SeaFare Letter


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A mock letter inviting the mayor of Dover to the launch of a new ferry route.

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SeaFare Letter

  1. 1. Stuart Townsend<br /> Ted PR<br /> London<br /> SW11 6TG<br />The Right Worshipful Mayor Ken Tranter<br />Council Offices<br />Maison Dieu House<br />Biggin StreetDoverKent <br />CT16 1DW<br />14th May 2006<br />Dear Mayor,<br />Re: LAUNCH OF NEW SEAFARE FERRY ROUTE<br />On behalf of John Rodgers head of SeaFare ferries, I would like to invite you to the launch of the company’s new low cost Dover – Calais route.<br />This will take place at 10am on Friday 14th July 2006 - Bastille Day. It will mean that the morning’s events will take on a decidedly French theme. <br />You will meet John Rodgers and the ships crew, followed by an opportunity to sample some fine French wines and cheeses on board our new ship ‘Spirit of England’. There will then be a tour around the ships many facilities including a restaurant, shopping mall and cinema. <br />SeaFare currently operates five ferry routes in the UK, and prides itself on offering a convenient and affordable way to travel by ferry. The new route will bring this service to the city of Dover linking it and the surrounding areas with Calais and other destinations in France. <br />If you need any further information please see the enclosed leaflet or have a look at the website:<br />Please respond to this invitation by contacting myself on 07885839563 / <br />We look forward to seeing you.<br />Yours sincerely,<br />Stuart Townsend<br />RATIONALE FOR LETTER<br />Aim/ Objective:<br />Produce a letter to be sent to the Mayor of Dover.<br />Increase credibility of launch by attracting VIP’s.<br />Gives local angle to event making the local community feel more involved.<br />Target Audience:<br />Internal Stakeholders<br />Ted PR Personnel.<br />External Stakeholders<br />SeaFare / John Rodgers.<br />Key Message(s):<br />Invite Mayor to the launch of SeaFare’s new Dover- Calais route.<br />Planned Activity:<br />Research who is the current Mayor of Dover and where he/she is based.<br />Follow up call to Mayors office one week after letter has been sent.<br />Tactics:<br />The letter should be made up of a clear opening paragraph stating the purpose of the letter. <br />As the recipient is the Mayor the letter should take a formal tone.<br />The letter should be persuasive but not to the extent that it comes across as the ‘hard sell’.<br />There should be a clear call to action at the end followed by contact details.<br />The sign off should be warm and sincere without being blunt.<br />The Mayor may have a busy schedule. Send the letter far enough in advance to account for this.<br />As part of contingency planning invitations were also sent to the local MP and councilors. This meant that there would be some VIP representation should the Mayor be unable to attend.<br />Evaluation: <br />Letter worked well, the Mayor attended the launch and thanked SeaFare for their hospitality.<br />In the event the Mayor and a local councilor attended, the local MP couldn’t’make it.<br />Recommendations:<br />Although 2 months were allowed from the date of the letter to the date of the event the Mayor was only just able to attend. The Mayor can be fully booked up to 3 months ahead.<br />It is recommended that future letters are sent out 3-4 months in advance.<br />