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  • Activity 4: Tracking Your Time UseGood time management involves identifying weaknesses in your time management, and trying out strategies to improve your regulation of time. Last week you were asked to track your activities and keep a detailed record of how you use your time ((in the calendar provided in the last lab or using a different method) and upload it to your Lab Activity Drop Box on the main moodle page Pull out your time tracker sheet and review how you spent your time last week. You must have tracked your time for at least 5 days in order to complete this activity (described next).
  • The Time Analysis Activity helps you to assess your own time management by asking you to complete 2 questionnaires and interpret the scores: Monitoring & Evaluating Time Use QuestionnaireAdaptive Procrastination QuestionnaireFirst complete the monitor and evaluate your time use questionnaire in WebQ. Think about the Time Tracking Portfolio Activity and what you found about your time use when you answer the questions,To log into WebQ: Username: first part of your email (before @)Password: edd10. View your responses to these by locating the questionnaire in your list in WebQ. And clicking “View Report”Remember that your scores are in red & that you can ignore the scores in blue. To interpret your scores, your WebQ report gives you 2 scores (EVEN and ODD)Calculate your Final Score by subtracting your EVEN Score from your ODD Score (ODD Score - EVEN Score = Final Score). Example: If your ODD Score is 40, and your EVEN Score is 20, your Final Score is 20 (40-20 = 20)Second find out what kind of procrastination if any you tend to do (in the Adaptive Procrastination Questionnaire). Use the scores on your questionnaires to answer the questions in the time analysis moodle activity.
  • Lab8 fall 2013

    1. 1. Lab 8 Regulating Time
    2. 2. Lab 8 Introduction 2 • Are you a procrastinator? Do you find yourself constantly running out of time when it comes to getting work done? Many university students are familiar with time management problems • The SRL cycle is critical for beating procrastination. Today’s lab will give you the chance to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in time management including your tendencies for procrastination, and try out strategies to improve
    3. 3. Lab 8 Activity Overview 3 No My Planner this Lab Improve your time management  Time Analysis Self-Assessment  Active Procrastination Questionnaire  Try a time management Strategy
    4. 4. 4 Figure out how well you manage your time • In today’s lab, self-assess your time management. – Open your time tracker sheet (submitted in Lab 7) – Tracker MUST be complete before today’s lab (Minimum of 5 days tracked) – Use your tracker to complete the next activity
    5. 5. 5 Figure out how well you manage your time • Analyze your time use – Use your tracker to complete 2 surveys 1. Monitor & Evaluate Your Time Survey 2. Adaptive Procrastination Questionnaire – Interpret your scores
    6. 6. 6 Make a Change: Try out a Time Management Strategy • Improve Your Time Management • Based on what you found out about yourself, choose 1 task in which time management/procrastination may be a challenge for you • Try out 1 time management strategy from the strategy library this weekin your task • Report back and reflect on how it worked for you