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A look at the top 5 case stu

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My Fun E Valentine

  1. 1. My Fun E Valentine
  2. 2. 5 examples of digitalmarketing on valentines dayfrom around the world.
  3. 3. Love Stuck
  4. 4. Action:Waterloo station had an augmented reality billboardput up for Valentines day. Using Aurasma Lite theposter encouraged people to download the app andbring the model to life.
  5. 5. Have a go...
  6. 6. The poster gave waiting M&S received a strongcommuters something amount of press from thefun to do allowing them campaign. Their aim was toto download the app and try and up-sell differentbring the model to life. It Valentines themed giftsalso gave the commuters and products.ideas for valentine gifts.
  7. 7. Label of love
  8. 8. Action:Innocent Smoothies allowed customers to createtheir own personalised bottle labels. You couldeither share them with friends or print them offand stick them to the bottle.
  9. 9. Customers can create Innocent smoothies had theirpersonalised content for content shared online.their friends either Received strong traffic anddigitally or physically. PR, and helped strengthen the Innocent brand.
  10. 10. Dove Billboard
  11. 11. Action: Dove launched an interactive digital billboardposting questions via twitter. Twitter followers wereable to respond and have their tweet posted by usingthe #DOVELOVE
  12. 12. Dove received a strong level ofDove followers were able engagement, and could put ato have their tweets smile on their customers faces.visualised and This helped them promote there-tweeted. larger ‘Dove Real Beauty’ campaign. Dove FB page saw an increase in activity and the hashtag promoted their Twitter account.
  13. 13. Pizza Hut - Tie The Knot
  14. 14. Action - Pizza Hut adapted their site to allow users topurchase a ‘tie the knot’ dinner. Entire package costs$10,010.The deal provides a pizza meal and a diamond ring. Avery successful PR account that was created by havingthe flexibility on the website.
  15. 15. YogurtKama Spoon Ra
  16. 16. Action: To help promote themselves they played on theiralready considered ‘naughty’ personality and created theirversion of the kama sutra, with spoons. Good quality and funnycontent!
  17. 17. Fans enjoy the good Brand content pushed outquality content and it online. Awareness createdbecomes sharable. for the yogurt shop and a real push into building a memorable voice for the brand.
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