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Internet2 NET+ SIP Services Webinar
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Internet2 NET+ SIP Services Webinar


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Master Title SIP Services Webinar Subtitle Presented by Internet2, Aastra and Level3Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 2. Agenda! Introduction of SIP Services (Internet2, Tulane)! Hosted PBX Overview (Aastra)! SIP Trunking Overview (Level 3)! ITEC and the Future of SIP Services (Texas A&M)! Q & A (All)Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 2
  • 3. Internet2 Net+ ServicesInnovative, Community-Driven Services! Robust SIP services from leading providers! Scalable platform for managing services! Reliable network for delivering services! Flexible features, functionality to meet your needs! Development of future SIP applications! Focused on direct Internet2 membersInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 3
  • 4. Community Volume Saves Everyone Money # Lines with all Avg Cost Discount Paid to services full service Vendor 0 to 20,000 $6.78 0% 93% 20,001 to 100,000 $6.54 4% 93% 100,001 to 250,000 $6.19 9% 94% 250,001 to 500,000 $5.75 15% 94% 500,001 to 750,000 $5.45 20% 94% 750,001 to 1,000,000 $5.06 25% 95%Notes:Local trunking and Flat-Rate Long Distance SIP trunking are includedAssumes 90% premium and 10% base lines for Hosted PBXAssumes 50% with unified messagingIncludes managed Session Border Controller (SBC) on campus*Amortizes NRCs over 5 years for SBCs, install fees, porting, etc.Does not include applicable taxes, USF and feesDoes not include handsets *SBC is one-time additional CAPEX charge; maintenance is includedInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 4
  • 5. Where we are Selection and Announcement Implementation Production Migration ! Early Adopter Status • Be an early adopter and map the future of SIP Services ! Turning up campuses in TAMU ITEC now ! Implementing the platform ! Finalizing agreements • Internet2 with the service providers • Universities with Internet2 ! Full availability in SeptemberInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 5
  • 6. Why Do This? ! PBX systems are near end of life ! Major technology shift has already happened ! Rapid adoption of cloud services at Tulane ! Not doing it ourselves will save around $1M per yearInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 6
  • 7. Why Sponsor This? ! The challenges we face are not unique and neither are the solutions ! Leverage the benefits of Internet2 membership • No reason to do this as a series of one-offs • Achieve better pricing as a group ! If our expected savings are average for adopters, then we as a consortium reduce higher education costs by at least $100M if were successfulInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 7
  • 8. Master Title Aastra Hosted PBX Overview SubtitleInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 9. Aastra! Financially stable, worldwide corporation •  Publicly Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange - Symbol AAH.TO •  US Headquarter in Frisco (Dallas), Texas •  Over 50 consecutive quarters of profitability •  Presence in over 100 countries worldwide! 30+ years experience delivering mission critical communication for Enterprises, Research Facilities and Learning Institutions! Currently providing Hosted PBX services to the State of Florida government agencies! Hundreds of Higher Education customers globally! Expertise and Experience designing, deploying and supporting large Enterprise Class (SIP) installations Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 9
  • 10. Clearspan• Clearspan® is a carrier-grade, highly reliable, multi-tenant softswitch used by mostcarriers globally (BroadSoft)! Extensive set of call features! Complete suite of UC applications including clients, integrated mobility, web & videocollaboration and more! Clearspan Anywhere™: make and receive calls from one number, on any device,anytime! Large selection of endpoints, including those from Aastra and 3rd parties! Integration with Microsoft (OCS/Lync) and IBM SametimeInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 10
  • 11. Flexible licensing options Basic User License Premium User License Additional Applications ! Traditional PBX ! Unified Messaging features ! All the features of Basic plus…. ! Video ! Enhanced Group Svcs •  Acct/Auth codes ! Mobile Client ! Auto Attendant •  Multimedia on Hold •  Multimedia Group ! Call Center Custom Ringback ! Assistant Enterprise •  Enhanced outgoing ! Web Collaboration dial plan •  Instant Group Call ! etc…Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 11
  • 12. User Portal! Users can configure their ownsettings such as: •  Incoming call handling (block, forward, DND, etc.) •  Outgoing call handling (speed dials, call return, etc.) •  Messaging options, profile, etc. Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 12
  • 13. Routing / Enterprise Services Devices Numbers Manage enterprises, groups, numbers, services, devices Filter Group Manage departments, Groups, users, numbers, services, devices Filter Department Manage user moves, adds and changes User Personalize servicesInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 13
  • 14. Integrated Unified Communication Toolbar Login/out Remote office Forwarding options Options Simultaneous ring Directories Call control Line selector ! Outlook and Internet Explorer plug-in ! Allows users to manage phone features and call control ! CustomizableInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 14
  • 15. Clearspan Anywhere™ Media Gateway PSTN ! Make and receive calls from one number, on any device ! Easy for the end user to configure from the toolbar ! Seamlessly move calls between devices LAN Seamless Call MovementInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 15
  • 16. Receptionist! Attendant console! Web –based; supportedon Windows ® PCs andTablets! Incoming call handling,call monitoring, operatorbarge-in, etc. Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 16
  • 17. Call Center ! Standard or Premium license options ! Agent or Supervisor client optionsInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 17
  • 18. Integration with 3rd party applications ! Microsoft OCS/Lync ! IBM Sametime ! ! ACT ! Many more…Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 18
