Global Cloud Services In Higher Education: Developing, Deploying and Enhancing through Community Collaboration


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A TERENA Panel Discussion with members of the Global
Cloud Services working Group June 2013 Shel Waggener et al

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Global Cloud Services In Higher Education: Developing, Deploying and Enhancing through Community Collaboration

  1. 1. Global NET+Global  Cloud  Services  In  Higher  Educa7on:  Developing,  Deploying  and  Enhancing  through  Community  Collabora8on  A  TERENA  Panel  Discussion  with  members  of  the  Global  Cloud  Services  working  Group    June  2013    June  4:  13:00  
  2. 2. Global NET+Who  is  the  Global  Cloud  Working  Group?  Volunteer  Charter  Member  NREN’s  represen7ng    Europe,  Americas,  and  Asia  Pacific    Mary  Fleming  (AARNET)  Harry  Sharma  (CANARIE)    Jay  Black  (CUCCIO  Canada)    Carlos  Casusus  (CUDI)    Erik-­‐Jan  Bos  (Internet2)  Shel  Waggener    (Internet2)    Dan  Perry  (Janet)  Jorgen  Qvist  (NORDUnet)  Steve  CoWer  (REANNZ)    Jan  Bakker  (SURFmarket)    Harold  Teunissen  (SURFnet)  TERENA    JUNE  2013  
  3. 3. Global NET+PANEL  PARTICIPANTS    Mary  Fleming  (AARNET)  Shel  Waggener    (Internet2)    Dan  Perry  (Janet)  Steve  CoWer  (REANNZ)    Harold  Teunissen  (SURFnet)  TERENA    JUNE  2013  
  4. 4. Global NET+“We  are  a  team  dedicated  to  the  widespread  adop8on  of  federated  cloud  services  that  benefit  the  global  research  and  educa8on  community.    In  partnership  with  those  we  serve,  the  Global  NET+  team  will  provide  simple,  consistent  and  streamlined  access  to  highest  value  cloud  services,  offered  at  the  best  possible  terms  and  condi8ons,  to  all  par8cipa8ng  ins8tu8ons.”  Global  Cloud  Services  Working  Group  Charter  We  are  extending  the  NET+  principles  pioneered  by  Internet2  and  coordina8ng  GLOBALLY  
  5. 5. Global NET+What Global NET+ Program is NOT:§  It is NOT a “buyers club” for collectiveone-off purchases.§  It is NOT a marketing system whereproviders sell to higher education.§  It is NOT primarily about price –although getting highest value is adriving goal§  Is NOT “one way” - it isn’t exclusivelyprovider changing to meet our needs.§  It is NOT driven by one campus,country, NREN or Company/Provider.
  6. 6. Global NET+NET+  Phases  for  Development  and  Catalog  of  Service  Par8cipa8on  Opportuni8es  Community  requirements  developed  in  a  standardized  approach    NET+  Pordolio:  Design,  Contract,  Provisioning,  Deprovisioning,  Ongoing  Stewardship,  Sunseeng  Global  R&E  Networks  Describe  basis  for  and  facilitate  external  audit    services.  [Commercial  Audit  Firms]  Iden8ty  Management  “Trusted  Iden7ty  in  Educa7on”  (not  part  of  NIST*  model)  Convening  and  represen8ng  “the  Community”  Iden7ty  CLOUD  COMPUTING:    NET+  VIEW  OF  NIST  MODEL  Commercial  and  Community  Services  Providers  *  hWp://­‐145/SP800-­‐145.pdf  
  7. 7. Global NET+Services  “Above  the  Network”  Services at scale—leveraging theadvanced network, identity managementinfrastructure, and market power of theR&E communityServices delivered globally—leveragingNREN R&E partnerships around the globewith thousands of beneficiariesService model transformation—tailoredfor R&E, fundamentally changing the wayhigher education and industry do businessin the cloudA community partnership started inMarch 2013 in the US with 2 servicesand 13 campuses and has grown to 38services and 333 US campuses USnow with 11 Global NREN partners.Global NET+
  8. 8. Global NET+Global NET+ Services IS the following:§  Driven by needs of Research Universities - butbenefiting all participating R&E Institutions§  Delivered over the advanced R&E Networks§  Coordinated across all participating NRENs§  Delivers value to both higher ed and providers§  Tailored services§  Dramatically Reduced administration§  Special pricing and business terms§  Master Service Agreements/Negotiated contracts§  On-going involvement with service providers§  Global scope – Globally shared benefit
