job well done. Today would not have been possible without your dedication, effort, and professionalism.” results Won “Smart Policy Promotion,” an award given by The PR Magazine “You are our model agency in the region. Keep up the great work.” Reduced budget by 18.4 billion dollars through Internet participation The Internet participation rate reached a world “We really appreciate Edelman for its professionalism and high record of 47.9%, which greatly exceeds the quality service. Sometimes, it is somewhat hard for me to discern previous world record of 18.5% in Canada your staff and my staff, which explains your service being an integral part of our business.” “Thanks for the timely update on this issue. Obviously a big issue for us. Again, appreciate you guys being on top. This is definitely the type of support we are looking for.” “We’re working with the Edelman team in Seoul because they get us. Prada is not an easy client to work for, but this team knows who we are, knows what we want to achieve, and then they go out and execute to the highest standards that our company expects.” 46 47
  26. 26. EdElman KorEa ovErviEw 2011 address & map ▲ Jonggak Stn. Cheonggye Stream Edelman Korea, Euljiro 1(il)-ga 18F Ferrum tower Stn. Exit3 City Hana SKT Tower Hall Bank Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. Exit4 City Hall Stn. Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn.▲ KEB Bank Lotte Hotel Lotte Dapartment Edelman Korea Store 18/F Ferrum Tower, 66 Suha-dong, Jung-gu Seoul, Korea 100-210 tel 82 2 725 2001 Fax 82 2 725 2007 E-mail contactkorea@edelman.com web Site www.edelman.co.kr 48 49