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My company profile showing the current products portfolio.

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Daisy Pac Profile

  1. 1. Daisy Pac Ltd. Daisy Pac Ltd. specializes in sales, marketing and distribution of uniquely designed products from Israel, primarily to Japan. Daisy Pac is also involved in consulting to businesses to penetrate and operate in the Japanese market. We started operations in February 2009 and since then we have participated in Tokyo Design Expo (July 09) and IFEX (Nov. 09), where our products were very well received. Daisy Pac is continuously evaluating new products for their suitability to the Japanese market. Daisy Pac business model is to work in conjunction and cooperation with Japanese companies, thus providing complete professional coverage of the supplier side (Israel) and the target market (Japan). In the following pages is a brief description of our current portfolio of products. www.daisypac.com
  2. 2. A vase like you’ve never seen. A vase that is flat like paper, but once you touch it, open it and fill it with water, you are inspired by the ingenuity.
  3. 3. vazu™ comes in two versions 1) When you really want to make an impression, vazu™ Gift Pack is sure to get noticed. Enclosed in an elegant envelope, this is one of the most surprising gifts you can give.
  4. 4. 2) Looking for something truly unique? vazu™ Magic Vase collection is a family of designs that compliment any bouquet and a perfect gift for a design enthusiast..
  5. 5. bowldog™ - innovative flat water bowl. It’s flexible and turns into a regular size bowl, by simply adding water. When folded, the bowldog™ may be attached to the leash, kept in your pocket or bag. Let your dog drink at any situation: Whether you’re on your daily walk, on a picnic or camping, suits all outdoor activities.
  6. 6. ”GreenboTM planter is a revolutionary product which provides a unique solution for growing plants and flowers in an urban environment. Greenbo’s patent design allows it to be placed over any shaped railing without any need for adjustments. Now you can easily decorate and brighten your railings, with Greenbo's colorful, classic designed planter.
  7. 7. • Weight 1.2 kg • Diameter 29cm • Height 30cm
  8. 8. Wall Stickers are graphic elements made of Vinyl for decoration of walls, doors, windows or any other hard surface. Our Collection features elements of nature such as trees, branches, flowers, as well as urban elements and cheerful designs for children bedrooms. 4make Wall Stickers offer an easy and simple substitute for wallpapers and wall paintings, certainly a cheaper one! Appling the Wall Sticker is an easy job for everyone, in which the result is remarkably impressive.
  9. 9. All designs are available in many colors.
  10. 10. Our characters started coming to visit this planet two years ago. Without any promotion they found their way to numerous news prints and television shows in the endlessly creative Tel-Aviv city in Israel. “Mooshons” found their way to Japan and England. People simply fell in love with them. “Mooshons” LOVE to be adopted, its ok if you forget to feed them, take them for a walk, or scratch behind their ears... They are very forgetful and loyal!!
  11. 11. Daisy Pac Ltd. Unique jewelry and accessories by carefully selected Israeli designers
  12. 12. Agas & Tamar
  13. 13. Agas & Tamar
  14. 14. Hadas Shaham
  15. 15. www.daisypac.com