  9. 9. Global NET+A.  Each  Campus/NREN/Country/Consor8um  nego8ates  and  gets  its  own  price  [Tradi8onal]  B.  Each  Campus/NREN/Country/Consor8um  gets  a  prorated  share  of  discount  based  on  consump8on  [Current]  C.  Each  par8cipa8ng  Campus/NREN  gets  the  same  increasing  discount  based  on  combined  global  volume  [NET+]  Three  Op8ons  for  R&E  “Discount”  in  the  Cloud  
  10. 10. Global NET+R&E Participants define Global NET+• Member:  A  qualifying  ins8tu8on  that  can  evaluate,  sponsor,  or  use  a  NET+  service.  • Provider:  The  en8ty  (company,  campus  or  REN)  that  is  responsible  for  the  service.  • dREN:          DIRECTING    Research  and  Educa8on  Network:    Responsible  for  developing  the  service  with  provider  and  sponsoring  ins8tu8on.  Leading  through  Inquiry  to  SV  phase  and    serving  as  the  primary  distributor  globally  to  all  pREN’s.    • pREN:          PARTNER  Research  and  Educa8on  Network:    Responsible  for  distribu8ng  service  to  member  ins8tu8ons  and  coordina8ng  with  the  dREN  for  any  issues  re  the  provider.  
  11. 11. Global NET+R&E Participants define Global NET+•  Engage  in  Research  and  explora8on.  Create  solu8ons.  •  Inquiry  phase  helps  discover  and  review  service  catalog.  •  Partner  ins8tu8ons  Evaluate  proposed  solu8ons  •  Sponsor  Service  Valida8on  phase  w/  Service  Providers  •  Facilitate  phased  Adop7on  by  other  campuses.  •  Decide  readiness  for  General  Availability  in  conjunc8on  with  dNREN,  Campuses,  and  Service  Providers.  •  Determine  when  services  no  longer  meet  community  needs  and  recommend  Sunse;ng.  R&E  Ins7tu7ons  (Members)  of  par7cipa7ng  NREN’s:  
  12. 12. Global NET+NET+  Service  Phases  
  13. 13. Global NET+Infrastructure  Pladorm,  &  System  Security  as  a  Service    Sopware  as  a  Service:  Academic,  Research  and  Administra8ve    Voice,  Video  &  Collabora8on  as  a  Service    Trusted  Iden8ty  In  Educa8on:  Iden8ty  and  Access  Management  Content  Services:  eText,  Research  and  Academic  Content  Globally  Aligned  Federated,  Iden8ty,  Integra8on,  Architecture  and  Standards  Global  Agreements,  Contracts,  Provisioning  &  Deprovisioning  IaaS  Domains  of  Global  NET+  Cloud  Services  SaaS   VVC  IaaM   Content  Running  Across  the  High  Speed  Community  R&E  Global  Networks  
  14. 14. Global NET+Six  Criteria  for  inclusion  in  the  pordolio  1.  Offered  services  scale  to  have  a  na8onal  impact  2.  Can/do/will  leverage  the  R&E  global  networks  3.  Can/do/will  use  common  R&E  federated  iden8ty  4.  Provider  is  willing  to  nego8ate  a  global  contract  that  will  sa8sfy  significant  por8on  of  community  5.  Provider  is  willing  to  adopt  and  support  the  community’s  needs  with  respect  to  security,  privacy,  compliance  and  accessibility  6.  Provider  is  prepared  to  work  with  community  to  customized  services  to  meet  the  unique                      needs  of  educa8on  and  research  
  15. 15. Global NET+Global  Service  Priori8es  Voted  on  top  service  priori8es    -­‐  Top  services  selected  to  deploy  first    SERVICE            LEAD          STATUS            Adobe  Connect      Internet2*    Completed  SV.  Mexico  First      Amazon  AWS    Internet2*    in  SV.  Expect  EA  6/30/2013  Microsop  Azure    JANET*      GA-­‐  New.      2  Subscribers  Box            Internet2*    GA.    40  Subscribers  –  Aust.  First  Canvas        UWash      SV.  Expect  EA  on  June  2013  Evernote          SURFnet*    Inquiry  Evough          CalTech      Pending  Agreement  Microsop  365      Colorado  State  SV.  Expect  GA  on  5/1/2013  vCloud  (Dell)      Clemson      Evalua8on.  Expect  SV  Summer  2013    
  16. 16. Global NET+Status•  Functional Validationcomplete•  Security Assessment inprogress•  Costs lowered usingAmazon agreementNext StepsFinalize contract for USDeployment.Convert Contract toMexico Use.Area:          Sopware  as  a  Service:  Academic,        Research,  and  Administra8ve  Solu7on:  Web  conferencing  pladorm  for  web  mee8ngs,  eLearning,  and  webinars  Provider:  Adobe  Sponsor:  Case  Western,  CUDI,  Internet2    Adobe Connect
