Rotary Club of Nepean -Kanata


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Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata

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Rotary Club of Nepean -Kanata

  1. 1. RI and RCNK websites Eddie Villarta Rotary Club of Nepean - Kanata May 1, 2014
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Nepean - Kanata | 2
  3. 3. TITLE | 3 Why redesign? • Improve site organization and navigation • Fix Search • Make it easier to conduct Rotary business (i.e., Member Access) • Do a better job communicating Rotary’s value and relevancy to all audiences • Improve site performance
  4. 4. TITLE | 4 The approach Could we do better than just a new look? •What is the role of the website? •How can we leverage digital to help advance the work of Rotary? •What’s missing from our current approach? We need a digital strategy •The mission of Rotary in the digital space is to build and deepen relationships •Digital should be a platform to connect our audiences and magnify the power of Rotary’s network
  5. 5. TITLE | 5 Digital Strategy What did our users tell us? •The general public wants to understand what Rotary is at a very high level and why they should care •Rotarians want the site to be easy to use, well organized, fast, simple, comprehensive, intuitive, with everything they need at their fingertips and the right level of detail We need two sites to get the job done •, a public-facing site that explores Rotary’s purpose and helps newcomers engage with us •My Rotary, a profile-driven member site that presents a customized, user-friendly experience, enables Rotarians to connect, carry out service projects, and more
  6. 6. TITLE | 6 Public site homepage •Visual experience designed to tell the Rotary story at a high level and engage the user •Users can scroll through or go deep •Going deeper takes you to more information and relevant calls to action Key features Get involved •Explore Rotary Clubs •Develop leadership skills •Share diverse perspectives •Advance your education •Discover new cultures •Explore our causes •Join a project •Partner with us •Connect with us About Rotary News and Features
  7. 7. TITLE | 7 My Rotary Profile •Signing in delivers the best experience •Profile is optional but will greatly improve the experience •You control what information you share •Rotary-specific information such as your club, awards, “Rotary resume” •Helps you connect to others who share your interests and activities "Profile is key to the site experience, since it’s about connecting to others, creating those relationships. Profiles will allow users to build their Rotary network in a trusted environment… they can share their expertise and interest, and search for others based on their needs or interests…
  8. 8. TITLE | 8 My Rotary Rotary Club Central •Membership trends and engagements •Service projects and activities •Foundation giving •Multi-dimensional: club, club group, district and global views •Resources •Reports "visibility is important to every member because the success of a club is not solely the responsibility of the officers, but of all members. Greater insight and transparency, plus continuity, are key to long-term success."
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