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  • 1. VIMEO
    Eddie Kehan
    Digital Multimedia Class
    Mr. Johnson
    5th period, 4-10-10
  • 2. Creation of Vimeo
    Established in 2004
    Allows all filmmakers and video creators to publish their work onto the internet to be shared worldwide
    The publisher of this site is Interactive Corporation (IAC)
    It was founded by Zack Klein and Jacob Lodwick
  • 3. VIMEO (IAC)
    Barry Diller CEO
    InterActiveCorp is an internet company exceeding 50 brands across 40 countries
    The Chairman and CEO is Barry Diller
    He was previously head of Paramount Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, and USA Broadcasting
    This company benefits from AD Space; they let different companies post advertisements on their website
    Zack Klein
    Jakob Lodwick
  • 4. SIGN UP
    Vimeo requires a username and password, but it is a free website at which users are able to post their own videos and share them over the web.
  • 5. Purpose of Vimeo
    Vimeo was created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with personal moments in their daily life
    This site allows users to post videos on the site to share with the world wide web
  • 6. Purpose of Vimeo
    Users can not only post their videos via internet, but can download them onto a hard drive for offline viewing
    This site would most likely fall under the category of social networking and collaboration because the users are sharing information and personal creation with others.
  • 7. Reviews
  • 8. Reviews
    Overall, most of these reviews were all positive and say that vimeo is a great social networking tool for sharing videos over the web. However one reviewer gave a negative review based on the fact that users are not allowed to upload commercial advertisement onto vimeo.
  • 9. Comments and Feedback
    After each video there is a discussion board
    viewers can leave comments on the thoughts of the videos they view
    You can also get in touch with the creator if you have an account and can message them via their username.
  • 10. Access
    When accessing this site I encountered no problems
    Easy process to register and it’s free
  • 11. Similar Websites
    Other sites like Vimeo are YouTube, Miro, and Joost.
    I feel out of all these sites that Vimeo is the easiest to work with and most efficient site.
    Unlike YouTube where it can take time for videos to load where as Vimeos videos load immediately.
    Also sometimes videos on YouTube can not be as what they are described as and can be fake videos.
  • 12. Educational Use
    This site could be used educationally
    if a student is doing a documentary movie they could post it for others to see and get feedback on what people thought of their movie.
    In business it can be used by workers sharing collaborations of plans they’re projecting to a boss by sending them a video if the boss is in a different location than their office.
    Finally it can be used at home for your own viewing pleasure.
    I use Vimeo to upload snowboarding videos of myself to see how my riding is doing and to all hear what others have to say about it.
  • 13. CREATION
    The users control everything on the site by uploading their own videos.
    Users uploading their videos are able to show people all over the web their creations via Vimeo.