  17. 17. Global NET+Status•  Global Aggregation andvolume discounts•  User friendly self-serviceportal to provision services•  InCommon integration•  Network peering•  Pilot program to mostlyeliminate data transfercostsNext StepsFinalize legal agreementswith DLT for Global Use.Area:    Infrastructure,  Pladorm  and            System  Security  as  a  Service  Solu7on:  Amazon  Web  Services  Provider:  DLT  Solu8ons  and      Amazon  Web  Services  Sponsor:  University  of  Virginia,  Internet2,  Janet  Amazon Web Services
  18. 18. Global NET+Status•  Participation is Open•  Global Participationprepared howeverrequires- InCommon•  Open to all educationaland research institutions"•  No restrictions on use –Student, Faculty, Staff•  No Data Charges In orOut.•  Legal Agreement Done.Global in Development.Area:          Infrastructure,  Pladorm  and        System  Security  as  a  Service  Solu7on:  Large  data  ini8a8ves,  such  as  genomics,  can  save  on  bandwidth  charges,  shiping  those  resources  toward  direct  research-­‐related  ac8vi8es.  Provider:  Microsop  Sponsor:  U  of  Washington,  Internet2,  SURFnet  Azure (Microsoft Windows)
  19. 19. Global NET+Status•  40+ universities•  Network peering beingupgraded to 10G•  First phase ofaccessibilitydevelopment complete•  New pricing tiers forsmaller schoolsNext StepsUpdated agreement tosupport Common WealthLegal CountriesArea:    Infrastructure,  Pladorm,  and              System  Security  as  a  Service  Solu7on:  Storage  and  collabora8on  service  Provider:  Box  Sponsor:  UC  Berkeley,  AARNET,    Internet2  Box
  20. 20. Global NET+Status•  Service validationcomplete•  InCommon integration•  Discounted and waterfallpricing•  Custom end user termsof useNext StepsOpen to US EarlyAdopters in May 2013.Global Program PendingSponsoring NRENArea:    Sopware  as  a  Service:  Academic,        Research,  and  Administra8ve  Solu7on:  Learning  Management  System  Provider:  Instructure  Sponsor:  University  of  Washington    Canvas
  21. 21. Global NET+Status•  Contact made withprovider•  Discussions justunderwayNext StepsFace to face meeting(video) with Surf andInternet2 and Evernotewith US Office.Area:    Sopware  as  a  Service:  Academic,        Research,  and  Administra8ve  Solu7on:          Personal  Content  Mgmt  System  Provider:  Evernote  Sponsor:  SURFnet,  Internet2      Evernote ? Inquiry
  22. 22. Global NET+Status•  Customized contract•  Additional no-costsupport options•  InCommon testing beingplanned•  Online community ofpractice site will beestablishedNext StepsMove to Early Adopterphase in next 2 monthsArea:          Sopware  as  a  Service:  Academic,        Research,  and  Administra8ve  Solu7on:  Office  desktop  suite  in  the  cloud  and  cloud  produc8vity  pladorm  Provider:  Microsop  Sponsor:  Colorado  State  University  and    University  of  Florida,  SURFnet    Office 365 Education
  23. 23. Global NET+Status•  Participation is Open•  InCommon integrationcompleted•  Business agreementnearly completedArea:    Video,  Voice,  and  Collabora8ons                  as  a  Service  Solu7on:  Simplified  interface,  high-­‐end,  video              collabora8on    Provider:  Evogh  Sponsor:  University  of  Maryland              Bal8more  County  SeeVoghNext Steps• Identify GlobalSponsor.Document QualifiedRegions for SV.Sign Agreement
  24. 24. Global NET+Status•  Participation is Closed•  InCommon participationrequired•  Higher education only ispendingArea:          Infrastructure,  Pladorm  and        System  Security  as  a  Service  Solu7on:  Mul8-­‐tenant  Infrastructure-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  (IaaS)  hosted  in  secured  Dell  datacenters  Provider:  Dell  Sponsor:  Indiana  University  V-Cloud On-DemandNext Steps• Global Sponsor Needed.• Global agreement workstill pending.Global NET+
  25. 25. Global NET+So  how  does  all  this  work  work  anyway?    