  • 19. Terminals 6737i 6739i 6735i 6757i 6755i ! Wide selection of Aastra phones ! 3rd party phones (SIP compliant) 6753i ! Softphones 6731i ! Video endpoints ! Fit any need, any budget 6730iInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 19
  • 20. Geographical RedundancyInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 20
  • 21. Reliability! Redundant cores operate inHot Standby mode Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 21
  • 22. Campus Options ! WAN and PSTN support ! Small, Medium and Large configurations ! Single-appliance solution for small and medium locations ! Survivability with failover •  PBX-like functions •  No administration required ! Redundancy optionsInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 22
  • 23. Pricing User  Type Basic  User  License $                              5.20 Per  Month Premium  User  License $                              5.70 Per  Month Unified  Messaging  User  License $                              0.30 Per  Month Additional  Options ACD  -­‐  Standard  Call  Center  License $                              5.42 Per  Month ACD  -­‐  Premium  Call  Center  License $                        13.94   Per  Month    ACD  -­‐  Call  Center  Agent  Client  (in  addition  to  a  Standard  l icense) $                        14.10   Per  Month    ACD  -­‐  Call  Center  Supervison  Client $                        27.87   Per  Month    Receptionist  Enterprise $                        49.67 Per  Month        Microsoft  OCS  (LYNC)  i ntegration $                              0.30 Per  Month SIP  Business  Trunking  (PBX  Overlay)  concurrent  call  paths  to   existing  PBX $                              6.06 Per  Month/concurrent  user      G.729  Codec  (used  for  transcoding) $                              1.15 Per  Month/concurrent  user      Telchemy  V oice  Quality  Monitoring  tool $                              0.10 Per  MonthInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 23
  • 24. Summary ! Deploy the most advanced set of PBX and UC services to your user base ! Highly reliable solution with options for survivability on campus should the connection to the network fail ! Institutions maintain control over their MACs, features, etc., and can share that control between departments ! Licensing and applications to fit different user roles: basic, premium, receptionist, call center, etc. ! Wide range of endpoints to fit various needs, budgetsInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 24
  • 25. Master Title Level 3 SIP Services Overview SubtitleInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 26. Level 3 Owns and Operates a Large Scale Voice Network ! Carries 8 billion minutes per month processing more than 80 million calls every day ! Provides voice services to 15 of the 20 top Telecommunications Carriers in the world ! Exceptional Reliability with geographic and/ or same site failover, load balancing and resiliency – failover protection is measured in seconds, not hours ! CLEC status and is actively supporting voice business in all 50 Full number portability, scaling to 10,000+ TNs per day, with 7 day lead time Port individual numbers or entire code ranges Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 26
  • 27. Internet2 Hosted SIP Trunking Architecture Campus/Regional Internet2 Network Level 3 Voice Network Network PSAP PSAP Level 3 SIP RON Internet2 Network Internet Session Border Session Session Controller Border Border Controller ControllerCampus IP Aastra PSTN Network Clearspan SIP Compliant Phones/ Aastra Clearspan Local Toll Operator , x11 Optional Long Peripherals Origination Free services E-911 Distance Internet2 Level 3 Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 27
  • 28. Internet2 SIP Trunking Architecture Campus/Regional Internet2 Level 3 Voice Network Network PSAP PSAP Level 3 SIP RON Internet2 Network Session Internet Session Border Session Border Controller Border Controller Controller PSTN Campus IP Network SIP Campus Option Local Toll Operator , LongCompliant managed Origination Free x11 services al Distance E-911 Phones/ solutionPeripherals Aastra /Cisco Avaya / Lync Internet2 Level 3 Siemens/ ToshibaInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 28
  • 29. 911 Capabilities ! As an option, Level 3 can provide Enhanced 911 (E-911) services for end- user service locations with all SIP Trunking deployments ! Universities can also retain control and responsibility for E911 without using Aastra/ Level 3 ! 911 Service is of critical importance to universities to avoid legal and regulatory compliance challenges. ! Level 3 owns and operates its own 911 network ! Network directly connected to 5,540 Public Safety Answering Points Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 29
  • 30. Level 3 SIP Trunking! Per Concurrent Call Path - Flat Rate Local with Measured LD - (Per Month) $16.00! Continental United States Long Distance (CONUS LD) Interstate - (Per Minute) $0.01! CONUS LD Intrastate - (Per Minute) $0.017! Per Concurrent Call Path - Flat Rate Local including CONUS LD - (Per Month) $19.00! International LD Varies per country! CONUS Dedicated Toll Free Interstate - (Per Minute) $.019! CONUS Dedicated Toll Free Intrastate Varies per state! Dedicated Toll Free International Varies per country! New or Ported Direct Inward Dial Number - (Per Month) $0.80/$0.30! Optional Level 3 Per Seat SIP Trunking! Per Seat - Flat Rate Local including CONUS LD $4.20! Non-Recurring Charge per Concurrent Call Path $20.00! Non-Recurring Charge per TN (new or ported) $0.50! Non-Recurring Charge, per Seat Pricing Model $4.00 Internet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 30
  • 31. Master Title ITEC and the Future of SIP Services SubtitleInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 32. Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center ! Established in 2004 ! Several Million Dollars in funding for VoIP (including emergency communications) ! Support advanced Internet2 voice services •  Establish Advisory Group •  Stand Development Server •  Full time support engineer for community •  NG 9-1-1 integration •  IMS based Fixed Mobile Convergence •  ENUM SIP Peering •  AVCI video integration •  Statistics ReportingInternet2 © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential 32
  • 33. Q&A Master Title Please use the Chat function to submit your questions Subtitle Post webinar additional questions to Follow our blog at feed: © 2012 Proprietary and Confidential