  26. 26. •  Network  U8liza8on:    Shared  Understanding  and  commitment  to  leverage  the  global  R&E  networks  •  Iden8ty  Management:  Commitment  to  collabora8on  on  federated  iden8ty  standards  to  support  global  access.  •  Accessibility:  Working  towards  universal  accessibility  in  all  Cloud  services..  •   Security:    Standard  security  framework  to  support  external  audit  (Global  Cloud  Security  Alliance)  •  Legal:  Common  Master  Service  Agreement  that  will  cascade  benefit  to  all  par8cipants  Five  Areas  of  NET+  Collabora7on  Global NET+
  27. 27. Global NET+It  Starts  with  a  NET+  Global  Partnership  Agreement    -­‐Sign  Mutual  Agreement  -­‐$10k  /Annual  Par8cipa8on  -­‐Promote  Services  -­‐Set  your  own  prices  -­‐Share  in  the  Savings  -­‐Leverage  your  R&E  Network  -­‐Par8cipate  in  Vo8ng  on  Catalog  In/Sunset  GlobalNET+
  28. 28. •  dREN  works  with  Service  Providers  and  campus  to  crap  a  “Business  Agreement”  •  Has  mul8ple  types  of  contractual  arrangements  to  suit  different  SP  and  ins8tu8onal  needs  •  Type  B  –  most  SPs  will  use  this  (based  on  Box  model)  •  Type  A  –  Internet2  assists  but  contract  is  between  organiza8on  and  SP  •  Type  R  –  Internet2  assists  but  contract  is  between  organiza8on  and  a  reseller  •  Type  P  –  Based  on  the  Global  NREN  Partner  Program  to  allow  Direc8ng  or  Partner  RENs  to  serve  their  par8cipants  NET+  Takes  on  the  Burden  of  Contrac7ng  for  the  Cloud  Global NET+
  29. 29. •  Can  work  through  Global  Partners  (or  Large  Account  Resellers  as  necessary  •  The  pREN  has  responsibility  for  conver8ng  agreement  to  local  language  and  applicability  but  not  changing  the  basic  terms.  •  Leverage  “power  of  the  community”  and  economy  of  scale  to  nego8ate  favorable  terms  so  that  global  aggrega8on  benefits  all  global  par8cipants.  •  Reduced  administra8ve  process:    “ready  to  sign”  contracts!  dREN  in  NET+  Takes  on  the  Burden  of  Contrac7ng  for  the  Cloud  Global NET+
  30. 30. •  dREN  works  with  Service  Providers  and  counsels  from  par8cipa8ng  organiza8ons  to  crap  a  “payment  process”  that  ensures  that  best  price  is  passed  through  and  administra8ve  costs  are  covered.  •  Has  mul8ple  types  of  payment  processes  to  suit  different  SP  and  ins8tu8onal  needs  •  Type  B1  –  contract  specifies  wholesale  price;    dREN  specifies  retail  price  •  P-­‐B1:    Partner  specifies  retail  price.  •  Type  B2  –  contract  specifies  retail  price;  dREN  gets  paid  admin  fee  by  SP;    •  P-­‐B2:  Partners  bill  customers  for  retail  plus  their  admin  fee.  •  Type  A  –  contract  specifies  retail  price;  dREN  gets  paid  admin  fee  by  SP;    •  P-­‐A:  Partners  bill  customers  for  their  admin  fee  directly.  •  Type  R  –  Reseller  publishes  retail  price;  dREN  gets  paid  admin  fee  by  SP;    •  P-­‐R:    TBD.  dREN  in  NET+  Takes  on  the  Burden  of  Payment  Processing  for  the  Cloud  Global NET+
  31. 31. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  B1  (for  “Box”)  Service  Provider  Qualified  Organiza8on*  Business  Agreement  Faculty,  students,  staff  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  Terms  of    Service  Agreement  2  3  1  4  1.  SP  invoices  I2  at  wholesale  2.  I2  invoices  EC  at  retail  3.  EC  pays  I2  4.  I2  pays  SP  at  wholesale  *  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  Global NET+
  32. 32. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  B2  (new  payment  scheme)  Service  Provider  Qualified  Organiza8on*  Business  Agreement  Faculty,  students,  staff  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  Terms  of    Service  Agreement  2  3  1  5  4  1.  SP  invoices  I2  at  retail  2.  I2  invoices  EC  3.  EC  pays  I2  4.  I2  pays  SP  at  retail  5.  SP  pays  I2  admin  fee  *  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  
  33. 33. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  A  (for  “Assisted”)  Service  Provider  Qualified  Organiza8on*  Faculty,  students,  staff  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  Terms  of  Service  Agreement  Business  Agreement  2  1  3  1.  SP  invoices  EC  at  retail  2.  EC  pays  SP  3.  SP  pays  I2  admin  fee  *  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  Global NET+
  34. 34. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  R1  (for  “Reseller”)  [required  by  some  large  service  providers]  Service  Provider  Value  Added  Reseller  (VAR)  Business  Agreement  End-­‐user  Business  Agreement  Terms  of  Service  Agreement  Qualified  Organiza8on*  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  2  1  3  1.  SP  invoices  EC  at  retail  2.  EC  pays  SP  3.  SP  pays  I2  admin  fee  *  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  Global NET+dREN  
  35. 35. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  R2  (for  “Reseller”)  [required  by  Microso^  and  possibly  others]  Service  Provider  Large  Account  Reseller  (LAR)  Business  Agreement  End-­‐user  Business  Agreement  Terms  of  Service  Agreement  Qualified  Organiza8on*  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  LAR  Agreement  Service  Agreement   2  1  3  1.  SP  invoices  EC  at  retail  2.  EC  pays  SP  3.  SP  pays  I2  admin  fee  *  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  
  36. 36. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  P-­‐A1  (for  “Global  Partners”)  Service  Provider  Non-­‐I2  Member  Organiza8on*  Faculty,  students,  staff  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  Terms  of  Service  Agreement  Business  Agreement  pREN  Partner  Agreement  2  1  3  1.  SP  invoices  EC  at  retail  2.  EC  pays  SP  3.  SP  pays  dREN  admin  fee  4.  pREN  invoices  EC  admin  fee  5.  EC  pays  pREN  admin  fee  4   5  *  Non  Member  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  Global NET+
  37. 37. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  P-­‐B1  (for  “Global  Partners”)  Service  Provider  Partner  Business  Agreement  End-­‐user  Partner  Agreement  Terms  of    Service  Agreement  Non  Member  Organiza8on*  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  5  1  6  1.  SP  invoices  dREN  at  retail  2.  dREN  invoices  Partner  at  retail  3.  Partner  invoices  EC  at  retail    plus  admin  fee  4.  EC  pays  pREN  5.  pREN  pays  dREN  at  retail  6.  dREN  pays  SP  at  wholesale  3  2  4  *  Non  Member  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  Global NET+
  38. 38. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  P-­‐B2  (for  “Global  Partners”)  Service  Provider  Partner  Business  Agreement  End-­‐user  Partner  Agreement  Terms  of    Service  Agreement  Non  I2-­‐Member  Organiza8on*  5  1  6  1.  SP  invoices  dREN  at  retail  2.  dREN  invoices  Partner  at  retail  3.  pREN  invoices  EC  at  retail    plus  admin  fee  4.  EC  pays  pREN  5.  pREN  pays  I2  at  retail  6.  dREN  pays  SP  at  retail  7.  SP  pays  dREN  admin  fee  3  2  4  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  7  *  Non  Member  Qualified  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  dREN  Global NET+
  39. 39. NET+  Contractual  Rela7onships    –  Type  P-­‐A2  (for  “Global  pREN”)  Service  Provider  Qualified  Member  Organiza8on*  Faculty,  students,  staff  Enterprise  Customer  Agreement  Terms  of  Service  Agreement  Business  Agreement  Partner  REN  Partner  Agreement  2  1  3  1.  SP  invoices  EC  at  retail  2.  EC  pays  SP  3.  SP  pays  DR  admin  fee  4.  Partner  invoices  EC  admin  fee  5.  EC  pays  Partner  admin  fee  4   5  *  Qualified  Member  Organiza8on  defined  by  BA  with  each  SP  **  Direc8ng  REN  may  be  Internet2  or  an  interna8onal  partner  REN  dREN  
  40. 40. Global NET+What’s should a campus to do? Start now!Evaluate  NET+  Catalog.  Examine  your  own  pordolios  and  consider  which  projects  could  benefit  from  NET+  scale.  Create  a  campus  strategy  for  internal  &  external  cloud  services.  Ship  from  a  culture  of  central  or  departmental  control  to  one  of  sharing,  reuse,  and  value  added  differen8a8on.  
  41. 41. Global NET+What are the big barriers/challenges1.  Every  campus,  connector,  NREN  and  country  believes  it  can  do  beWer  than  others.    We  must  resist  the  tempta8on  to  go  it  alone.  2.  The  Sales  structure  and  country  managers.    They  are  not  compensated  to  do  the  right  thing  for  higher  educa8on  but  they  will  spend  8me  to  divide  and  conquer  (see  #1).    3.  Providers:  Must  have  execu8ve  sponsorship  to  make  it  work,  and  for  many  legacy  companies,  it  just  one.  4.  Lawyers.    Working  in  the  cloud  is  new  and  everyone  needs  to  use  the  red  pen.  
  42. 42. Global NET+Barriers/challenges continued5.  Procurement  policies  and  laws.    Different  everywhere.    All  based  on  pre  cloud  concepts.  6.  Security/Privacy.      S8ll  evolving  in  cloud  so  need  to  expect  it  not  to  be  perfect  but  not  wait  un8l  it  is.  7.  Iden8ty:    Must  move  beyond  simple  federa8on  and  into  aligned  middleware  for  provisioning  and  deprovisioning  at  scale.  8.  Timezones  and  Resources.  We  need  to  move  faster  than  we  are,  and  in  parallel,  but  we  need  to  stay  coordinated  so  we  can  get  things  a  bit  tuned  before  we  scale  to  more  par8cipa8ng  NREN’s.  
  43. 43. Global NET+What’s should a campus to do? Start now!1.  Create  a  campus  strategy  for  internal  &  external  cloud  services.  2.  Ship  from  a  culture  of  central  or  departmental  control  to  one  of  sharing,  reuse,  and  value  added  differen8a8on.  3.  Evaluate  NET+  Catalog.  Examine  your  own  pordolios  and  consider  which  projects  could  benefit  from  NET+  scale.    
  44. 44. Global NET+What’s should a campus to do? Start now!4.  Develop  a  campus  iden8ty  solu8on  built  on  open  standards.    5.  Support  compe88on  for  services  so  there  are    choices—but  constrained,  not  unlimited  choices.  6.  Implement  Global  NET+  Sucessor  language  NOW  for  all  contracts.      
  45. 45. Global NET+What’s should a campus to do? Start now!7.  Create  a  “cloud  first”  culture  by  partnering  with  your  legal  and  procurement  teams.  Restructure  internal  processes  and  policies  with  cloud  in  mind.  8.  Confirm  which  NREN  supports  your  campus  and  country.    An8cipate  star8ng  in  late  Fall  2013  or  Winter  2014    
  46. 46. Global NET+Q&A  with  Panel  Members    Mary  Fleming  (AARNET)  Shel  Waggener    (Internet2)    Dan  Perry  (Janet)  Steve  CoWer  (REANNZ)    Harold  Teunissen  (SURFnet)  TERENA    JUNE  2013  
  47. 47. Global NET+Questions / DiscussionFOR MORE INFORMATION:§  To sign up for a service§  To ask a question§  To register for a trainingEmail: netplus@internet2.eduCatalog and FAQ at: